Home for the Holidays – Campbell’s Homestyle Soup Pinterest Contest!

If you’ve been following me on Pinterest you may notice I am starting to get into the holiday spirit. Here’s a little round-up of a few of my favorite pins that are getting me nostalgic and feeling festive for the holidays.

home for the holidays contest // campbell's homestyle soup // smitten studioI haven’t lived in Michigan for 8 years, but every time the holidays come around I head back home to the “Mitten State” and to the snow, my family, and my oldest friends. It’s the time of year that you get to slow down and enjoy each others company, take part in traditions and start new ones. You know I am BIG on traditions, so I get a little extra giddy decorating the tree with my mom, taking time to play in the snow until you can’t feel your nose and then warming up by a crackling fire, getting overzealous over board games, and baking traditional holiday treats together. I CAN’T WAIT!

And now here’s your opportunity to get home for the holidays…

I’m partnering with Campbell’s Homestyle soup this holiday season for the Campbell’s Homestyle Takes You Home Pin it to Win it sweepstakes. Check out their video here and then visit from now until 12/16 for a chance to win one of fifteen $500 airline gift cards to help you get home!

To enter select a photo on that reminds you of home (or you can upload one of your own images), then enter your email address, and lastly pin the photo that you picked to your Pinterest board of choice. Easy peasy… good luck!!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Campbell’s Homestyle Soup

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smitten pinning

smitten studio pinsI’m going to let you guys in on a little secret, I never do find the time to match my socks let alone my bra to my undies, I have only had about 10 manicures in my entire life, and while I am at it I might as well confess that if it wasn’t for my husband my house would probably be a mess a lot of the time. But who’s perfect anyway right?

With all that said, I am happy to create my little dream worlds/mood boards on Pinterest and again, I have found beautiful style similarities in what I have been pinning lately. If I was to have matching underthings those would definitely be it, if I was to have a perfectly styled kitchen I sure wouldn’t mind it looking exactly like that, and if I was to have Sarah’s manicure… well finally today I am on top of that (Rupert’s mom came into town last night so I am off his nurse duty for a few days and am getting treated to mani/pedi number 11 for my first afternoon off. woo hoo!)

I do have to say, the bag above and the title “troublemaker” have my name written all over it.

Pinned images: Bralet set // Sarah’s manicure // “troublemaker” // bcbg bag // Heidi Lunsgaard Kitchen

Original sources: Bralet set // Sarah’s manicure // “troublemaker” by Lila Symons // bcbg bag // Heidi Lunsgaard Kitchen

You can me here on pinterest for more virtual pseudo perfectness ;) (I’m @sarahshermansamuel or @ssspins)


smitten on pinning

smitten studio on pinterest

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I have to admit that it took me a long time to get into Pinterest. I struggled (and still do) with how so many things get posted without a link back to the rightful owner of the image or a credit to the artists that were involved. I’ve had some of my images that I’ve styled and photographed be pinned and re-pinned with other designers names as credit which is a little frustrating. (I know I am guilty of not always crediting correctly when in a pinning frenzy but I’m hoping that just saying it out loud will hold me more accountable to always give credit where credit is due.)

Anywayyyy, I started using Pinterest when we began our work on the cabin and that’s when I got addicted. It really has been a great place to organize products and inspiration for a project. I didn’t notice how much it had become a part of my day until I got back from being unplugged in New Zealand to realize I missed all the pinning goodness in my life!

What I especially love is when I look back over all of my pins, I see my aesthetic through commonalities in completely unrelated subjects and without even trying, I see groupings like these that reflect different aspects of my style (maybe based on the moods I’m in?).

smitten studio pinterest

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Whether its common materials, patterns, or a central color palette, it’s fun to see the different moods that subconsciously surface. Do you guys notice these things with your pins?