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Trullbrook residence kitchen 90% reveal!

tullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuelGreen tweed marble, herringbone floors, gold fixtures… these are a few of my favorite things and I’m so thrilled to be able to share the ALMOST finished kitchen of my clients at the Trullbrook residence which has all three and more. We are still waiting on a custom built banquette, which is in the works, but I am impatient and couldn’t wait to share at least a peek at the finished portion of the space. More to come soon!

tullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samueltullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuelThe Green Tweed marble on the backsplash and countertops kick an all white kitchen up a notch and anchoring it with the dark green floors make it even more special. I added small touches of wood with the butcher block island and the floating shelves as well as the gold Schoolhouse Electric hardware to warm up the cool tones in the rest of the space.

tullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samueltullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuelThe entire “before” kitchen was demo’ed and we started fresh, first with the new Fireclay brick tile floor and then with the new cabinets. Last time we checked in the floor was just being laid and the cabinet boxes placed and now we are so close to the finish line, with the banquette and new bistro table and chairs being the last addition needed.

You might remember from the original post and before photos that we have now removed the peninsula, removed a double wall oven that also made the room feel tight (replacing it with a 48″ range) and extended the entire footprint of the kitchen (which isn’t seen here yet) but you can get an idea of where the banquette will be in the above photo.

tullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samueltullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuel tullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuelThe floating shelves that flank the new pass through window help to open up the space as well and give just enough space to display some favorite items and I still can’t get over the gorgeousness of those floors.

tullbrook residence kitchen renovation // sarah sherman samuelFor all of the progress on the Trullbrook residence so far, check here.

Shop the look:
Cabinet doors and drawer fronts by SemiHandmade on Ikea Cabinets // Brick Tile Floor in “Northwoods” by Fireclay // Pendant Lights by Schoolhouse Electric // Hardware by Schoolhouse Electric // Butcher Block Countertop from Ikea // Marble backsplash and countertop is called Green Tweed  // Oak Floating Shelves by SemiHandmade // Kitchen Faucet by Waterstone // Range by Thermador // Sink from Ikea 

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel 

Trullbrook Kitchen Progress

full slab // green tweed // sarah sherman samuelI’m checking in with some progress from the Trullbrook Residence and the kitchen is quickly winning in the race to my heart. If you haven’t seen the before photos or the design plan take a peek here first. It is pretty much my dream palette which started with the Fireclay Brick Tile (the color is Northwoods) and soared to the nethersphere with this dreamy slab (called green tweed).

fireclay brick tile // northwoods // sarah sherman samueltile-going-inI popped in on tile day and got so excited to see the brick tile getting installed. Each Fireclay brick is handmade and it has a that stubbly texture like, well, brick, so each tile is slightly different than the next, giving it that subtle perfectly imperfect feel. Once it is in, it’s like it was always there.

tile-to-wood-transitionThey had to cover it up right away so the grout dries evenly and to protect it from all the rest of the work going on, but I came back a few days later and peeled up a corner to get a quick snap. Excuse the dirt but I also wanted to show how we used a brass schluter for the transition from tile to hardwood. YUM!

kitchen-hardwareplanNext was onto the cabinet install. Again, we went with Ikea bases and turned to Semi-Handmade for all the doors and drawer fronts. Their shaker profile is a more refined looking and higher quality version of the Ikea shaker doors and their ability to make extra panels and trim pieces give the look of a custom kitchen for a lot less expense. We chose their white supermatte finish.

cabinets-going-inThen came the day when I stopped in to check on the slab install and got a surprise, but this time not a good one. You may see it in the photo above… there is a seam in maybe the worst place to have a seam. One of the focal points of a kitchen is the range and they put a seam, right at eye level above the range!!! UGH.

slabHere’s a close-up so you can see it a big closer. Now, I was METICULOUS with drawings of the slabs and where I wanted to have the cuts. Because, as you can see, the marble has some very unique markings and I wanted to make sure I had control over where the colored veins fell. And thank God I had it all documented, because in this case it was the fabricators mistake and we had the plans to prove it. Unfortunate for them though because they had to buy an entire new slab (thankfully there was 1 left from the same batch at the slab yard) and re-cut it. So we dodged a bullet that would have probably driven my nuts and all is well in the end.

cabinets-ingreen-slab-white-cabinets-brass-pullsOf course by the time I got over to check it out all together, the kitchen was all covered in plastic while the painters were working on the walls and ceiling. You can get the idea of how the kitchen is coming together though. The island still isn’t in, or the appliances, but under all the covers it is getting close (and already looking so much bigger and brighter than the before photos). I was able to peel up a bit of paper to get this tiny detail shot which is getting me so excited to see it all come together. Green + white + brass = true love.

To see all of the Trullbrook Residence plans and progress so far check here. 

Cabinet boxes by Ikea with Doors & Drawer fronts by Semi-handmade // Brick Tile in “Northwoods” by Fireclay // Drawer Pulls by Schoolhouse Electric