12 round coffee tables

12 best round coffee tables // sarah sherman samuelRecently, I’ve been finding myself searching for round coffee tables… for my own spaces (for the a-frame and in our baby-proofed house) and for a couple clients. I love that a round coffee table can break up the lines of a room that has mostly straight angles or booxy shapes and a major bonus is they are more kid friendly. So, from my searches, I have put together a whole lot of great ones… 12 favorites, to be exact.

Pedestal // Striped Inlay // Oxo // Pivot // Tabla // Susila Rattan // Mara Oak // Carnaby Cocktail // Umbra Hub // Shroom // Nest Rattan // Gaultier

  • Love this post. I’ve been looking for a round coffee table for a very long time and just pinned four of these as options. Thank you!

  • I know it’s old, but None of your links work on this post

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