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Coral Jumpsuit // Style Story I mentioned awhile back about a nail place, here in LA, that also has a color astrologist available to give you your color horoscope while you get your mani. It’s so LA, but also pretty fascinating. She told me the color that suits me the best, and that I should be wearing, is red. I couldn’t help but laugh because I don’t do red. Like in anything! I don’t own one piece of red clothing, I don’t work with the color red, and if you look at my Instagram feed, you won’t even find it in my photos!

I don’t necessarily dislike the color red (unlike purple (sorry purple)), on other people I think it looks great, but it is a strong color that doesn’t jive with my palette. When I told her this she immediately asked me if my mom liked the color red and I said “YES! it is her absolute favorite”! To which she replied that’s why you stay away from it. haha oops. SO basically I have been subconsciously trying not to be like my mother but, in actuality, I am constantly consciously trying to be just like her. So riddle me that?!

Coral Jumpsuit // Style Story Coral Jumpsuit // Style Story Anyway… Rose Theadora and I arrived at a compromise that totally works for me and that is… coral. The orangey-pink sister to red that I can really stand behind is a favorite of mine. And in honor of the new Michael Kors scent, “Coral”, they invited me to share how I incorporate the hue into my life and the answer is, all-the-heck-over…

michael kohrs coral perfume
Coral Jumpsuit // Style Story I have it in my wardrobe – as you see I am continuing on with my streamlined “perfect for the busy gal/mama” one-piece kind of outfits with this coral jumpsuit. P.S. just give me all the jumpsuits.

I have it in my house – in my favorite rugs, HEREHERE and HERE,

I use it on my lips (my go-to lip color),

and now I have it in my scent world via the Coral fragrance. It’s Fresh and Feminine… blending grapefruit, sweet raspberry and warm sandalwood. My mom’s favorite fruit is raspberries and with Coral as the new red, it makes a wonderful and personal mother’s day gift for her and I may just have to get keep one for myself since it’s what the doctor, I mean astrologer ordered.

Jumpsuit by Asos // Necklace from Poketo // Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell // Michael Kors Fragrance in Coral

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

This post was done in partnership with Michael Kors Fragrance, thank you for supporting our sponsors!