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modernism week show house bedroom // sarah sherman samuelchairish-curated-sale-picksThis weekend I was highlighted over on one of my go to sites for sourcing vintage furniture, Chairish. If you’re on the mailing list you probably already saw the feature but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite pics from the sale! We curated a bunch of unique pieces inspired by the room I designed at this years Modernism Week Show House: the Christopher Kennedy Compound and I’ve round up my tippy top selects.

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real talk, real moms: childcare

real-talk-childcareThe #realmomseries continues and this week we are all talking about childcare. We touched on childcare in our working topic, a while back and as Archer keeps growing and changing so has our childcare situation although not that much (see what our childcare situation looked like when Archie was less than a year, here).

We still have the same nanny we’ve had from when Archer was just a few months old. We were super fortunate to find someone we loved the first time around. We found her through a friends nanny who recommended her.
Arch is 2 years old now so at the moment we’re waiting to hear if he has gotten into any of the preschools we have applied for but he won’t be eligible to go until September (learn more about what we looked for in a preschool here). In the meantime we are sticking with our current childcare routine which is this…

We bumped our nanny up from 2 weekdays to 3.5 weekdays so I have archer to myself one full weekday as well as half of another day. Archer is currently sleeping 2 hour naps in the afternoon and 12 hours at night, so I am still always working through naps as well as after his bedtime, on the regular. Saturday’s have become by default a work day for me as well since I have rupert at home to watch Archie and then we spend Sunday together as a family.

I feel pretty lucky to be able to work from home, and although my studio is growing with two employees now besides me, I love being close to archer while he is so young. Of course it has its disadvantages like at certain times of the day when Archie only wants mama and I end up having to either sneak out to the office or just take a “mama mama” meltdown head on.
One great advantage of working so close to my childcare provider is that over time I was able to see first hand so much of how she cares for Archie and that’s how I am able to leave him in her care with confidence that he is in good hands.

While we struck gold with our nanny we are not doing so hot in the nighttime babysitter front. On the rare occasion my husband and I do leave the house at night we have our nanny watch Archie but we are completely at her mercy. If she isn’t available we have no one else to call. In two years we’ve never left Archie with anyone but her or ourselves! At what age do you start letting high school students or people from babysitting services come in at night? Lord knows it would be a lot cheaper. I remember when I was 13 and I babysat my neighbors kids. They had a toddler and a newborn!! What on earth were they thinking?! Haha looking back i’m just happy everyone survived. But, it also makes me realize how nuts we are that two years have gone by and we haven’t sought out any other kind of childcare. How do you do it and do you have any tips on introducing a new babysitter, even if it’s just for one night? Gosh it sucks to not have family around especially when you have a small child.

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a-frame bathroom inspiration

spa-amangiriI recently shared some of our plans for the bathroom at the A-frame and while the work is underway, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at some of the inspiration behind the soon to be finished space. First, I wanted to make the A-frame our ultimate getaway from the city. I want to be able to relax and unwind, and leave the noise of Los Angeles in Los Angeles. So when it came to designing the bathroom, even though it is small, I wanted it to feel like a spa-like retreat. I didn’t have to look far for inspiration, the desert just outside the cabin is so beautiful with its soft sandy tones and then when Rupert and I took our trip to Amangiri, my mind was blown and I wanted a tiny slice of it in our space. Above is a photo of me outside the spa at Amangiri, which is THE most luxurious place I have ever been. The architecture is built to blend in with the desert landscape and the use of clean lines and natural materials spoke right to my heart (surprise, surprise).

When it came time to build upon all of that inspiration into our bathroom I visited Kohler’s super inspiring design destination IDEAS to bring the spa to us so on our visits to the A-frame, I can easily sneak in a little “me time”.

tub-spa-bathroomAnd by me time, I mean “Rupert take Archie for a walk and don’t come back for at least an hour, I have a sound-bath to attend to”. ha! We will see how that goes but let’s hope it works because I am getting what they call a VibrAcoustic Hydrotherapy bathtub. It plays music above and below the waterline sending sound waves throughout your body. Kohler worked with a sound therapist to create a few unique pre-set compositions for the VibrAcoustic to promote deep relaxation but it can also play your own music from your iphone via bluetooth. So, not only will my bathroom look like a spa but it will sound and feel like one too!

sss-moodboard-spa-bathroomHere is the moodboard I put together for client me, myself and I. Soft tones, straight lines and raw materials like natural wood, concrete, a little greenery, and stone create a soothing environment that gets me completely psyched to bring this to life.  And, while to me, the tub is the spa-like pièce de résistance… the beautiful faucets, the modern sink, and the handmade tile all help set the tone. Finally, the intelligent toilet, that I went on and on about (here), creates an overall sense of cleanliness and a feeling of wellness which chalks this space up to be one pimped out bathroom.

Shop the Post:

VibrAcoustic Tub // Vox Sink // Purist Showerhead // Purist Roman Tub Faucet // Purist Wall Mounted Faucet // Intelligent Toilet // Robe Hooks

This post brought to you by Kohler. Click here to get inspired!

Color Stories: Green & Blush

I’m starting a new series that will highlight my favorite color pairings and share some recent inspiration I’ve been loving. First up, green and blush… a duo that can do no wrong.

blush and greeninsp_03insp_01blush and greenImage 1 by Jeannette // Image 2 by Émilie & Clémence // Image 3 by Hannah Klemm  // Image 4 by José Hevia

I’ve also rounded up a few of my favorite home and personal goods in the hues if you are looking to bring this combo into your life.

green and blush round upSign me up for all the green and all the blush. You may have already noticed I really like the color combo in my studio as well. What do you guys think of the pairing?

Green: Kara Bag Alene Nightstand | Muuto Stool | Brabbu Sofa | Sailor Pant | Trivet | LOQ Shoes | Tile Cushion | Topshop Tee

Blush: Terra Lighting | Elleme Bag | Intermix Plate | Orb Chair | Farrow Dress | Gardenias Vase | Bralette | Calo Side Table | Sneakers

master bedroom / nursery nook makeover

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelLast week I introduced you to my Nursery/Master Bedroom project for Max & Margaux Wanger and I’m thrilled to share the full final tour.

Margaux and Max were expecting their second child and reached out to me to help them transform their master bedroom into a finished space for them as well as carve out a special place for the new baby. We ended up transforming the closet into to a nursery nook and designed the rest of the room to be a calming space that reflected Max and Margaux’s modern-minimal-artful lives. First up is their side of the room…

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuel16Max, being an incredible photographer, has probably the best collection of family photos anyone has ever seen so we created a gallery wall that they can add on to when the new Wanger arrives.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelThe room is filled with personal touches, handmade pieces like the wall hanging from Boho Loft, the knit baby blanket from Yarn Works Co. and the mobile I created for them myself. I also designed them a bench that was custom made for the tight space and sits at the foot of the bed.


Bed by CB2 // Bedding by Parachute // Pillows by Loom Goods // Moroccan Pom Blanket // Wall Hanging by Boho Loft // Sconces by Schoolhouse Electric // Rug from // Bench is custom // Curtains from Urban Outfitters // Curtain Rods from West Elm // Nightstands from West Elm // Sheepskin rug // Photo Framing by Simply Framed // Plant is a Dracaena Lisa // Basket // Wooden Bowl from Midland

nursery nook in master bedroom closet // sarah sherman samuelMeanwhile, on the other side of the room, we transformed their closet into a little nursery nook. I really wanted to make the baby space feel special (and not like we just stuck the baby in a closet) so wallpaper was the answer. The black and white animal print has just the right amount of whimsy for baby but the illustrative style and monochromatic palette fits in seamlessly with the rest of the room as well.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelWe had the long floating shelf custom made to match the two small floating shelves I found at Target. Soft white baskets supply a lot of easy reach storage as well as the large lidded floor baskets.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelcloset turned into a nursery // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelOne of Max’s art prints titled “Mother & Child” sits above the changing table. The Stokke Crib is such a beautiful space saver that will grow with the baby with attachment parts, I love the round design and finally one of my original mobiles hangs above it, completing the space.


Wallpaper by Chasing Paper // Crib by Stokke // Shelves from Target (long one is custom made // White baskets from Amazon // Lidded Baskets // Changing Table/Dresser // Art Print by Max Wanger // Framing by Simply Framed //  Changing Pad Cover  // Pom Pom Blanket by Yarn Works Co.  // Stuffed Bunny by Walnut Animal Society

master bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelJust outside of the bedroom we wanted to give Margaux a space to be able to nurse and rock the new baby while also watching their older son so we created a mama station in their existing playroom. Using Max’s pink cloud print as a jumping off point, I made the rest of the space bright and open, layering soft textural pieces like the woven blanket, soft ottoman and sheepskin rug. Hanging planters brought in some kid proof greenery (anything they can’t reach is considered kid proof in my book), baskets serve as more easy access storage, and how about that beautiful rocker? I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours here.

master bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelThere are so many things that can feel unsettled and chaotic when you bring a new baby home and being able to give Max & Margaux a special space that is ready for the new family member will hopefully make that transition just a bit easier. If you want to get a take a peek at the before photos check last week’s post here.

x sarah


Rocking Chair // Hanging Planters // Pouf/Ottoman // Baby Gym // Side Table // Terra Cotta Lamp // Cloud Print by Max Wanger // Framing by Simply Framed // Large Sheepskin Rug  // Ceramic Dish by Jen E. Ceramics // Bud Vase by Humble Ceramics

Photos by Max Wanger

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