cabin progress: fireplace hearth

cabin fireplace progress 2Here is a look at the new marble tile freshly installed… just needs grout!

fireplace-hearth-progressWe also painted the little air vent grate thingies white to match the rest of the fireplace, which kind of disguises them better, but I wouldn’t mind finding new ones all together.

cabin fireplace progressAnother new addition that we picked up at a nearby antique shop is the big old brass bucket to hold the firewood.

To Do’s for the fireplace:
1. reface that sad cinder block wall
2. grout and trim out the hearth
3. find new air vent things (what do you call those?)
4. find a new spark guard and some cool andirons
5. hang a picture for goodness sake

To see how it looked before look here. To see more of my fireplace progress/plans take a look here and to see the all the progress on the cabin look here.