Soho Loft Bathrooms Before & After

Last week our bathroom renovations for Vanessa Carlton’s NYC loft was featured on Arch Digest did you see? Head over there for the story which is punctuated with a video of her giving a tour of the entire home.

Vanessa’s loft is one of those incredible new york apartments that inhabit an entire floor of a building, the ones where the elevator opens right up into the living room space. When I first arrived I immediately was taken by the 1892 built building and the original architectural features that were still in tact. The living room, kitchen and bedrooms all had the original exposed brick and so much great natural light it was an inspired space with a couple of eye sore bathrooms. We wanted to bring the essence of the building back into the bathrooms in an interesting way… classic and timeless but with the sss touch.

So let’s take a look at what we started with in this principle bath.


Our Master Bath Tile How-to

I posted this photo on instagram right when the shower trim was installed last year. We were still in the middle of renovating so this was the closest to a finished photo I had to share and I had no idea the response it would get. The tile layout was an experiment, it is something I had never seen done before… an idea I had that I would only dare try out on my own house, so if it was a failure it would only be my own mess to clean up. However, as soon as I posted the photo the questions flooded in, within a month I already saw three other bathroom renovations mimicking the layout on instagram and those are just the people that tagged me. I caught some flack for not explaining how I did it, but the truth is… for the same reason I didn’t feel comfortable trying this out in a clients bathroom for the first time, I didn’t want to share how I did it and be responsible for a slew of bathroom renovations that could go wrong. After a year of living with it and the shower getting daily use, I can now speak to how it has hold up and feel more comfortable sharing the process. I am sure this has been done before, we all know there is pretty much nothing new under the sun, but for me this was new. An original idea that I had to figure out how to execute myself (while leaning heavily on the tile experts I worked with, although this was also a new process to them as well). So here it is…

The best part about this treatment is its’ simplicity. The idea couldn’t be more simple. I used an extra large 1″ grout line going horizontally and skinny 1/8″ grout line going vertically. Another thing I love about this simple idea is that it could be applied in a million different ways to get drastically different results. It can be applied to different colored tiles, different shapes, different grout ratios, different colored grout…(you get the picture)  to create entirely new layouts. There are a few things to consider on installation, you can’t just use any type of grout for this and it might not be applicable in every space or with every tile either ( please follow manufacturers guidelines and listen to your tile installer) but so far it has held up well in ours.

Here is what we did.


our cross country move & how we survived

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If you guys have been following me on Instagram, you might have caught a glimpse of our recent cross-country road-trip. Rupert and I bought a new (old) house in Michigan, packed up our Los Angeles house (the photo above was just days before we left), rented it out and drove from Los Angeles, California to Grand Rapids, Michigan with a 3 year old, a 6 month old and two dogs. 11 days on the road, 10 nights of packing and un-packing a hotel room (because with babies it seems like you need 10,000 things just to survive), 46 hours in the car and 2,765 miles. To say it was challenging would be an understatement but in the effort to simplify our lives and slow down a bit, for our family, we are moving out of the city and into the woods.

As a business owner, mother, and an LA transplant, on and off the road, I am all about seeking simplicity and get thrilled about anything that can make my life easier. Grocery delivery? I’m in! Valet parking? Check!… Apps for everything? yep… A credit card with intuitive Cash Back rewards? Yes Please! So, I am partnering with American Express to share our route, some tips on how we made it through getting from point A above to point B and why we love the new American Express Cash Magnet™ Card.