salt air

from the weekend: L.A. loving

04.07.14-weekendI realized this weekend that we will have lived in LA for seven years now, this month! It took us a while to settle in but lately it just feels like it keeps getting better. I guess I made it past the seven year itch. :) We spent Saturday and Sunday jumping around town running errands but had so much fun furniture shopping, picking out fabric for some projects at home, while exploring parts of the city I rarely get to. We had a brunch at Sqirl that is always well worth the wait, picked up some sweet treats at Bottega Louie, and dinner at a favorite, Salt Air.

Hope you had a happy weekend.

Images by me via instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

from the weekend: madewell & parents visiting

01.02.14-weekendThe Madewell party on Thursday was a blast, Prosecco & shopping should always go hand in hand. :)  Thanks to everyone that came out, it was so fun getting to meet some of you in person.

My parents also arrived for a visit this weekend, we were hoping to have the construction done by this visit but, not so much. They will be enjoying their stay on our pull-out sofa in the den/storage room. Thankfully they are good sports and to sweeten their stay we will be treating them to some tasty meals, like our brunch above at a weekend favorite, Salt Air. We also watched the most boring Super Bowl in all the years of Super Bowl (right?) but at least we had this to keep our attention.

Did you guys to anything fun for Super Bowl?

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)