About Sarah

SSS Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Sarah Sherman Samuel focused at the intersection of interiors, architecture, art, and product development.

Deeply inspired by the natural world, Sarah looks to nature’s juxtaposition of materiality, pattern, texture, and patina to inspire a grounded yet organic feeling in the spaces she designs. Her work follows a wabi-sabi approach, finding authenticity in the unexpected and warmth in the imperfect. She believes that a home should be a true reflection of its inhabitants, a sanctuary whose story will unfold alongside its owners.

To help anchor that story, Sarah takes a truly comprehensive approach, touching every element of designing a space. From siting a new-build to textile design, restoring the bones of a 200 year old relic to bespoke furniture design, custom built-ins to wallpaper designs, Sarah takes a holistic approach to helping her clients create their home’s story. She applies a similar narrative philosophy to her commercial projects.

The result is a design ethos that feels purposeful yet uncontrived, raw yet polished, structured yet whimsical, much like nature itself.

The SSS Design studio was founded in Los Angeles in 2014 and is currently nestled in the woods of West Michigan with clients across the US.