Entries from November 19th, 2012

from the weekend: rain & down time

10.18-weekendThe stomach flu hit Rupert with full force on friday night, so my weekend was spent caring for my poor puking husband, resting up at an attempt not to catch it myself, and watching a Homeland marathon. It was also raining in LA for a change, so it felt like another good excuse to snuggle up and stay in. I snapped this photo on my one smoothie run outing.

Image from my Instagram feed (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

Our Cabin on Design Sponge

cabin living roomLooky looky… there are some new pics of our cabin over on Design Sponge today! Since everything is still in the works, I haven’t really compared where we are now in the renovation to where we started. Having the “before and after” photos (“after” really being more like “in progress”) right next to each other, it is so nice to see how far we have come! See the feature here.

I have more photos and full living room & bedroom updates coming up, so make sure to check back here for all of the details. How cute is that Donna Wilson Badger pillow?!

To see all of the progress on the cabin we’ve made since the beginning look here.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Pattern spy: tribal inspired geometrics

pattern spy tribal inspired geometrics I can’t describe this pattern spy in any other way then umm… my favorite. :) From the vintage tribal kilim pillow to the more modern interpretations of Navajo patterns on the dinnerware and Mara Hoffman tank, I am sold. Oh, and that color palette is all kinds of amazing too!

1. Mara Hoffman Tank // 2. Sukan Pillow // 3. Dinnerware from Casa de Perrin, found via 100 layer cake

cabin progress: bathroom paint & mirror

bathroom update paint colorsWe’ve made some progress in the bathroom lately. There will be no more getting ready for the day while looking into the reflection of the patio doors, because the mirror is up! I know one friend who was astonished by our lack of mirrors that will be pleased at this news (Ryan… you can come back to visit now, you little narcissist. ha).

There is also a fresh coat of paint. I chose Dutch Boy’s Gargoyle Shadow in high gloss and am loving the stark contrast between the wall color and the white trim, marble tiles, & bathroom fixtures.

Still to do in the loo:
1. Figure out some shelving/storage
2. Glass shower door or shower curtain

To see what the bathroom looked like when we first started look here.
To see all of the cabin progress so far go here.

Images by Sarah

from the weekend: in the studio & brunch

10.11-weekendThis weekend we spent around home in LA… I did a little work in the studio, doing a refresh on my inspiration wall, and we also had nice long brunches on both Saturday & Sunday (the new and more permanent Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing & Superba… both great spots).

Images from my instagram. (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

reading room: Gone Girl

reading room gone girlHoly crazy book batman… ha! I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and definitely recommend it. It’s a thrilling and terrifyingly brilliant read about a marriage gone wrong. It is hard to put into words the spectrum of emotions you feel while reading this, but Gillian Flynn paints a portrait of an American couple that you just won’t want to put down. So… to read the dark tale, I matched it up with Sarah Yates gorgeous dark-walled dining room from her previous home in Los Angeles… especially since this is the kind of book that you might want to sit up for.

Read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn //  Room: Dining Room of Photographer Sarah Yates of A House in the Hills