tasting kitchen

from the weekend: road trip

road tripThis weekend I headed back from Palm Springs with one of my best gals after a little retreat called designer vaca (more on that later). On the route back we stopped at Hadley’s Fruit Orchard specifically for their banana-date shake and that prompted us to make another stop for a batch of in-and-out french fries. I gotta have that mix of salty with sweet, which is why I thought to bring my house guest to Tasting Kitchen the next morning for my favorite breakfast of chicken & waffles. Seriously delicious.

Hope you indulged a little this weekend too!

Images by me via instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

from the weekend: long walks & tasting kitchen

03.24.13 chicken & waffles
I’m heading to the cabin today (finally!!!) so I spent the weekend getting things ready to go, taking the dogs on a few long sunny walks (before heading to the snow), and eating at a few of my favorite places.

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)