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real-talk-feedingThis month’s “real talk, real moms” topic is on feeding! After Archer was born, suddenly talking for hours and hours about my boobs was completely normal and showing them to total strangers was acceptable! OK, it was only two and they were technically lactation consultants, but still… “hi, how are you?… oh good, take a look at this (.)(.)” Anywhooo, I will try and keep that part to a minimum but so far this is how our feeding is going.

Months 1 – 3
PURE TORTURE!!! Well not all of it but a lot of it. Archer started off great. He came out of the womb, eyes wide open and when they laid him on my chest I swear he started doing push-ups. I, having been too terrified to hold any of my friends newborns, was beyond shocked at how strong he was. With a little coaxing from my wonderful doula, he was able to find the milk makers within minutes. He did amazing wanting to nurse right away and frequently, so much so, that by his first doctors appointment on day 4 or 5 he had already gained back his birthweight and increased it by a 6 ounces! So everything was going swimmingly until the pain… SO MUCH PAIN. It started with a cracked nipple that turned into a giant fissure… I thought half of it was going to come right off. I googled and googled and cursed the people that said if you are doing it right there should not be pain. I wanted to slice their nipples open and see what they thought. I had the lovliest lactation consultant (erica of the mama’s circle) do a house visit, as I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. She was amazing, assured me that I was in fact “doing it correctly” but that I had “extreme nipple sensitivity”. Great. Basically it meant I had to suck it up, wiggle my toes and count to ten while the worst of the pain subsided when he first latched and carry on. He was doing so well and I had so much milk, I just didn’t want to give up and so I didn’t. And then guess what? THE PAIN GOT SO MUCH WORSE! No joke, I was on antibiotics for the first two weeks (because of the catheters) which messed up all my insides and led to a terrible horrible case of thrush. It was bad, so bad… Something like shooting out shards of glass, while burning on fire, while getting stabbed with a knife repeatedly every time I nursed… every two hours. I tried pumping and that was even more painful. My mom thought I had postpartum depression because I cried so much, but I was crying from the pain, I was crying because I dreaded feeding the little guy which made me feel like a horrible mother and I cried because I wouldn’t let myself quit as he was doing so well. Finally we got it diagnosed and got a prescription, it was a long road to healing, but we made it. I remember after the first month I just kept telling myself, I will tough it out for six months and then be done. Erica told me that some people actually enjoy nursing, that it can feel pleasant. I looked at her like she was insane.

Months 3 – 6
Just around the three month mark, it got so much easier. I felt like I was getting the hang of things and the pain was pretty much gone, slight discomfort at times but nothing like before. Archer was feeding about 6 times a day, he was gaining weight and growing like a champ and getting so much more efficient. We finally fell into a rhythm and turns out I have come to enjoy the quiet time in the rocker with just A and me. Erica wasn’t so crazy after all. I do feel incredibly lucky to be able to experience it and am SO glad I stuck it out. And now… here we are, a little past 6 months and I can’t believe how the time has flown by. We started introducing some fruits and veggies around 5 months old, giving Archer tastes here and there. Sweet potato was the first, then avocado, and banana. Now we have been feeding him solids alongside nursing 3 times a day, with a final solely breastmilk feed before bed. Introducing solids has been hilarious, see what he thinks of bananas here, and I don’t blame him since we learned the hard way just how constipating they can be for the little guy. And on that note… I think I shall wrap things up as there are five too many mentions of nipples,  one too many of poop (or the lack there of), and if I carry on who knows where it might lead.

And in closing… although not very informative, I hope anyone struggling with breastfeeding woes finds solace in this post and knows they are not alone. Oh and how freaking adorable is that little buddy in his highchair up there?

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style: seven days of denim

a week in denim, seven looks 20 // sarah sherman samuelOne thing I have always appreciated about having a career in the creative world is that denim can be a wardrobe staple on and off the job. Even when I went into an office everyday, there was no dress code, no frowns if you showed up in your favorite pair of distressed jeans… and now that I work from home it goes without saying that most days you can find me in denim.

seven looks with denim // sarah sherman samuelTarget has recently upped their game in denim land and they invited me to share my favorite picks, so I am going to walk you through a full weeks worth of outfits starring jeans, jeans, and jeans. Yep, that’s right… buckle up for SEVEN glorious days of denim.


a week in denim, seven looks 7 // sarah sherman samuela week in denim, seven looks 1 // sarah sherman samuela week in denim, seven looks 8 // sarah sherman samuelOn mondays I am hanging with Archer and working from home. Jeans and a button down blouse (perfect for nursing breaks) are the norm around here and I just have to pop a shiny shoe on, to dress it up, for a meeting or lunch date. READ MORE

saturday picnics & $500 giveaway

the-perfect-cheeseboard7Last week I was over on Lonny sharing about how to make the most of a Saturday afternoon. I chatted about elevating the everyday with a backyard picnic and there is a pretty fab giveaway going on so you can do the same! Here is a peek at a few things you could snag.

the-perfect-cheeseboard8picnic-backyardThe blanket, market tote, and hammock are all up for grabs (from The Citizenry), as well as pieces from Lunya, the lux loungewear which you can see me wearing here and here. The deadline to enter the giveaway is September 5th so hop to!

And in case you missed it… see how to build that perfect cheeseboard here.

Sources: Blanket, Tote, and Hammock from The Citizenry // Cheese board and napkins are from my collection (shop re-opening next week!) // Pillows from Little Korboose // Archer’s jumpsuit by June & January // My dress from Madewell

the perfect white & DIY nursery shelves

The perfect white paint // DIY shelves // sarah sherman samuelI can’t even count how many times I’ve been asked which white paint I used in our house, in our living room, in our bedroom, in the nursery … you get the idea. So, I am dedicating this post to the all important perfect white. A good white is SO much harder to find than one would think and I have painted a LOT of whites. Some are too yellow, some too blue, and some can even be too blinding bright. What I look for in a good white is its neutrality, and not too bright but not too dark. In other words… I don’t like my whites looking dirty or showing some weird color casts.

I found my white soul mate (I mean the paint, not Rupert) in “snow fall” by Behr. Throughout the house, we used an eggshell finish on the walls, semi-gloss on the trim and doors, and matte on the ceiling. ALL of that same beautiful white.
This post is brought to you by BEHR. Color that’s True to Hue. If you feel it you can find it. Visit

The perfect white paint 1 // DIY shelves // sarah sherman samuelThis wall in the nursery was originally painted a dark charcoal color so  “snow fall” had its’ work cut out for it. That was the first step in brightening the nursery and creating this little reading nook. Second step was putting up the simple book ledge shelves, getting a super cozy swivel rocker, and some extra toy storage.

The perfect white paint 3 // DIY shelves // sarah sherman samueland now onto those shelves…


The Perfect Cheeseboard

the perfect cheeseboard // sarah sherman samuelToday I’m over on Lonny chatting about my favorite Saturday afternoon activity… picnicking of course! For our picnics we usually run to the local gourmet grocer and pick up some prepared salads, sandwiches, and all the accoutrements for a tasty cheese board, toss them in a basket, find a patch of grass, and enjoy. Although lately we have been inviting friends over to be able to meet and hang with Archer, so my cheese board game has gotten pretty good. For me, it is a must when picnicking with a crowd, giving people the excuse to linger a little longer, but also enjoyed just as much when it is just the two three of us.

the perfect cheeseboard // sarah sherman samuelthe perfect cheeseboard // sarah sherman samuelThe perfect cheeseboard is all about the balance… salty, sweet, savory, bitter & spicy! I like a little of each and a lot of variety in textures.

For CHEESE I like to include (starred ones are my favorite):
a soft (like brie* or camembert)
a semi-soft (like havarti or gouda*)
a hard  (manchego*, parmesan, aged cheddar*)
a blue (roquefort, stilton)

The cheese, of course, is always the hero but I like the accompaniments just as much, if not more. This is where you get to have some fun adding the sweet, salty, and spicy to the oh so savory cheese.

For SWEET I like to include:
fresh fruit (grapes, figs)
dried fruit (apricots, cranberries)

nuts (salted almonds)


THESE SPICY PECANS (I seriously buy 8 bags every time I go to Trader Joes. I can’t get enough)

And finally, the cracker of all crackers that are not only beautiful, but have the whole nutty, salty, and sweet balance already going on for them all by themselves are these “salty date and almond raincoast crisps“.

So there you have it… and now I am hungry. Be sure to head over to Lonny to see what else we get up to on a Saturday afternoon. And, and… there is a pretty lux giveaway happening over there as well! x

 Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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