my new wrinkle fighting routine

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brass nightstand // wallpaperI can’t even keep up with how I’ve switched this house around since the baby. Since the nursery reveal, I’ve already rearranged her room a couple times, switched up the wallpaper, and now… we moved Clover into the master bedroom, giving her the whole room, and then moved our bed into the family/playroom turned nursery now turned master bedroom! Another change around here with all this lack of sleep is the wrinkles. I didn’t know two kids came with two sets of bags under my eyes and 2x the wrinkles! So, I went in search of a moisturizing product to help me out. Thankfully Olay reached out and gave me some of their Regenerist Whip product to try out, and I’m sold.

I’ve said before how I’m pretty awful at self-care and keeping up with any kind of beauty routine, but I’ve found one way to combat the new wrinkles with Olay Whips and the key was putting it on my nightstand! I’m all about multi-tasking so my entire bedtime routine is done while I shower. I even brush my teeth while I let my conditioner sit in my hair. Then once in bed all I have to do is reach for the Olay and I’m off to dreamland. With my showers as part of my bedtime routine, most mornings go right from the minute I blink my eyes open. Some days I don’t even get a chance to look in the mirror, so by keeping it right next to my phone where, TBH I reach for first thing, it’s become part of my routine to dab on some moisturizer to start the day with a fresh face and I’ve been loving the lightweight feel of Olay Regenerist Whip! Between nursing Clover and having the furnace running, these cooler months my skin was dying for the hydration it gives.

And for the days where I have client meetings or photo shoots and I put makeup on (which I keep in my car to do while I’m on my way (totally not recommended) the Regenerist Whip plays double duty as well. It’s a moisturizer and a primer so my makeup goes on smooth and lasts longer than it used to in my pre-Olay-Whips life.

Yes, I dream of having slow mornings again where I can leisurely get up and have some time for myself, drink my tea without someone needing something from me RIGHT NOW, getting a toddler ready for preschool or answering as many emails as I can before Clover has to go down for another nap or feed (I know that day will come again but for now I’m in the thick of it and I’m sure I wouldn’t change it if I could), so products like Olay Regenerist Whips that make me feel like I’m doing something indulgent for myself in just a few moments are a Godsend.

You can try this new product out yourself with a free sample here!

Now if only I could find a product that would buy me a new house, so I can have an actual bedroom!

Wallpaper // Bed is a DIY (see post here) // Swan // Nightstand // Vases // Bedding by Parachute

  • Brilliant and Herculean move! You are so inspiring. All the best.

  • More importantly…what happened to the bird on the wallpaper in the last two photos?? It’s so distracting? Is it melting? Disappearing??

    • Haha it is hanging from the ceiling and just got turned. You’re looking at the back end of it in that photo.

  • I think it’s hanging from the ceiling though, so it seems like it got decapitated?

  • hang in there sister-mom. you’ll come out the other end, wishing they were still so tiny….mine are 7 and 12 now.
    despite being totally overworked, you’re still looking gorgeous and your room is STILL fabulous! that combo you created (bed night stand) looks wonderful no matter where you put it. you’re so good!

  • Can I ask where you got that awesome spiky box, and the beautiful leather tray?

  • Inspirational and well represented! The wall is saying a different story.

  • Rahul singh kaurav

    very lucky

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