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date night downtown

fur and lace // sarah sherman samuelOne of our resolutions this year is to have more date-nights. We have been epically failing (only going on about 4 total in the almost 2 years of Archer’s life) and it has taken its toll from time to time. Before Archie we were positive we would be one of the couples to take regular nights out together and make our relationship a priority but unfortunately it hasn’t been the case.

Neither of us are planners, we like to be spontaneous and nights out, pre-baby, were a big part of our week. However, with a child at home it isn’t as easy as saying, hey let’s go out to eat tonight and catch a movie. You have to find a sitter and those sitters like to have more than an hours notice. Go figure. With that said, this year our plan is to have a standing date night where we have scheduled a sitter to come one evening, every other week, so we have the plan in place and then we can be somewhat spontaneous with the what and the where.

fur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuel fur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuelfur and lace // sarah sherman samuelOn our first night out, we went downtown, visited the Broad and then got dinner at Redbird. It was nice to mix up the routine, get out of the house together, and take in some of the beautiful things Los Angeles has to offer. Redbird has to be one of my favorite interiors (take a peek here). Wish us luck to keep this on the regular!

The sheer lace top from Zara couldn’t be better for a date night. A faux fur coat and black distressed denim with a simple black pump make sure the top is the star of the outfit and I layered on all my favorite rings to make myself feel a little fancy.

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Lace Top from Zara // Jeans from Asos // Faux Fur Jacket (old) find similar here and here // Bracelet by Brandy Pham // Rings By L Frank Jewelry

Images by Heather Kincaid 

Modernism Week News!

Villa Golightly RenderingHappy Weekend!

I am so thrilled to share that I am going to be designing the East Guest Bedroom of this years TCKC Modernism Week Show House! Each year The Christopher Kennedy Compound takes over one Palm Springs property and brings together a handful of the country’s top design talents and tastemakers to give it one heck of a makeover, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

Modernism Week is an annual event that celebrates midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture. It’s a week full of home tours, parties, and events that celebrate design in Palm Springs. You may remember from a few years back I was on the “mod squad“, instagramming my heart out through it all.  Modernism Week is also charitable organization, providing scholarships to local students pursuing educations in the fields of architecture and design; as well as supporting local efforts to preserve modernist architecture throughout the state of California.

sarahshermansamuel-kellyleevilla-go-lightlyTo add to the fun, this year’s show house is owned by my favorite Palm Springs personality, Kelly Lee, of Kelly Go Lightly. Earlier this year, before construction had even started, I stopped by to see the space and I have to say I sure wouldn’t mind this being my backyard! I can’t wait to see what the And now for a tiny peek of a few things that I have going on in the East Guest Room…

sarahshermansamuel-modernismweek-showhouseI can’t reveal the design quiet yet but here are a few finishes that gives you a taste of what is to come! For those of you heading to Modernism Week and want to visit the house, read more about it here and buy tickets to see the house here!

travel stories: Amangiri

amangiri15Gone are the days (at least for a few years) when Rupert and I used to sneak away for weekend trips every couple weeks or so. Toting a toddler around on romantic getaways is not exactly the same. Since we don’t go nearly as often, Rupe and I decided that for our anniversary we would go all out and splurged on a trip of a lifetime. We took off for three child-free nights for the first time and headed to a place straight out of my dreams.

The place is southern Utah’s Amangiri and while the photos pretty stunning, I have to say they don’t even do it justice. The resort is built around the natural Utah landscape and looks like it is carved right out of the surrounding rock. Every single detail was thoughtfully designed… the colors, the materials, right down to how the sunlight travels through the structure. If you ever get the chance to go, take it!

amangiri10amangiri7amangiri3amangiri6amangiriamangiri16amangiri4amangiri5amangiri2amangiri18amangiri12amangiri17amangiri11amangiri13amangiri9amangiri14Utah on its own is one of my favorite places to get away to (we road-tripped through it a couple years back), but Amangiri with its super remote location and otherwordly beauty just made it our favorite escape yet. After just a couple days soaking in the soft colors and calming vibes we came back refreshed and oh so inspired.

Orange dress by Christy Dawn // Hat from Asos // Green dress from Zara  // Swimsuit by Hackwith Design 

iPhone snaps by Sarah & Rupert Samuel

A-frame bathroom update

While we are on the subject of bathrooms… I’m excited to be talking about some plans in our A-frame bathroom, finally! If you remember from the “before tour” the bathroom was a scary black hole. The lights didn’t work so you couldn’t really see what was going on in there. Well the good news is, we got the lights working again, the bad news is it might have been better in the dark! Luckily I have teamed up with Kohler to breathe new life into the loo.


Easing you into it… I thought I would share my plans for the space first. The plan of attack it to brighten it up in there. I want this bathroom to be the ultimate spa retreat so I am going with a soft palette, natural materials, not too much contrast, and majorly upgraded fixtures… right down to the toilet.

That’s right… do you see that fixture in the image above that looks like some kind of a fancy trash bin? It is actually an intelligent toilet or better known as a modern day bidet! Why am I geeking out over a techie toilet? For one, I simply like how it looks like no other toilet I have seen. It has modern lines and is tankless so its compact design works well in our tight space. For two, there’s more features on this toilet than my car, ok not really, but the list of things this toilet can do is pretty long – it even has its own touchscreen remote control! There’s an integrated cleansing wand with a warm water spray for cleansing, a heated seat, warm-air drying feature, soft close lid, self-cleaning function for the wand that uses UV light, an automatic deodorization system, motion-activated hands-free opening and closing of the lid, and it even has a built-in night light!

I was skeptical at first about getting an intelligent toilet, it isn’t something people are dying to talk about, so I haven’t heard much about them. In fact, a recent Kohler survey found that of the 56 percent of Americans who aren’t open to using a bidet, one of four say it’s based on not knowing how to use one, so I am not alone. But now there is a handy how-to video which takes away all the mystery. My parents recently got one and love it. I went to a friend’s house that had one and they love it, clearly I have been missing out on something and so have a lot of us Americans. I’ve seen first-hand how bidets are way more common in other countries and after reading up on intelligent toilets and how much more hygienic they are I vote yes to upgrading our toileting experience.

bathroom-shower-tub-copy2Other plans to continue the luxe spa-like vibe include, installing Fireclay’s handmade tile, painting the stonework white and covering the old wallpaper with natural wood. I also designed a custom vanity and we are tearing out the old tub to replace it with a spa worthy bathtub.

And now for the…


bathroom-before-2bathroom-beforeThe first item on the agenda was to remove the carpet. Having carpet around a toilet really weirds me out. For the flooring we are continuing the same tile that we installed in the rest of the house. Second task is to bring in some light. Currently the entire ceiling lights up but it is florescent lighting with plastic panels underneath. I am planning to replace the ceiling and install recessed lighting as well as a solar tube, which will bring natural light into the space from above.

Wish us luck!

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This post was done in collaboration with Kohler. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

Trullbrook Residence Guest Bath

cle-tile // random hex pattern // sarah sherman samuelHi, Hi! Before the holidays I introduced you to my latest project “the Trullbrook Residence” with the kitchen design (if you haven’t seen the post read this and you’ll be all caught up!), and next up is the guest bath.

You may remember a sneak peek I gave on instagram (above) of the day we were on site making sure the random pattern I wanted done with the Clé Tile, looked random, but not too random… meaning every piece was laid intentionally, i.e. making it not so random at all. Well this beauty of a tile is going in on the guest bath floor and so without further ado, the before photo…

trullbrook-before-guest-bathAs you can see there isn’t much to talk about in here. It is a run of the mill, basic, basic, bathroom. You all know I like an all white room, but this one falls flat. We are taking it all out and starting from scratch. New everrrrrything and here’s a peek at what will be going in.

trullbrook-modern-guest-bathThere are 3 full bathrooms and a powder bath in the house and each one is different from the next. We’ve done a lot of pattern mixing with tiles and wallpaper and used a good amount of different geometric shapes, and we were always looking for unexpected materials and/or ways to use them. The goal was to make each bathroom special and unique while still creating a cohesive home. 

For the guest bath, I knew I wanted to make the floor the statement and that is where Clé Tile came in. I love the perfectly imperfectness of cement tile and all the geometric shapes they come in. We selected the half hex for the floors and then used their classic subway tile for the walls. It is a small bathroom so bringing in a floating vanity and removing the sliding doors on the tub will really open up the space. And while a big square mirror above the vanity checks off the functional box we found this special mirror that hangs from the ceiling and brings the fun personality of the floor up to the walls. Can’t wait to see this space come to life, I’ll be sure to share a progress post soon!

Next up is the powder bath…

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Half Hex Tile by Clé Tile // Subway Tile by Clé Tile // Vanity from Ikea // Robe Hooks from DWR // Mirror from Wayfair // Sconces from Park Studio LA // Shower Rod

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