A-frame paint debate

a-frame cabin renovation // paint debate This weekend we are heading to our A-frame cabin to work on things (my parents are in town, always two cheers for free labor) and I’m excited to finalize paint plans. We decided to go white! (we used benjamin moore “vapor”). I loved it in a dark color but after painting the Michigan cabin charcoal and our current LA house charcoal, I was ready to switch things up. I also love the contrast of the white on the dark windows, and white in the desert makes a lot more sense for heat sake.

However, we started small with the white, and now I am wondering what else, if anything should go white.


a-frame cabin renovation // paint debateThe eaves were always going to go white, the painters just missed that part, but I can’t help but wonder what it would look like for all the stone to go white too! I have been trying my hardest not to paint the stone, BUT the cabin is such an interesting shape, I can only think that going all monochromatic would highlight the awesome structure an make it a bit more modern. Am I crazy? Do I need to be talked off the paint-everything-white ledge?

Also, to do outside is to get rid of the board below the windows with the zig zag line. It kind of drives me crazy and takes away from the amazing windows. We will be replacing it with just a smooth board.

a-frame cabin renovation // paint debateHere’s a look at the new pergola, as you can see everything is still in progress but, even if we don’t paint the exterior stone white, that stone with the white dot to the right of the door will go white. It is a different type of stone and the mortar/cement lines fills in all the gaps unlike all the rest of the stone. Plus it will be nice to have the entrance be one solid piece of white coming off from the roof.

And now for the interior… since it has been a while, if you want to catch up on how it looked before check this post.

a-frame cabin renovation // paint debate We are finally on the home stretch of the major renovations. A flood which led to a new roof, as well as having to install an entire new sceptic system definitely set us back a bit, so it took a while for our bank accounts to recover from those two MAJOR expenses that we hadn’t planned for. But we are back and ready to get this baby in working order. And FINALLY it is cleaned up a bit so I’m ready to do more of the fun stuff, like finish the kitchen, install lights, and furnish the place!

Now, on the inside we used Behr paint in “polar bear” and I am back to the same idea as outside. Should we or shouldn’t we paint the stone? It is so hard because once you paint, you can’t go back. I love that we saved the only exposed real wood that was in the place and that we definitely won’t be painting but I can’t help but think of how clean it would be with all white aside from the wood.

a-frame cabin renovation // paint debatea-frame cabin renovation // paint debatePlease excuse the photo quality of this post, btw, they are just iphone snaps but I had to get answers! If you remember, this nook off to the side of the fireplace was reddish brown painted wood. It is finally white and I can breath again. I have really tried my hardest to keep the rock, honestly, but I just can’t help thinking of how open and modern it would feel all white. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants but I am curious to hear what you guys think. Is it blasphemy? Or is it just stone?

For all the progress on the a-frame so far check here.

Painting SemiHandmade Kitchen Cabinets

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painting semihandmade kitchen cabinetsWhile our construction crew is working on the plumbing and the drywall in the A-frame kitchen, I went on the hunt with BEHR® Paints and found my perfect shade of green, and as it turns out the color is “Chard” (MQ6-49). With that yummy dark green in hand, I got to work painting the Semihandmade doors and drawer fronts for the cabinets. Hands down the topic I get emailed the most questions about is how exactly I painted our kitchen cabinets in our Los Angeles home. So now that I am doing it all over again in the a-frame, I’m sharing the process this time around.


home progress: paint!

living-room-paintedThe guys finished off the new opening from the living room to the family room and just in time to paint! (remember how it looked before, much improved.)

living room - paintedAhhh white paint. It makes everything look better (you can still see that yellow mocking me from the hallway but don’t worry I will fix him soon). I may be bringing in some other colors down the road and maybe some wallpaper, but for now I’m loving the blank slate.

More after the jump…


progress: exterior paint


A little green, a lot of charcoal, and a new foxy door knocker all make me crazy happy to be rid of the last of that old red paint color! Here it is with its brand spanking new exterior colors.

exterior-cabin-painted-charcoalexterior-cabin-painted 3exterior-cabin-painted-charcoal 4

You will have to excuse the clutter as we are still deep in reno mode. We also still plan on putting the wood up around the chimney like my rendering here. To see the progression of the exterior check here, herehere, and here.

Progress: Exterior Colors


We finally decided on our exterior siding color and Behr’s Cracked Pepper it is! Also, remember the dark or light trim debate from my renderings here? Well, we decided on the darker trim option and then for the front and side doors we are hoping this “Mossy Green” works out. I like the idea of the cabin blending in with its surroundings and the “Cracked Pepper” matches nicely with the bark of the trees that surrounds it and while the green door will be a fun pop of color on the cabin it still matches all the pretty green leaves.

So fingers crossed… it’s a little tricky picking paint colors from 2,000 miles away!