travel stories: Amangiri

amangiri15Gone are the days (at least for a few years) when Rupert and I used to sneak away for weekend trips every couple weeks or so. Toting a toddler around on romantic getaways is not exactly the same. Since we don’t go nearly as often, Rupe and I decided that for our anniversary we would go all out and splurged on a trip of a lifetime. We took off for three child-free nights for the first time and headed to a place straight out of my dreams.

The place is southern Utah’s Amangiri and while the photos pretty stunning, I have to say they don’t even do it justice. The resort is built around the natural Utah landscape and looks like it is carved right out of the surrounding rock. Every single detail was thoughtfully designed… the colors, the materials, right down to how the sunlight travels through the structure. If you ever get the chance to go, take it!

amangiri10amangiri7amangiri3amangiri6amangiriamangiri16amangiri4amangiri5amangiri2amangiri18amangiri12amangiri17amangiri11amangiri13amangiri9amangiri14Utah on its own is one of my favorite places to get away to (we road-tripped through it a couple years back), but Amangiri with its super remote location and otherwordly beauty just made it our favorite escape yet. After just a couple days soaking in the soft colors and calming vibes we came back refreshed and oh so inspired.

Orange dress by Christy Dawn // Hat from Asos // Green dress from Zara  // Swimsuit by Hackwith Design 

iPhone snaps by Sarah & Rupert Samuel

in my bag – utah

in my bag // utahI bucked my fairly neutral usual packing strategy and filled my bag with a palette inspired by the high desert landscape of our destination… Utah! You may remember one of my favorite trips from a couple years back when we did THIS ROADTRIP but this time we are headed straight to Utah and staying there. Here’s what is coming with me.

Cardigan Sweater // Dress by Christy Dawn // Hat // Sunglasses // V-neck Sweater // Pink Palazzo Pants // Scarf //  Tassel Sandals // Ankle Boots // Tote // Swimsuit // Skirt

travel stories: northern cali

RUSSIAN-RIVER-house3RUSSIAN-RIVER-house2A couple weeks ago we jumped on a quick flight up to San Francisco, rented a car, and did a little road trip through Northern California. I have to say it was just the right amount of travel time with a toddler in tow. A one hour flight = piece of cake, then an hour and a half drive to our first stop… perfect naptime length! We rented this gorgeous house for a couple days on Russian River, and then drove further north to Boonville. All the details and our route after the jump…  READ MORE

weekend scenes: palm springs

poolside My parents have been visiting for the past two weeks and we just spent the last one in Palm Springs. We worked on the A-frame, played tourist, had a little pool time, and celebrated Rupe’s birthday. I also started a new instagram account specifically for the A-frame which you can follow @thesamuelaframe

palm springs tramwaypalm-springs-house-stalkingFor Rupe’s birthday we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for the first time and it was INSANE. But also really beautiful. That teeny tiny tramcar in the photo above holds around 60 people and it rotates while going up the mountain (!!!!!). We survived though and after demoing the A-frame kitchen all day the day before it was nice to get outside and take in some nature. It has been a while.

And no trip to Palm Springs is complete without a little house stalking. Gosh I love the architecture there.

sss-a-frameThis is the view by the A-frame! Such a drastically different landscape than our last Lake Michigan cabin but beautiful in its own right. There were wildflowers in bloom all over and tons of hiking trails which I can not wait to explore.

cactus // sarah sherman samuelpalm springs desert modern-houseAnd remember my Palm Springs client I shared about… “desert modern“. Well, here is a little sneak peek. The house is a vacation home and rental house so it worked out pretty perfect for us to able to stay there while the A-frame is in shambles. We worked on the A-frame by day and I worked on installing some final design touches here by night. I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of the space when all the final pieces come together!

Happy hump day x

Images by me via iphone & Instagram (i’m @sarahshermansamuel)

travel stories: mexico

quatro-quatros-mexico3quatro-quatros-mexico2mexicoquatro-quatros-mexico8I give glamping in Mexico a 10 out of 10. Well, maybe a 9.5… the .5 being taken off from a run-in with some angry bees, but aside from that the trip was pretty magical.


my top 5 snowy destinations

idylwild - a-frame sarah sherman samuelMy instagram feed has started to fill with fresh snow falls and all white powdery goodness which has me feeling all sorts of feels. Excited for the holidays, but sad I won’t be heading back to Michigan again this year and while I shouldn’t complain about Southern California weather, it is this time of year that I reaaaaally crave the snow. So instead of boo-hooing I put a list together of my favorite snow filled destinations and hope I can make it to at least one of them this year!

  1. Idyllwild, Ca (the location of the photo above). We went here for one of my birthdays (in Feb) a few years ago and we nearly got snowed in, but I loved every second of it. We stayed in a charming little cabin, this one is cute too. Unlike most mountain towns, this one does not have a ski resort so if that isn’t your thing, Idyllwild is a great escape without having to battle the snow bunnies.
  2. Traverse City, Mi. Northern Michigan gets a heckuva lot of snow and Traverse City is one of the best cities to explore. Sleeping Bear Dunes, is not too far away, it’s turned into quite the foodie town, and it’s far enough north to turn into a major winter wonderland.
  3. Mammoth Mountain/Yosemite. We had a similar experience in Mammoth as we did in Idyllwild, one of our trips there they had 12 feet of snow! Chains on the tires were a must, but we all loved it. We went snow shoeing, and our dogs went bananas for it. We stayed in a cozy cabin at Tamarack Lodge. The road up to Yosemite from Mammoth closes down part of the year but if it is open, you can’t get much more picturesque of a place to visit than that.
  4. Banff, Canada. One google search and you will see why. Can we all just stay here please and call ourselves Elsa.
  5. Glacier National Park, Montana. The scenery here is stunning and although it is quite the trek to get there… totally worth it. Hiking trails galore and post card scenes where ever you look.

Please share your favorite snowy spots!

Image by sarah sherman samuel