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We bought some land!! Last fall, we purchased a buildable lot of land near our house in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a beautiful wooded lot with close city access, and when we came across the property, it got our wheels turning. Over the last two years since we have lived here, we have fallen in love with the area. There is a beautiful horse farm just down the road, hiking trails through the wooded hills, a sweet historic village close by, and minutes to downtown GR. We have noticed forested land, which used to be one parcel of property through the time we have been here, is quickly getting snatched up by developers, parceled off, and sold as smaller lots. I personally think the magic of this area, though, is all the trees, the larger lots, and space. The other trend we have been seeing is that when people start a new build in the area, they basically clear-cut the lot, making room for McMansions with enormous grassy yards. Little or no trees left behind.  I have nothing against the huge grassy lawns here in Michigan, water is plentiful, and I, too, grew up with a large stretch of lawn. But it did give me pause. I grew up a tree hugger and will always be a tree hugger. haha. Anyway, I should back up a bit…