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asunnyafternoon-teatowel-boards copyOk guys, today the voting opened for the 2013 American Made awards and I could use your help! There are so many amazing makers who, like me, have quit their day job to follow their handcrafted dream and I hope you’ll support me by heading over and casting a vote (or two or three or six!) for me. :)

American Made is a movement founded by Martha Stewart that spotlights the maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade. It’s made up of people and communities who have turned their passion for quality craftsmanship and well-designed goods into a way of life.

Read all about this great opportunity and cast your votes here. (you can vote up to 6 times a day, everyday!).

  • You got it!!! This is great Sarah!!!

  • DONE!! I voted 6 times :) GOOD LUCK!!

  • Congrats on the nomination!

  • i’m so glad that your house was featured on abm. i am happy to have found you and your beautiful work just in time to give ya a vote.

  • Hey Sarah!

    First time visitor.. Found you on A Beautiful Mess. I went to vote for you, but there are 152 pages! AH! Do you know what page you are on specifically? Would be helpful for future voters to save time.


    • Hey Mia, yes! If you click on any of the links in the paragraph (I just changed them all to link to my page) it should take you right there. Also, there is the “american made” button on the side column that will link to it as well. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Just found your blog via “A Beautiful Mess”! So excited to read along. Used up all my daily votes for you! Good luck and Happy Tuesday! Newest follower :)

  • That is so exciting! I just voted for you! I found you over on A Beautiful Mess and your house is gorgeous.

    xo Lisa
    Making Life’s Lemons
    Giveaway on the blog today!

  • Oh excellent! Best of luck. I’ll try and remember to vote daily!!

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