sss x park studio hardware launch!

sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionYou may have caught a few sneak peeks on my instagram or instagram stories but today I am beyond thrilled to officially announce the launch of my own cabinet hardware collection created with Park Studio!

You may know Park Studio more for their gorgeous lighting, I first worked with them when I used one of their chandeliers in my studio space. They are a local Los Angeles based husband and wife team who are not only the sweetest people you might ever meet but they are the real deal and fellow designers and makers that share my vintage meets modern aesthetic to a tee! I have been wanting to create a line of cabinet hardware for a long time, specifically the half moon design, which has been on the back burner of my brain and to-do list for years. When Park Studio more recently came out with their line of hardware I knew they were the perfect partners to team up with to help bring the line to life and I have to say pretty much knocked it out of the park.

sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionsarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionsarah sherman samuel kitchen // hardware collaboration with park studioOriginally I just had the idea for the Half Moon pulls and we met and talked capabilities, Park Studio had prototypes made, we tweaked things a bit from the first prototype and then they suggested we round out the line with bar pulls and a knob, which of course I was stoked they were as excited as me about the line, so I went back to the drawing board and the Mackinaw bar pulls and the Ottawa knob was born. They can all work together as shown above in my kitchen or each can stand alone.

half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionhalf moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionmackinaw drawer pull // brass // half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionmackinaw drawer pull // brass // half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionottawa cabinet knob // brass // mackinaw drawer pull // brass // half moon // cabinet pull // sarah sherman samuel x park studio hardware collectionThey come in solid un-lacquered brass, which is a living finish and will patina over time, and matte black will be available soon! The modern geometric shapes can easily update a kitchen, dresser, vanity, or be the inspiration for many of Ikea hacks. Which you know I love. And speaking of Ikea hacks, I designed the hardware to coordinate with my next big product collaboration with Semihandmade… a signature line of cabinet doors that fit on Ikea cabinets!

sarah sherman samuel for semihandmade // cabinet door collection made for ikea cabinetsHere is a sneak peek of the hardware installed on my cabinet door collection which you can now preview on the Semihandmade site here! It will be officially launching November 15th.

And the hardware is available on Park Studio’s site today and you can also find them in my shop, here.
The Half Moons (named after a city in california from one of our favorite road trips we took)
The Mackinaw (named after where Rupert and I were married and the Mackinaw bridge being a destination/pit stop on a million family vacations growing up)
The Ottawa (the county where I grew up in Michigan)

Park Studio Product photos by Ben Kraus
Last photo by Tessa Neustadt for Semihandmade

a-frame kitchen progress + hardware round-up

kitchen-progress3 I’ve got some A-frame progress you guys(!), some very construction dust filled progress, but we are one step closer to a finished kitchen, so I will take it. If you’ve been following along, you already know that we went with Ikea cabinet bases but then chose Semi-handmade doors and drawer fronts for our A-frame kitchen. I love their DIY options (which we also used in our LA kitchen) because they come unfinished and ready for paint which means you get to pick any color your hearts desire. I painted ours months ago now, but we finally got them in! Well, at least the bottom ones. But yay green! You can read about my color choice and the painting process here. And now it is time to choose the hardware…best wood, brass, leather, concrete cabinet pulls knobs My original idea for the door hardware was to cut holes in the doors with my drill press to use as finger pulls but with a million other things on my to-do list, I completely forgot! Since the panels are already painted, and in Palm Springs, I am not about to bring them back to my workshop here, and I don’t trust a hand drill for a job like that, so on to plan B we go. I started searching for some more unique hardware options than my go to brass pulls and pulled together (no pun intended) my favorites from wood, to leather, to concrete.

I am loving wood hardware lately but with the wood countertops, I’m thinking leather or concrete might be the way to go.


Stealth // Meacham // Mid-Century Modern // Reedsport // Kaboom // Half Moon Rounds

Leather Loop // Salamanca Knob // Kennaston Pull // Leather Recessed // Multi Leather Pulls // Leather Bin Pull // Leather Pull // Leather Drawer Pull // XL Leather Pulls

Concrete Knobs // Betty Concrete // Cement Disk // Yoko Knobs // Cement Pillars // The Bunker 


kitchen-progressOh and it feels so good to have our appliances in and I delight in a thing called an undercounter fridge. You might remember we did the same thing with our cabin in Michigan and I didn’t miss having a full sized fridge once. Being a vacation home, we aren’t stock piling away groceries for the long haul, so by moving it to below the counter it frees up much needed visual space and adds more work surface area. My other favorite thing about this fridge is that we went with a “panel ready” option, so we had Semi-Handmade make a door front to match the rest of the cabinets and it blends in seamlessly (err, it will be seamless once we level the fridge that is, right now the unit is a bit crooked and covered with dust, but do you see how good it will be, do you see?! If you squint and imagine it all clean it helps, I swear by it).

kitchen-progress2 We still have quite a list of things to do, more painting, lights, skim coating the far wall, figuring out doors for the spice cabinet, toe kicks etc, but I couldn’t wait to share how it is looking with the base cabinets in and the floating shelf up! I also couldn’t help but take a look back at the before photo to see how far we’ve come.

kitchen-BEFORESlowly but surely we are bringing this dark and dated gem of a place into this century. Now if only we could stop running into silly problems that keep eating up our budget like new roofs, and septic systems and such. Septic schmeptic, I want my leather sling chairs!

Catch up on all the A-frame progress here.

Additional Sources:
Tile by Fireclay Tile (2×6 in Calcite) // Faucet from Homary // Cabinet doors and drawer fronts by Semi-Handmade (DIY slab style) // Range and self circulating range hood by Ikea // Countertops from Ikea  // Floating Shelf from Semi-Handmade // Sink from Ikea  //