color stories

color stories: peach & navy

If you’ve been following my blog for long enough, you know that I gravitate towards any shade in the family of pink, and peach, of course, falls into that category. I particularly love a good light peachy pink (not too orange) because it pairs so well if you’re into creating more of a contrast with a darker color. In this case, let’s oggle over this perfect color pair: peach & navy. I find that this particular color combination is so dynamic and clean. Case in point, this cafe in Australia showcases it so well!

Image 1& 2 of cafe Moby designed by Golden, photographed by Sharyn Cairns // Painting by Hanna Wessman, her art DIY post

The interior space at Moby is everything! Australia has all the good things. I’ll just have to dream I was there to see the space in person. In the meantime I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces in the two hues for you and your home so you can mix and match to introduce this color combo into your life and pretend you’re also in Australia…






Peach: MulesChair | Vase | Top | Pillow | Towel | Salt & Pepper Grinders | Velvet Ottoman | Bag

Navy: Chair | Bowl | Bag | Plate | Jumpsuit | Pillow | Bikini | Throw | Sandals

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color stories: pink & orange

I don’t think I will ever get over pink, millennial or otherwise, it is such a versatile color with it’s light shade and it looks good with practically every color. Even orange!

Image by Anna Pirkola // Painting by Emilie Lindsten // Image from Olive & June

I don’t typically gravitate to, or even like, orange but pair it with a blushy pink and I am so on board. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces in the pretty pair for you and your home that you can mix and match to make this combo your own.

Pink: Swimsuit | Coffee Table | Chair | Bag | Sofa | Trousers | Pillow | Bowl + Plate Set | Side Table
Orange: Bag | Top | Rug | Chair | Backpack | Sandals | Dress | Mat | Pillow

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Color Stories: Cerulean & Ochre

I don’t have a ton of color in my wardrobe but right now I have basically two dresses that I live in. One Doen dress (as seen in this post and this post) is ochre and the other by Miranda Bennet is the prettiest shade of blue. I’ve been loving those colors lately in all facets, so I thought it was the perfect combo for another color story…

Image 1 by Milton H. Greene // Image 2 by Rachel Comey // Image 3 by Backpacker Photography

Below are a few of my favorite picks to get these gorgeous hue’s into your life.

color stories // cerulean & ochreThey are pretty perfect colors for summer too as together they call up clear waters and sandy beaches. Plus the words themselves have a really nice ring to them… Cerulean and Ochre… sounds like some celebrity baby names that I could probably get behind.

Cerulean: Wallpaper | Jumpsuit | Pendant | Bikini | Slides | NapkinChair | Pillow | Bowl

Ochre: Couch | BikiniWallpaper | Rug | Shoes | Planter | Top | Floor Pillow | Sun Umbrella

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Color Stories: Lavender & Rust

Let me just come out with it… purple is the worst color (in my opinion of course), you will never ever ever see a jewel toned purple anywhere around here. It hurts my eyes. But a soft lavender… that, I can get into and paired with a nice rich neutral like rust. I am definitely down with it.

sss_lavenderrust_insp02color story: lavender and rust // sarah sherman samuelsss_lavenderrust_insp03Image 1 by Jordan Sullivan // Image 2 by Chantal Anderson // Image 3 by Oroboro

Even while I was searching for lavender/lilac items so much purple, purple came up… my poor eyes will never un-see! I really took one for the team. However, I found some really great pieces to help bring the right amount of lavender and rust into anyone’s life, in little or big ways.

_sss_blog_lavenderrust_list_02Lavender: Dress | Petite Bag | MugVelvet Chair | Bowl | Linen TunicPlate | Stool | Side Table

Rust: Club Chair | Vase | Bikini | Floor Lamp | SofaCushion | Chair | Wall Mirror | Bag

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Color Stories: Green & Blush

I’m starting a new series that will highlight my favorite color pairings and share some recent inspiration I’ve been loving. First up, green and blush… a duo that can do no wrong.

blush and greeninsp_03insp_01blush and greenImage 1 by Jeannette // Image 2 by Émilie & Clémence // Image 3 by Hannah Klemm  // Image 4 by José Hevia

I’ve also rounded up a few of my favorite home and personal goods in the hues if you are looking to bring this combo into your life.

green and blush round upSign me up for all the green and all the blush. You may have already noticed I really like the color combo in my studio as well. What do you guys think of the pairing?

Green: Kara Bag Alene Nightstand | Muuto Stool | Brabbu Sofa | Sailor Pant | Trivet | LOQ Shoes | Tile Cushion | Topshop Tee

Blush: Terra Lighting | Elleme Bag | Intermix Plate | Orb Chair | Farrow Dress | Gardenias Vase | Bralette | Calo Side Table | Sneakers