wood floors

renovation update: finished floors & bathroom progress

kitchen-progressWe are getting closer to the end of our renovation and I CAN NOT wait to start moving our things back in, hang some art, and just enjoy some time at home. I can’t believe how much counter space we have now that that wall is history. The new pieces of marble for the extension of the countertop and backsplash are in place, and all that is left to do hang the upper cabinets, put the doors on the new base cabinets, and paint the toe-kicks.


home progress: more demo & floor work

Woot woot the kitchen flooring is going and will soon be gone. There were layers of ceramic tile, cement board, and linoleum that had to be removed so that when we lace in the new wood flooring the kitchen will be the same level as the dining room. So, no more tripping my way into the kitchen (well, I guess there is no guarantee that my clumsiness won’t still find a way to trip up, but at least the odds will be better).

kitchen floor progress kitchen progressMore progress after the jump…