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baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelWell it’s official, Archer is walking and the baby proofing game has begun! I think I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t spent a lot of time around babies so I wasn’t sure what needed babyproofing and what didn’t. Of course most is common sense and I’ve seen the drawer catches and door knob covers but we decided to hire a baby proofing service to get the low down from a professional. They go around your house giving advice on products to use where. (If you are curious the consultation cost us $40).  I have to say I am really glad we did it, because I wouldn’t have thought of some of the suggestions and others that I would have done were unnecessary.

So if you are wondering how I’ve been making my house a bit more child friendly, here it is! Surprisingly not a ton has changed, but I will walk you through where we are so far.

baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelbaby proofing // sarah sherman samuelThe most dangerous rooms in a house are the bathrooms and the kitchen so the main thing the baby proofer recommended was installing gates to keep Archer in the main living spaces instead of having the whole run of the house. We used Munchkin’s LOFT gates, which went in easily and I really like how sturdy it feels. We needed two gates, one in the doorway that leads to all the bedrooms and bathrooms and one in the doorway going into the kitchen. By blocking off the kitchen with the safety gate, it eliminated the need to put cupboard catches on all the cabinets in the kitchen.

baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelWe also secured the entry console table with a strap that screwed right into the wall. As of now hasn’t bothered with the items on top of the console so they are staying until it becomes a problem but so far so good.

baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelbaby proofing // sarah sherman samuelThe one piece of furniture that we decided to swap out for now was our vintage wood slat coffee table. The living room isn’t exactly spacious and in tight quarters those sharp corners already proved themselves a hazard. Also, the marble slab on top was a bit scary to have when he was nearly knocking the table over when pulling himself up on it. I found this simple rush grass ottoman/coffee table, which was pretty inexpensive and nice and soft and round and I even like it. When Archer is older and the other table makes it way back in here, we can use this one in our outdoor patio area.

baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelbaby proofing // sarah sherman samuelWe did install some cabinet and drawer latches on this credenza since there are all sorts of tiny non-baby friendly items inside.

baby-proofing-livingroom-15-640Our family room is two steps down so the baby proofer guy said they usually don’t gate for one or two stairs and for a while there I was worried Archer would never get that he shouldn’t just take a nose dive down the stairs. Thankfully after working with him on turning around and scooting down backwards he totally got it. We were advised however to pad the heck out of the rug down there because the fast he gets the more prone he will be to taking a few nose dives whether we like it or not.

baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelThe family has become Archer’s main play area so we also just moved this coffee table off to the side and have two large baskets of toys down here to continually empty and re-fill which is his favorite activity du jour.

baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelIn the bathroom the only thing we did was put a lock on the toilet. Archer has a large head, is very tall, and skinny which equals extra top heavy… so anything to prevent him from taking a dunk in the toilet is A O K with me.

baby proofing // sarah sherman samuelAnd finally… plug covers all over the house, making sure all cords/cables and cleaning supplies are out of reach, and securing large items like dressers and television to the wall were those common sense things that even I already had under control.

So in summary:
My house hasn’t gone through a complete kid zone transformation (yet atleast) but here are a few things I’ve done to get it more toddler ready

#1 Gates are my new best friend, use them to keep your kiddo in the safe zone.

#2 Secure large furniture pieces (and items like televisions) to the wall

#3 If you can’t take away a trip hazard give them a soft place to land

#4 Toilet locks get the thumbs up from me

#5 Plug covers all over

#6 cords and power cables out of reach

#7 put the cleaning supplies where they can’t get to them

SOURCES: LOFT security gate by Munchkin // Drawer Latches // Plug Covers by Munchkin // Ottoman/Coffee Table  // Mill Console Table by CB2 // Door by AAW (stained with 1 part Light Walnut & 2 parts Provencal by Varathane) // Vintage Hardoy Chair from Surfing Cowboys // Sofa from HD buttercup // Khotan Rug from The Rug Warehouse // Chandelier by Jonathan Adler // Paint color is Snowfall by Behr // Mid-century stool, vintage // Sheepskin from Ikea // Basket from Chicos // Pillows by Little Korboose and Loom Goods // Glass Terrarium from Urban Outfitters // Candle Holder, Vintage // Gold Bowl by CB2 // Black & White Rug from Urban Outfitters // Large Tote from The Citizenry // Yellow Chairs are vintage // White Credenza from West Elm // Pink Flamingo Photograph by Sharon Montrose 

 This post was in collaboration with Munchkin. Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things!

  • Just like you, I haven’t been around kids that much so if and when I have one, this will be soooo useful for me! This is also the reason why I’m happy some of my girlfriends started having children, I’m learning all I need to know one baby at a time ;) For now I just have to keep my cat safe and even that can be stressful at times, ha!

  • Hi Sarah. Love the blog, so so much. And loved following you while you were expecting – our little guys are just a few weeks apart in age. :))

    We own the same CB2 entry console. Would you mind sharing the source for the security snap you bought. I’ve been trying to think of how to keep that piece from toppling. Naturally, my little dude only wants to pull up on that… so it’s been tucked away for now.


    • Hi Angela, Shoot I don’t have a name for that one because the babyproofing guy did that. It looks like a TV strap but he used some kind of earthquake puddy adhesive to adhere it to the under side of the top.

  • Great post! Very helpful, Your home is beautiful. Question, how do you plan to babyproof that cart of liqueur in the corner of your living room;)

    • haha right? he hasn’t touched it yet. Will put it up when the time comes but so far it is off his radar.

  • Everything looks so beautiful as always, and I love how subtle the baby proofing is! We need to baby proof our Venice home–would you mind sharing what service you used? Thanks so much!

  • Can I ask how far off the wall your sofa is? I’ve been struggling with placement of mine as the room it is in is a little too wide for it to be on the wall but the layout doesnt allow it to be anywhere other than close to the wall.

  • I was so curious to read this post! My son is a few months older than yours and I have literally been killing myself to try to keep our house in order and stylish and CLEAN after he has had a run around the place. Forward warning…boys are destructive. My 15 month old has taken a sippy cup full of milk to a leather chair, figured out how to open the childproof locks and has broken every detail accent I have had on display. It’s gotten to the point where we have to move table lamps on top of high counters because he tries to pull the wires!!! I love home decor and keep my spaces styled but having a toddler (and a boy for that matter!) has proven very difficult. Best of luck keeping that gorgeous home of yours in tip top shape. Mine has certainly seen better days :-(

  • Sarah – could you tell me where your tapers are from? The ones in the vintage candle holder? Thank you

  • this is so great! I love modern furniture but my mother, even though I’m only 28, is constantly making less than subtle remarks about how it isn’t very baby friendly. so reassuring to see your home hasn’t had to have a design upheavel for baby. also great job with that round coffee table! I *hate* the weird inner tube look I’ve seen on sharp ended tables. I hope to be able to incorporate children into my future sophisitcated home as flawlessly as you have!

  • Kate Harrison

    Beautiful as always! :) I’m trying to find toy baskets and the citizenry basket is so beautiful. I saw it at a pop-up in SF this winter. I’ll have to see if it’s deep enough, fingers crossed. It would also be nice to have for trips and beach time too! All the best!

  • Beautiful! can I ask who you used for the babyproofing consultation? I am in need of some babyproofing

  • I have the same question as Angela…would love to know the process of securing my console with a strap!

  • Hi. Love your aesthetic. I wouldnt normally comment but Im a mom and a doctor so Im a little more up tight about proofing (Ive seen some bad things). I apologize if you mentioned this in your blog, but I would be sure that your TV is anchored (we actually mounted and hardwired ours when our son began walking). The other thing that people forget about is the booze. Your bar cart is beautiful, but a toddler may get interested in whats in those pretty bottles. I hope my comment wasnt too annoying, but I figured in the name of baby safety it would be OK :)

    • ha yes! Thank you! The TV is secured, I mentioned anchoring heavy pieces like TV’s etc. And totally… that bar cart’s days are numbered. He hasn’t shown interest yet but it will be outa here soon.

  • Andrea

    Beautiful! What color white are your walls? ? That is such a perfect white….

    • It’s called snowfall by Behr!

      • Andrea

        Thanks! Crazy….looks so green in my lighting. I officially hate picking white paint. Good thing I grabbed 50 more chips, ha!

        • Haha really?! It’s such a neutral white!! Make sure it’s snow fall and not falling snow. They have both and they are totally different!

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  • HI Sarah, I have been looking for ages for good toilet roll holders and bathroom accessories in gold (we have the same Kholer fittings!), Can I ask where yours are from they look great!?

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  • Savannah

    Would you mind telling me where you got your orange rug? I’m in love!

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  • Patti

    Can you please tell me who makes that chandelier?

  • christy c

    Please tell me WHERE DID YOU GET THAT RUG? :)

    • All the sources are listed up in the post! The rug is from “the rug warehouse” link above!

  • Impressive how you seamlessly blend pragmatism & style. My wife and I are curious to know where you found that wire pyramid sculpture on the sideboard. So cool.

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  • I found your blog from Pinterest today and I would say that I fall in love with your blog at the first sight :)

    Btw, this is great, the article is helpful and more importantly your home is so beautiful, Sarah.

  • Hi Sarah,

    BTW I wrote a post last week on 101 Baby-proofing Tips — The Ultimate Guide for a Safe Home. Feel free to check if you are free:

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  • mandy

    is that charcoal or a blue sofa?

  • Heather

    Interested in where you ordered that front door? Thanks!

  • Where did you get the brown leather chair in the first photo? I’m absolutely in love with it!!

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  • What a cool house! Where or where did you find a hexagon mirror…. I need that for my bathroom!

  • My little one has just turned 1.And all I think nowadays is what to do in terms of Baby proofing the house.You certainly saved me those 40 bucks or god knows how much they will be charging now :D . But it was totally worth it.

    I am already considering installing Baby Safety Gate in the stairways and in the Kitchen.

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