Mandy Moore Laundry Room Design

mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuelI’ve got another peek into Mandy Moore’s house with her Laundry Room design today. And let me tell you this isn’t your average laundry space. This room opens right up into the kitchen so we wanted to make sure it was just as gorgeous as the rest of the house. And boy did we have our work cut out for us, so we teamed up with Electrolux to make some laundry room magic. Here is a peek at the before.
mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuel
As you can see the space is limited and the style doesn’t match Mandy’s OR the modern house at all. There is some awkward ducting that creates some odd ceiling lines and the old machines are sticking out right into the space. So here is the plan and already some good progress…
mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuel First, we wanted to extend the footprint of the room and make it a little larger so we borrowed some space from the HUGE pantry next door and moved the right wall back. Second, we are rearranging the fixtures so the new Electrolux Washer and Dryer will be set against the back wall facing out instead of on the right wall and the sink will now be where the old machines were, creating a much better flow. We will then be building out some custom cabinetry around the machines (oh and you can see we already re-worked the ducting so goodbye funky ceiling lines). While we are going with gold toned hardware in most of the house we are mixing it up in here with matte black for a modern touch that matches the appliances.
The flooring will be the same custom terrazzo poured flooring that we have going throughout the entire house (you might have caught me going terrazzo crazy on my instagram story, but if not, no worries I will do a summary post because I receive a bazillion and one questions about it). On this side of the room the custom cabinetry will continue but above the sink we plan to install two poles for items that need to hang dry, also matte black, and beneath some floating base cabinets we left space to accommodate the kitty litter.
And last but certainly not least, this stunning wallpaper will set the stage for the dreamiest of laundry rooms.

Wallpaper // Hangers // Electrolux Washer // Electrolux Dryer // Sarah Sherman Samuel x Park Studio Hardware (shown in brass because we don’t have images of the black yet but it will be available soon!) // Rods from The Mine // Faucet // Drain from The Mine // Sink from The Mine // Nesting Brushes // White Quartz Countertop // Stool // Terrazzo Flooring


wall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlaI’m thrilled to add another exclusive SSS collaboration to my shop, just in time for the holidays, and even more excited that it is with local LA artist Cindy Zell of WKNDLA. We worked together to create two wall hangings using the materials she incorporates into her work on a regular basis and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Natural fibers, wood, and brass = all the yeses.

I first came across Cindy’s work when a friend gifted me one of her pieces, and then I continued to see her work around town at some of my favorite spaces… Consort, and then finally again in the Parachute Hotel. In addition to creating small scale home decor pieces she also makes wearable art (aka, necklaces, earrings, pins) as well as large scale installation pieces like the one I am obsessed with at Parachute (below).

Parachute Hotel Photos by Nicki Sebastian

Cindy left her job as senior display coordinator at Anthropolgie in 2015 to put her immense talent into her own line WKNDLA and it has been so wonderful to watch her work evolve over the last couple years.  Her sculptural pieces explore gravity’s influence on form and all her work is inspired by elemental forms, shapes, and colors collected from the work of pioneering artists, design movements, architecture, and nature. The result is a stunning body of work that is clean, modern, and geometric, making it a perfect fit for an SSS collaboration.

wall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlawall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlawall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlawall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlaWe created two sizes, one with ivory tassels and one with blush. Both incorporate walnut wooden beads and brass tubing that is hand cut, bent, soldered & polished. The ivory wall hanging also features a half moon made of spalted maple. Purchase the limited edition wall hangings in the shop now!

Ivory Wall Hanging // Blush Wall Hanging

To read more about all of our SSS collaborations check here.

Mandy Moore 2nd Guest Bathroom

mandy moore bathroom design // sarah sherman samuelIf you’ve been checking in on my Instagram Stories you will know that things are really moving along with our Mandy Moore residential project. It is literally the house of my dreams, a mid-century gem that we are taking back to it’s modern roots, and after many months of design, planning, and construction a lot of the finishes are starting to make their way into the house.

Today I am sharing a peek into the second guest bathroom. First let’s talk about that slab… we (Emily Farnham, the architect, Mandy and her Fiancé Taylor) all went stone shopping hunting for the perfect slabs for the kitchen and the three bathrooms. We fairly quickly settled on the kitchen and the other two bathrooms but in this bathroom we knew we wanted a statement colored stone and it wasn’t as easy to track down. A couple weeks later I went to another stone yard and had them pull out this beauty and knew it was the one!

stone slab for mandy moore residence// sarah sherman samuel

I don’t normally work with purple, like ever, but I am broadening my color spectrum because this is a beautiful shade of eggplantey purple with bits of lilac and peach that I just couldn’t resist.

And now for a peek at the before…


As you can see, not much to look at, or work with. We gutted the entire room (just like the rest of the house), poured terrazzo floors, and will be installing all the gorgeous finishes above. Right now, the tile just went in (still needs to be grouted) and the vanity has been installed (that beautiful slab is hiding under the cardboard) which takes us to here…


The tile is from Fireclay (2×8 in calcite) and I found all of the fixtures from Wayfair (the undermount sink, faucet, shower head, toilet, drains etc).

front bath design for mandy moore residence // sarah sherman samuelThe sink wall is my favorite feature in this room because, hello stunning slab, and in the end it will look a little something like above.

For more progress and plans on this project check here and follow along as the house is coming together on instagram. Mine, Mandy’s, and Emily’s.

Shower Head from Wayfair // Shower Faucet from Wayfair // Pendants from Lumens // Sink from Wayfair // Sink Faucet from Wayfair // Mirror from Rejuvenation // Tile from Fireclay (2×8 in Calcite) // Toilet Paper Holder // Toilet from Wayfair //

Small space Nursery tour

Today I am sharing how we converted our family room/playroom into a nursery!

As I mentioned in the plans post about the space, this is still very much a central part of our house so everything might not scream nursery but it carves out a special place for baby girl. We installed the sliding barn doors from Rejuvenation so that when we have them closed (during naps and night time) it sections the space off into her own room but when the barn doors are open, during the day, it still reads as part of the rest of the house.

First thing we did was clear out the sofa and tv and wallpaper one accent wall with this lulu & georgia mural. The colors blend well with the rest of the house but the animals and trees bring in the whimsy that differentiates that space around the crib.

Then we brought in a gorgeous green glider from west elm and the vintage daybed from Elsie Green.

I found the crib, crib mattress, bedding, crib skirt, pillows and ottoman all on Wayfair. As you might notice the trend of me finding anything and everything on that site.

 Next we added black out curtains. I got these from etsy but I didn’t realize the curtains themselves are that vinyl feeling actual blackout material. I might look for a shear liner of some sort to go on top.

In lieu of a mobile we hung a swan created by artist Tamar Mogendorff to round out the crib area. And on the practical side of things, this room doesn’t have any venting to our HVAC system so now that we installed the sliding barn doors we needed a way to adjust the temperature easily. Also being a baby’s room we wanted an air purifier so we brought in the Dyson Hot + Cool link which does all of that in one small package.

Finally, we cleared out the shelves and re-styled them in a lighter more monochromatic way to keep it bright and not too busy. I filled the bottom shelf with these soft rope baskets which organize all the every day baby items like diapers, swaddles, onesies, baby linens etc. and then tucked the rest of her clothes in the cabinets below. We also added a platform to the middle section (where the tv used to be) to extend it out 3” in order to accommodate the changing pad, turning it into our changing table.

Stay tuned to see the space we created for Archie since we converted his playroom into baby girls’ room.

Sources: Wallpaper from Lulu & Georgia // Curtain Panels // Curtain Rods // Rocking Chair (in Forest) from West Elm // Woven Ottoman from Wayfair  // Hanging Swan by Tamar Mogendorff// Crib from Wayfair // Crib Mattress from Wayfair // Blanket from Wayfair // Wool Pillow (in crib) from Wayfair// Woven Throw Pillow (in crib) from Wayfair // Rocker is vintage // Sheepskin Rug from Lulu and Georgia // Striped Rug from EsaleRugs // Daybed from Elsie Green // Woven Baskets from Amazon // Throw Pillow from Wayfair // Throw Pillow (on daybed) from Wayfair // Air purifier/heater & fan by Dyson. // Sliding Barn Doors from Rejuvenation

building a unique holiday table and caring for the linens after

It’s that home entertaining time of year again and it’s time to bust out all the linens. I love building tablescapes for meals with friends and family (way more than the actual cooking) so I wanted to share a few tips on how I quickly create a layered tabletop fit for the holidays and full of style. I’ll also be sharing some quick pointers on how to care for the linens after the party and how Electrolux makes it easy.

1. Build a non-traditional color palette.

I always find I am way more drawn to tablescapes that veer off the obvious color choices for the holidays. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all browns and oranges, however I am loving ochre and rust, so by pairing a traditional color with a not so traditional color like pink, suddenly the table feels fresh.

2. Bring in a little vintage.

Just like how I love to incorporate vintage furniture into the spaces I design for a more storied and interesting result, a little vintage on your tabletop can go a long way as well. Whether it is a small set of some amazing vintage glassware or a set of brass vintage flatware (like I used above) these make a holiday table feel unique, aka extra special.

3. Layer on the linens.

During the holidays I like to make my home extra cozy with extra layers of blankets and pillows which translates to the tabletop as well. Tablecloths and cloth napkins are perfect to bring that coziness to a meal for holiday entertaining. I also added some extra muslin as a table runner which is the same color as the table cloth but adds one more subtle layer of texture. Some people my shy away from using table cloths and/or cloth napkins because of the maintenance but I’ve teamed up with Electrolux to share how easy they make caring for your entertaining linens can be.

When the party is over (or the next day if I am going to be realistic) I throw my linens in the washer and use the gentle cycle. With Electrolux SmartBoost™ technology the washer pretty much takes care of the rest. It automatically premixes water and detergent before the wash cycle begins which means a deep all around clean that effectively removes stains.

When it comes to drying, you want to make sure to take extra care of linens so they last over time. I like to pull them from the dryer right when they are dried through, or just before. You don’t want to over dry them. Another handy setting from Electrolux that makes sure you don’t even have to think about it is that they have a moisture sensor so as soon as the fabric is dry it will automatically switch off.

I think it was Martha Stewart that recommended hanging table cloths and napkins over a cardboard roll that comes with a rug or carpet, to prevent creases, but who has easy access to that or the space to store it? Unfortunately not me, well I am sure I could find one since I do like to collect me some rugs, but my linen closet is smaller than a phone booth and my house has ZERO extra space so still a no go. Inevitably my linens get folded up and when I want to use them they are creased but by tossing them in the Electrolux dryer using the Perfect Steam™ setting, it gently removes the wrinkles and creases and is ready for the next shindig.

Happy Holidays!

Shop the Post: Wall hanging from Urban Outfitters // Linen/Cotton Table cloth from Ikea // Vase & Flowers by Moon Canyon // Base Plates from Anthropologie // Blush Pink Plate from CB2 // Napkins // Brass Flatware is Vintage // Brass Coupes also Vintage // Pink Chairs from Ikea

Washer by Electrolux // Dryer by Electrolux

This post was sponsored by Electrolux, as always all thoughts ideas and tablescapes are my own :). Thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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