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ergo3bMy mama world just expanded all over again with my new found love of baby wearing. I’m not sure why I hadn’t gotten around to it before now, well actually I do know and it involves a bumpy recovery for me including catheters, infections, and other scary things that I have already started to block out of my memory, which prevented me from a lot of things at the beginning. Thankfully we are sailing along much more smoothly now and it helps that Archer just about makes our hearts explode out of his adorableness on a daily basis.

Seeing as I can not get enough of the peanut’s cuddles, I was pretty excited when Ergo Baby sent me over one of their wraps to try out. Now I am loving our neighborhood strolls, walks to the market, and being able to work with little A snuggled right up to me. I’m officially a baby wearing, hands free carrying, mobile mummy and a happy ball of mush. <3

ergo2bergo5bergo-1bOn a side note, can I just talk about how huge my little guy is already getting?! I can’t believe he was in my belly just 8 weeks ago. At this rate he will pass me up in size before too long, but not to worry, I’ve decided I am just going to wrap him up in this until his feet are dragging on the ground… don’t judge ;).

Baby Carrier Wrap by Ergo Baby // Jeans by Asos // Tee from J.crew // Wide Rimmed Fedora by Catarzi  // Shoes from Madewell (old) find similar here

  • Sorry to hear the recovery was so difficult, but good that things are looking up! I think i’d like this better than a stroller, seems a lot easier to move around!

  • Recovery for me was a blur, luckily because if i remembered the pain etc I probably would go and get my tubes tied – no more kids! Ha! It’s funny how we forget. I’m so happy you’re doing well! You look AMAZING. Like you weren’t ever pregnant. He’s the cutest btw, and I too am loving my baby wearing gear!

  • just 8 weeks ago!? man your looking good, one hot mumma!!!

  • Thanks Patricia! Yes! So nice being hands free. :)

  • Ha! Thanks Brittany and totally. I have already been saying archer might have to be an only child. Ha

  • @tereza You are too kind. :)

  • I LOVED baby-wearing when my daughter was small enough for our little sling. It brings you two so much closer and allows for snuggles all day long (you need those!).

  • Amanda Williams

    Loving the baby posts! So sweet!

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