Mandy Moore Master Bedroom Tour

This post was created in collaboration with Parachute

Ok you guys, it is time! It is Mandy Moore’s house tour time. If you have been following along on our project, you have gotten sneak peeks galore on Mandy’s, Emily Farnham’s (the architect), and my Instagram feeds. In that case, you also most likely saw the Arch Digest story/tour, but now I get to share allllll the details that so many of you have asked for, and all the photos that I have been dying to share.

First up is the Master Bedroom. We didn’t have to do any huge architectural changes in this room (aside from the flooring. hello poured-on-site terrazzo… more on that later). Thankfully the 90’s renovation didn’t flounce up this space. On the first walk through with Mandy, I immediately had the idea to create a custom built-in bed. The space between the little “bump outs” (for lack of a better term) begged for it. We ended up building them out a touch to make them more substantial, and to house the built-in headboard with floating nightstands. Everyone’s favorite Parachute bedding, emerald green velvet, and soft textured layers of ivory and white make this space impossibly inviting. The view isn’t too terrible either.

One of the most satisfying aspects of this project was getting to work with many of my favorite artists, friends, and the people behind brands I love. The master bedroom truly highlights that. From the minute I heard about Parachute and founder Ariel Kaye’s mission to create the best sheets on the market, I was interested, and from the first night I slept in their bedding, I became a devout fan. So, it was a no brainer to outfit Mandy’s bed in Parachute. If you’ve ever heard me talk about Cedar and Moss, or founder Michelle Aaro, all the bazillion times I have used their lighting in projects, you know how much I love their product. Her collection is perfect for the modern home and I am not sure if it is the beautiful designs or the fact that Michelle is one of the genuinely sweetest persons on the planet that has me always sourcing from them (it’s both).

Now, let’s talk about that bench. I met Katy Skelton at a trade show after she reached out to me on Instagram saying she was going to be in town. I nearly missed her as I was leaving the trade show and realized I didn’t see her booth. After furiously DMing her, I ran back inside just in time to catch her and her stunning line and was so glad I did because every piece is just that.

And last but certainly not least, the wall hanging. Fiber artist Sally England and I go way back, ok not that we had ever actually met in person, but we have been on email basis for years while I have been saving my pennies for one of her pieces. Before she recently (ish) moved to Ojai, she got her start while living in Grand Rapids, MI (where we just landed) so we have a friend or two in common as well. I have always admired her artistry and the way she is continually pushing forward with her work in a medium that is riddled with copycats. We commissioned this custom piece for Mandy and Taylor and it was the perfect addition to the space.

mandy moore bedroom sarah sherman samuelOk this post has turned into a giant mushy love fest but I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this project turned out and all the people involved.  Mandy, as I’ve mentioned before, was the type of client one can usually only dream of and my design team partner in crime, Emily Farnham, is the architect one can usually only dream of working alongside and of course my love for the photographer, Tessa Neustadt, runs deep as does her talent.

And before I leave you… a little before and after




So there you have it… Mandy and Taylor’s master bedroom, their two cute pups, and the whole rest of the house to go (including another Parachute clad bedroom that hasn’t been seen before). Stay tuned!

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Interior Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Interior Architecture by Emily Farnham 
Landscape Architecture by Terremoto
Photography by Tessa Neustadt 
Built by Bronstruction and Johnston Vidal Projects

Shop the Look:  Bedding From Parachute (Percale Venice Set) // Bedside Pendant Lights From Cedar & Moss // Ceiling Pendant From Cedar & Moss //  Custom Wall Hanging by Sally England // Bench From Katy Skelton // Moroccan Rug – Vintage // Sheepskin Pillows From Pottery Barn // Ring Cone From Horne // Wooden Candle Sticks From Urban Outfitters // Drapery – Custom // Custom Built-in bed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, Built by 4th Period Woodshop

  • Sarah! This room is just * D R E A M Y * Perfect in every way. I love the bed and the pendants that hand down on each side.

    Quick question- Can you source the curtains and hanging system? I always have such a difficult time with window treatments, trying to find alternatives to the basic rod/curtain combo and/or shades. I love the way the hanging mechanism is hidden in Mandy’s curtains.

    Thank you and can’t wait to see what you do with your fixer-upper :)

  • Love it! Do you have sources for the blue striped pilllws or the top cover?
    Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the rest of this house!!

  • Maybe those are actually black striped pillows? 😊 Still gorgeous!

  • This room could not be more beautiful! Question! Was the track for the drapes recessed when the house was built, where did you have it installed ceiling mount? And if so, what is your favorite ceiling mount drapery track company? We have struggled with this in our mid century home! (we don’t have recessed tracks)

  • Tara Bossardet

    So gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest!

    I am dying to know, though, how you all keep your white bed linens white with multiple pets (and kids)?! No matter how often I wash, it seems there’s always something on my bedding from my dog. Gross, I know. Other than keeping your pets off your bed, which is so hard, what are your secrets?

    • Haha we have the same. Two dogs that sleep on the bed and white bedding. My husband shakes off the dog hair every night before bed and every morning. We also wash the duvet cover every week!

  • The room is really lovely! Ha! How I wish that rug wasn’t vintage… :)

    I have a couple of teak swing arm light fixtures with hanging pendants that I need to install in our bedroom and I’m curious to know if there is a general design rule for the height a pendant should be above a bedside table? Similar to the idea dining room pendant lights should be 30-34” from the table top (give or take depending on ceiling height). Thanks!

  • Such a gorgeous bedroom! I simply love that green headboard with the floating nightstands!

  • Oh! The Knot Blanket all in Merino wool is from Texturable. Congratulations on your choice in the decoration of Mandy’s room. Thank you.

  • Stunning! Love the green headboard. How did you do electrical on the headboard? Is it hiding somewhere? I need my outlets for all my various sleeping devices. :)

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  • I am truly a fan of your work. I love how you soften and dignify bold and daring selections. And this room is amazing. I have admired it for some time and now am considering giving the headboard a go. Question though. There are 6 outlets that are now covered by the headboard. How did you navigate that?

    • All the outlets are hidden in a strip under the first shelf. There is also a switch hidden on the bottom of that shelf for the pendants.

  • Love this room! Where are the striped pillows from ?

  • love this room! LOVE the green headboard. You mentioned where you got the frame made but not the fabric. I would love to know the color name and where you got it?

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  • Julia Rodrigues

    Hope Im not too late to ask questions haha what is the finish on those floating shelves? they are so gorgeous, im thinking of giving this headboard a go.

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