Clover’s Room Tour

Kid’s rooms and nurseries are high on my list of favorite spaces to design and while Clover has had a few rooms we quickly cobbled together in all the moving around we did her first year of life, this one is going to be around for a while. It is a space I genuinely want to spend time in so I happily tell her “one more story” 52 times every night and nap time (ok sometimes after #52 I might be ready to pull my hair out but you know what I mean. The first 50 is bliss. ha).


Small space Nursery tour

Today I am sharing how we converted our family room/playroom into a nursery!

As I mentioned in the plans post about the space, this is still very much a central part of our house so everything might not scream nursery but it carves out a special place for baby girl. We installed the sliding barn doors from Rejuvenation so that when we have them closed (during naps and night time) it sections the space off into her own room but when the barn doors are open, during the day, it still reads as part of the rest of the house.

First thing we did was clear out the sofa and tv and wallpaper one accent wall with this lulu & georgia mural. The colors blend well with the rest of the house but the animals and trees bring in the whimsy that differentiates that space around the crib.

Then we brought in a gorgeous green glider from west elm and the vintage daybed from Elsie Green.

I found the crib, crib mattress, bedding, crib skirt, pillows and ottoman all on Wayfair. As you might notice the trend of me finding anything and everything on that site.

 Next we added black out curtains. I got these from etsy but I didn’t realize the curtains themselves are that vinyl feeling actual blackout material. I might look for a shear liner of some sort to go on top.

In lieu of a mobile we hung a swan created by artist Tamar Mogendorff to round out the crib area. And on the practical side of things, this room doesn’t have any venting to our HVAC system so now that we installed the sliding barn doors we needed a way to adjust the temperature easily. Also being a baby’s room we wanted an air purifier so we brought in the Dyson Hot + Cool link which does all of that in one small package.

Finally, we cleared out the shelves and re-styled them in a lighter more monochromatic way to keep it bright and not too busy. I filled the bottom shelf with these soft rope baskets which organize all the every day baby items like diapers, swaddles, onesies, baby linens etc. and then tucked the rest of her clothes in the cabinets below. We also added a platform to the middle section (where the tv used to be) to extend it out 3” in order to accommodate the changing pad, turning it into our changing table.

Stay tuned to see the space we created for Archie since we converted his playroom into baby girls’ room.

Sources: Wallpaper from Lulu & Georgia // Curtain Panels // Curtain Rods // Rocking Chair (in Forest) from West Elm // Woven Ottoman from Wayfair  // Hanging Swan by Tamar Mogendorff// Crib from Wayfair // Crib Mattress from Wayfair // Blanket from Wayfair // Wool Pillow (in crib) from Wayfair// Woven Throw Pillow (in crib) from Wayfair // Rocker is vintage // Sheepskin Rug from Lulu and Georgia // Striped Rug from EsaleRugs // Daybed from Elsie Green // Woven Baskets from Amazon // Throw Pillow from Wayfair // Throw Pillow (on daybed) from Wayfair // Air purifier/heater & fan by Dyson. // Sliding Barn Doors from Rejuvenation

Modern bold nursery – 2 ways

modern bold nursery The white flooring in our studio has seen much better days and when Pergo reached out about partnering up to get the word out about their brand new line of TimberCraft laminate flooring at Lowe’s, I jumped at the chance to be able to bring it into the studio. I love the wide planks (almost 7.5″ wide) and with twice as many unique plank designs compared to most laminate flooring, and its’ deep embossed texture, you get the look of real wood floors plus the scratch resistance, durability and ease of installation benefits of a long lasting laminate floor.

While I have baby on the brain, I started thinking about the first shoot I could do with the new flooring and after such a positive response on nursery designs I wanted to share how I used the beautiful flooring with subtle grey and white tones and a distinctive oak grain (TimberCraft Salt Mill Oak  to be exact) to anchor a modern bold nursery and how to do it two ways! One with a bold stroke of color and one with just a touch. Same palette, two ways.

But first let’s take a look at the before…


Nursery Design 2.0

You’re probably thinking, that looks nothing like a nursery and you are right because this was/is our family room/Archie’s playroom. We have a two bedroom house (i.e. small) and sleep is VERY important to me so I am not into the toddler sharing a room with a baby thing so we are planning to convert this “bonus room” into a nursery.

family room to nursery // sarah sherman samuel


If you follow me on instagram you might have seen some of the work already being done through my stories. So far we wallpapered a wall, sold that sofa, and the nursery furniture has started rolling in. I am planning to make the space where the TV is into a changing table, use the storage beneath for clothes and diapers and things, add a daybed, black out curtains and a crib and rocker. This room also opens up into the living room with a 6 foot open passageway so we are planning to add some sliding barn doors so that we can close the space off into it’s own room.

And now for the fun part, the design board of what will be going into the space…

sarah sherman samuel nursery // neutral girl nursery // With the flow of our house, this nursery will be front and center and with the barn doors open it will still feel very much like part of the main living space so I want to keep it neutral and both kid and parent friendly (which I would plan to do either way but now it feels even more important). Basically I don’t want it to look too far off of the rest of the house. The wallpaper from Lulu & Georgia is a big statement that has such a pretty color palette, I will be keeping the rest of the space neutral.

I knew I wanted to find a rattan daybed so that we can tag team sleeping in there while baby girl is a newbie (like we did for Archie) because a daybed still feels like a piece of furniture that can go in a living room and not scream bedroom. The one pictures above was from Urban Outfitters and there is also a great one from Anthropolgie but I found mine, a vintage French daybed, from a go-to vintage shop, Elsie Green. She has some unique stunning options that are always coming in like this one.

I also knew I wanted a green rocker and how beautiful is this color green velvet from West Elm (“forest” in worn velvet)? Those two pieces were my starting points and I built the rest of the room from there.

Wayfair, as usual, was a big help to rounding out the room with the crib, pillows & accessories, foot stool and blankets etc. I also found an outdoor playhouse on Wayfair (I have been IG storying the process of building it over the last couple days), which I will be posting about in a separate post, to give Archie a place to play since we are turning his current playroom into baby girl’s room.

I can’t wait to see how this will all come together in the end and here is hoping baby girl will grow to love it too.

Shop the post:
NURSERY: Crib from Wayfair // Pillow from Wayfair // Foot Stool from Wayfair // Blanket from Wayfair // Swan by Tamar Mogendorff // Wallpaper by Lulu & Georgia // Vintage Daybed from Elsie Green // Unicorn // Wood Rattle  // Rug from Esalerugs  // Velvet Rocking Chair from West Elm 

Side Table from Lulu & Georgia // Gold Urchins from Lulu & Georgia // Ceramic Stool from Lulu & Georgia // Shaggy Patterned Pillow from Lulu & Georgia // White Fur Pillows from Lulu & Georgia // Floor Pillows from Lulu & Georgia // Chairs are vintage (newly reupholstered) // Rug // Coffee Table is Vintage // Sofa // Lamp // Hanging images are family photos framed by Framebridge // Wall hanging is a DIY (see it here) // Paint Color is Snowfall by Behr // Sofa from West Elm

master bedroom / nursery nook makeover

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelLast week I introduced you to my Nursery/Master Bedroom project for Max & Margaux Wanger and I’m thrilled to share the full final tour.

Margaux and Max were expecting their second child and reached out to me to help them transform their master bedroom into a finished space for them as well as carve out a special place for the new baby. We ended up transforming the closet into to a nursery nook and designed the rest of the room to be a calming space that reflected Max and Margaux’s modern-minimal-artful lives. First up is their side of the room…

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuel16Max, being an incredible photographer, has probably the best collection of family photos anyone has ever seen so we created a gallery wall that they can add on to when the new Wanger arrives.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelThe room is filled with personal touches, handmade pieces like the wall hanging from Boho Loft, the knit baby blanket from Yarn Works Co. and the mobile I created for them myself. I also designed them a bench that was custom made for the tight space and sits at the foot of the bed.


Bed by CB2 // Bedding by Parachute // Pillows by Loom Goods // Moroccan Pom Blanket // Wall Hanging by Boho Loft // Sconces by Schoolhouse Electric // Rug from // Bench is custom // Curtains from Urban Outfitters // Curtain Rods from West Elm // Nightstands from West Elm // Sheepskin rug // Photo Framing by Simply Framed // Plant is a Dracaena Lisa // Basket // Wooden Bowl from Midland

nursery nook in master bedroom closet // sarah sherman samuelMeanwhile, on the other side of the room, we transformed their closet into a little nursery nook. I really wanted to make the baby space feel special (and not like we just stuck the baby in a closet) so wallpaper was the answer. The black and white animal print has just the right amount of whimsy for baby but the illustrative style and monochromatic palette fits in seamlessly with the rest of the room as well.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelWe had the long floating shelf custom made to match the two small floating shelves I found at Target. Soft white baskets supply a lot of easy reach storage as well as the large lidded floor baskets.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelcloset turned into a nursery // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelOne of Max’s art prints titled “Mother & Child” sits above the changing table. The Stokke Crib is such a beautiful space saver that will grow with the baby with attachment parts, I love the round design and finally one of my original mobiles hangs above it, completing the space.


Wallpaper by Chasing Paper // Crib by Stokke // Shelves from Target (long one is custom made // White baskets from Amazon // Lidded Baskets // Changing Table/Dresser // Art Print by Max Wanger // Framing by Simply Framed //  Changing Pad Cover  // Pom Pom Blanket by Yarn Works Co.  // Stuffed Bunny by Walnut Animal Society

master bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelJust outside of the bedroom we wanted to give Margaux a space to be able to nurse and rock the new baby while also watching their older son so we created a mama station in their existing playroom. Using Max’s pink cloud print as a jumping off point, I made the rest of the space bright and open, layering soft textural pieces like the woven blanket, soft ottoman and sheepskin rug. Hanging planters brought in some kid proof greenery (anything they can’t reach is considered kid proof in my book), baskets serve as more easy access storage, and how about that beautiful rocker? I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours here.

master bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelThere are so many things that can feel unsettled and chaotic when you bring a new baby home and being able to give Max & Margaux a special space that is ready for the new family member will hopefully make that transition just a bit easier. If you want to get a take a peek at the before photos check last week’s post here.

x sarah


Rocking Chair // Hanging Planters // Pouf/Ottoman // Baby Gym // Side Table // Terra Cotta Lamp // Cloud Print by Max Wanger // Framing by Simply Framed // Large Sheepskin Rug  // Ceramic Dish by Jen E. Ceramics // Bud Vase by Humble Ceramics

Photos by Max Wanger

Master Bedroom + Small Space Nursery

One of my favorite photographers Max Wanger and his wife Margaux were expecting their second child (spoiler: she arrived last week and she is ADORABLE) when they turned to me to help them make a new room for baby while also giving their master bedroom an overhaul. The main issue was a shortage on space. They have a two bedroom house where the other bedroom is already claimed by their first son Dash. Margaux wanted to keep the new baby in their bedroom but also give her her own space so we set out to gut the closet and turn it into a nursery nook.

Without giving too much away here is a peek at a few pieces that I chose for the space…

gender neutral small space nursery design // sarah sherman samuel Since it is an extension of the master bedroom, I wanted to keep the color palette fairly neutral. After all, they are all sharing the space so I wanted it to appeal to everyone. The wallpaper I found has the perfect balance of whimsy for the baby and the black and white palette and illustrative style ensures it doesn’t look too juvenile. Natural elements like wood, soft wool, and sheepskin, anchored by a vintage rug set the tone for what will be the new master bedroom/nursery.

And now for a peek at the before photos… READ MORE