steve martin

reading room: an object of beauty

reading room an object of beautyI just finished reading “An Object of Beauty“, which not only happens to have a gorgeous cover, but is filled with 20 something color reproductions of varied artworks that are woven into and definitely enhance the story. It took me right back to my art history classes in college… just much more entertaining and relevant. The book written by Steve Martin, follows the climbing career of an ambitious young woman (who seems to be missing a moral compass) in the New York City art world. It’s an interesting read for art lovers, New York lovers, and Steve Martin lovers. Bonus if you’re all three like me! Have any of you read it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

… and how about this artful room, a match made in heaven I’d say.

Read: An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin // Room: Showroom of The Apartment