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bathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelWell, the bathroom is 90% done, but I couldn’t wait to share the progress! As small as the space is, it feels twice the size it was before, with the removal of the old shower and the use of a wall mount sink. Now all that is left is to find a shower curtain rod/hanging solution, install various accessories (like toilet paper and towel holders), possibly add a shelf or two and take a freaking bath (oh wait, I checked that last one off the list)!

bathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelbathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelWe made up for the storage we lost by not having a vanity (times 5), by creating a large linen cabinet tucked in the corner, where the shower used to be… just needs some hardware.

bathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelbathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelOrdering everything online ended up working out just fine and I am still gaga over every single item that came in from Wayfair. Our only mis-hap was me not ordering enough tile, whoops. Unfortunately, that held up the renovation a few days because we were waiting on 10 more measly square feet of tile. I guess with a herringbone pattern there is a bit more waste than I originally accounted for. Lesson learned!

bathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelbathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelI love those Cedar & Moss sconces and finding that tall skinny mirror was a stroke of luck. It looks like it was made for the space.

bathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelbathroom renovation // progress // sarah sherman samuelI’d say bath-time just got a heck of a lot better, right? See the before photos here, the design plan here, my tips on pairing tile here, and more progress here.

Product Sources:  White Elongated Subway Tile from Wayfair // Mirror from West Elm // Marble Shower Curtain by Ferm Living // Wall Mounted Sink from Wayfair // Sconces by Cedar & Moss // Shower and Tub Faucet by Kohler from Wayfair // Black Hexagon Floor Tile from Wayfair // Toilet by Kohler from Wayfair // Purist Sink Faucet by Kohler from Wayfair // Kohler Bathtub from Wayfair // Bamboo Bath Caddy // Bath Sponge // Soap Dish from Suite One Studio // Hexagon Vase by Dwell Studio // Paint Color: Pitch Black by Farrow & Ball

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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  • absolutely gorgeous. love that wood tone with the black, white and gold.

  • This is gorgeous! We’re looking to redo our bathroom (that has no tub!) soon! This is just what I envision. Enjoy those baths!

  • AnnMarie

    Gorgeous! Now I can’t decide which of your bathrooms I like more — I love and covet that amazing round mirror in the other bath, but I want to pet your herringbone tile in here so hard, and I love the black walls and the brass fixtures. Instead of trying to pick one, I guess I’ll just wish I could have even one bathroom as awesome as either of yours in my house…

  • WOW, this is stunning! So subtle and chic.

  • Looks sooo good!

  • It looks so wonderful! I love the wood and black/gold accents.

  • Joanna

    So beautiful, I could cry!

  • absolutely stunning, per usual! I would be in that bathtub nightly if this was my bathroom!

  • Jennifer

    It’s beautiful! Any chance you could post the link for the decorative “p” trap under the sink. It’s axactly what I need. Thanks:)

  • Natasha

    I’m so glad you posted this today! I recently ordered the Purist faucet with the cross handles in the brushed gold and my husband is concerned that brass sconces won’t look good with the brushed gold. He’s worried that it will look like we tried to match it up and didn’t quite get it right. It looks great in your photos though! Now I have ammunition. (You did get the faucet in brushed gold right?)

    • Hi Natasha! Mine is in the French gold so it is slightly different as well but looks great together in person.

  • OMG, it came out so beautifully! What a cool finish on the fixtures! Enjoy your new tub with your new little one :)

  • I love the herringbone pattern! I would never have thought to do something like that with tiles, but it really looks amazing!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  • Wow Sarah, this looks absolutely incredible. I’ve chosen black & white for my bathroom renovation as well and I haven’t regretted it one second, my bathroom is my favorite place in the house. And that tub will be perfect to sneak in a quiet moment of relaxation now that you’re a mom!

  • this is gorgeous! love the crisp space!

  • Good job1 The scheme of your bathroom goes well with the rest of the house and this looks so good:) I’m on the hunt for a good looking p-trap to go under my wall mount sink, can I ask you what is the source of yours? thank you

  • Sophie

    Looks soo stunning!! Am totally in love with the Chevron tiling.. So chic – to me it feels like a real fusion between scandi and art deco styles… Love all your renovations and I am taking inspiration from you for our house which we are slowly slowly renovating….

  • Arianne K

    STUNNING. I saw the link to the perfect black paint. Did you order it in flat for the cabinets and in eggshell for the door? Thanks for any help! Flat is what I planned to do for when I finally get to paint a wall (or anything black), but any advice is appreciated!

  • Your bathroom looks phenomenal. Totally blown away by the tiles. So so much love for your white herringbone tile wall. That tub looks like a real treat for a new mama.

  • Love it all! It looks so fab. I love the rich black matte color also. Such a perfect compliment to the white tile and gold fixtures. A+ lady.

  • Oh this is gorgeous! love the simplicity AND the herringbone tiles. AND the black walls – you’ve done a fantastic job here. My bathroom is tiny and I’m drawn to this style. Nice.

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  • Love it.. so simple yet so sophisticated and timeless.

    I’ve done black floor and white wall subway tile in herringbone pattern about a year ago, just a bit a different take on it and stricter budget –

  • How absolutely beautiful! I’m moving soon so I’ve been scouting for ideas and this is by far the most stunning renovation! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Ahhhhhh! It really came together SO WELL. I love it, Sarah, well done!

  • This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! Which of the Kohler gold finishes is this?

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  • I’m noticing the pretty texture on the apron of the tub (seen in the last photo). Is that on all bellwether Kohler tubs or is it a special finish? Are you pleased with that texture as opposed to a smooth gloss?


    • Hi Ashley, Yes there is a slight texture on the tub, it is a smooth finish but the texture beneath shows through and I really like it as it makes it feel more organic, like almost handmade-ish. Anyway, and yes all the tubs come like that, we didn’t get a special finish.

  • Oh, really nice bathroom! Where do I find these lovely wall lights?

  • Ah, now I see – Sconces by Cedar & Moss. Many thanks for lovely inspiration.

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  • The gold accents are gorgeous. I’ve never seen a bathroom that used the black and gold in that way. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Brittany

    Sarah this bathroom is gorgeous! I am trying to recreate the floor tile in my bathroom but the link to Wayfair doesn’t specify which black hexagon tile you used since there are a few to choose from. Could you share which tile size and finish you have? Also what color grout did you use? Thanks so much!

  • Love the wall mounted sink! Are you about to tell me which one it is? Thanks!

  • I love your bathroom. Can you provide more information
    About the size of the hex floor
    Tiles. Are they matte. Want to
    From wayfair but cant figure out
    Which tiles. Thanks

  • Melissa Hall

    Hi Sarah

    I love how all of the elements of the room came together. Can you tell me if you used the matte or glossy black hex tile for the floor. Also, would you mind sharing the grout color. Thanks so much

  • Hi Sarah, any chance you can send me a link to both tiles? I’m so in love with what you’ve created!!

  • Was the new linen cabinet a custom build or was it purchased and painted? If purchased can you please provide a source. Everything looks amazing

  • What are the dimensions of the tiles in the heringbone pattern ? I need to know pleas!!!!!

  • I love this bathroom! I’m getting my floors redone in a similar tile soon, and am having a hard time figuring out a rug for the space. Do you use one in your bathroom? I like the idea of not having one, but my toes are worried about the cold tile :/

  • Can you post link to the sink. Exactly what I am looking for. Thank you in advance.

  • I fell in love with your bathroom the second I saw it :) I’m doing brass fixtures throughout my house and it’s so so hard to find that piping you have under your wall mount sink, which is gorgeous. Would you be so kind as to share where you found it? Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home with us!

    • HI Lauren,
      Thank you! its from Kohler as well! Search for a P trap. :) sorry I missed the source on that one!

      • hi! love this bathroom so much and thank you for sharing all your sources – it’s so helpful! how did you find tubing to match the p-trap? it looks like it wouldn’t go high enough to hide all the exposed hardware underneath a wallmount sink.


  • Love! We are also doing our bathroom in black hex (though smaller) and kohler gold (but more muted). What shower curtain rod did you go with for this color scheme? I couldn’t find one in the matching kohler finish so I’m wondering if I should find a different gold? Or matte black? Thanks!!

  • Hi Sarah, this bathroom is roughly the same size/layout and we are about to renovate our bathroom from the 50’s. We struggled with flipping the tub to be along the window side but didn’t want a window in the shower. We were not loving the idea of leaving the shower/tub plumbing in the middle of the wall but with the custom cabinets to the left, it just looks awesome!! What are the dimensions of the bathroom floor plan (ours is 6′ x 8′)? How wide and deep are your cabinets? We currently have a 36″ wide linen closet that I was contemplating putting in a builtin cabinet with shelving but I love your full height cabinets!! Great inspiration!

  • Such a stunning conversion. I am about to rip ours out which currently has a small bath and even smaller shower and wondering how you are finding the bath shower combo. Do you find it stable? My other option, and more costly of course, is to knock out the adjoining loo wall and create one bigger bathroom. Would love any suggestions!

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  • Manuela

    Hi Sarah,
    your bathroom is gorgeous.
    Please, could ypu tell me the sizes of herringbone tiles?
    Thank you very much.

    • Amazing bathroom! I’m trying to source the herringbone tile in Australia for my kitchen. Do you have the size of the tiles or a link to which Wayfair tile you used?
      Thank you!

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  • I just bought a house that needs a lot of renovations, and I’ve been pinterest brainstorming like a mad woman. Every time I find a link of something I LOVE, I click back to find the originally course, anc 9/10 times it is YOUR house! It’s uncanny, you just get me!

  • Christina

    Beautiful bathroom! What’s the brand name of the wall mounted sink you got at way fair? Also the dimensions?

  • kim gardner

    Hi Sarah, I have looked all thru Wayfair to find the sink. Any chance you have the link for that. Your bathroom is so cool!! Thanks so much, Kim

    • sarah

      The link goes right to the sink?! Listed in product sources above!

  • cassandra

    this is probably the most peculiar question: is it a pure white grout that you used or is there a faint contrast color? I am trying to duplicate because it is GOALS. Thank you!!!

  • I know it’s been over a year how many square of tile did you need for the bathtub surround. I’m trying to do my own budget for a house I’m getting

  • […] I liked the addition of a wood element to add warmth to the space. I feel like it is really easy for a room to start to feel a little cold/sterile if you are just dealing with black and whites. Adding brass, or wood tones really helps to warm the space up and make it feel a little more cozy. Sarah Sherman Samuel […]

  • You don’t happen to know the size of your grout joints, do you? The Wayfair site says 1/16″ is recommended, and I was wondering if you followed that. Looks great!

    • For the wall I didn’t use a spacer at all. We just stacked the tile and on the floor I believe it’s 1/16″ but can’t remember! (Might be 1/8″)

  • Love the look of the gold fixtures against the white tiles

  • Hi Sarah,

    Absolutely love your bathroom! We are planning on remodeling our bathroom soon and I would love to do a herringbone like you did in this bathroom. Are the subway tiles you used smooth or do they have a slight texture/handmade finish to them? It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but there seems to be a little bit of an uneven texture to them which I like.


  • This looks amazing and just the kind of stuff my sister likes, i´l be sure to link her since she is renovating her whole room.

  • Can you please list the brand/name of the sink? the link doesn’t go to it on the resources page.
    I love it!

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  • Rachel


    I can’t find white tiles on Can you provide a name? They only seem to have peel and stick tiles.

    Many thanks


    • sarah

      The link should be working! It’s the first link under product sources.

  • Hi Sarah!
    I so appreciate the creative and beautiful solution for a small space! I’m wondering – would a cabinet work under this sink so as to provide some additional storage? Thanks!

  • Your bathroom is gorgeous. I’m doing similar style/color scheme and LOVE the sink you found, Your link doesn’t take you directly to the sink, but just Wayfair. Do you know the brand/size of the sink? It is EXACTLY what I’m looking for! Thank you!

  • I love what you did here, Sarah! I was just about to order those hex tiles but then got worried that 1) the tiles wouldn’t have enough texture and would be crazy slippery for a bathroom floor2) the black would show every spec of dirt and hair. Would you mind letting me know your thoughts on those topics?! Thank you so much!!

    • Hello Ariel! The hex tiles are a matte, and although yes they don’t have a texture for more grip, we haven’t had the problem of them being slippery. As for the color, I find the black hides some of that dirt more ;) Thanks for checking out the blog!

  • What a gorgeous bathroom. The link to the sink no longer works … do you remember the brand name? I’d love to get it for our bath remodel. Thanks so much-

    • Hi Lucy, unfortunately the model isn’t available on Wayfair anymore, but they have some similar styles so I would definitely suggest perusing their website to find one that works in your bathroom! Good luck!

  • That bathroom is so gorgeous! The gold accents are gorgeous. I’ve never seen a bathroom that used the black and gold in that way. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome bathroom renovation!

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