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SSS x Tribe Alive for CAUSEBOX

sss x tribe alive for causebox // block printed table runnerI’m thrilled to share another product collaboration that has just come to fruition! You may remember from my own line when I used to carry table runners in the patterns I created for my napkins and tea towels. I haven’t had them in the shop for a while now so I was thrilled when Tribe Alive contacted me to design one for their involvement in this winter’s CAUSEBOX!

sss x tribe alive for causebox // block printed table runnerIf you aren’t familiar with CAUSEBOX, they are a subscription based company where every season they curate a collection of products that gives back and makes the world better. Their curations include everything from homewares and accessories to skincare and jewelry.

Tribe Alive is a brand that partners with woman all over the world, in this case India, to employ impoverished women at fair-trade wages empowering them to raise themselves out of poverty. Their studios create safe work environments, dependable income, and the power to determine their own future. Their clothing and accessories are also well designed and right in line with my personal aesthetic (like, can I have this bag please?). So, I couldn’t be happier to lend my design hands to these two companies.

In honor of the collaboration, CAUSEBOX dropped by my studio to get a glimpse at my design process and to see the final SSS x Tribe Alive block printed table runner. When designing, I usually start out with some hand drawn sketches to get some ideas flowing and then I take it to the computer to explore shapes and patterns further. For this collaboration I came up with a couple different designs and after narrowing down colors and options, we finally landed on the one you see here!

I was able to use it this year for our thanksgiving table which I failed to get many photos of because I did have a week old newborn at the time, but it also works great as a wall hanging when you aren’t entertaining. I simple used a wooden dowel, folded the runner over the dowel and tied yarn to each end and done!

Find out more about the winter CAUSEBOX with the SSS x Tribe Alive table runner here.

Photos by Michael Newsted


wall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlaI’m thrilled to add another exclusive SSS collaboration to my shop, just in time for the holidays, and even more excited that it is with local LA artist Cindy Zell of WKNDLA. We worked together to create two wall hangings using the materials she incorporates into her work on a regular basis and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Natural fibers, wood, and brass = all the yeses.

I first came across Cindy’s work when a friend gifted me one of her pieces, and then I continued to see her work around town at some of my favorite spaces… Consort, and then finally again in the Parachute Hotel. In addition to creating small scale home decor pieces she also makes wearable art (aka, necklaces, earrings, pins) as well as large scale installation pieces like the one I am obsessed with at Parachute (below).

Parachute Hotel Photos by Nicki Sebastian

Cindy left her job as senior display coordinator at Anthropolgie in 2015 to put her immense talent into her own line WKNDLA and it has been so wonderful to watch her work evolve over the last couple years.  Her sculptural pieces explore gravity’s influence on form and all her work is inspired by elemental forms, shapes, and colors collected from the work of pioneering artists, design movements, architecture, and nature. The result is a stunning body of work that is clean, modern, and geometric, making it a perfect fit for an SSS collaboration.

wall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlawall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlawall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlawall hanging sarah sherman samuel x wkndlaWe created two sizes, one with ivory tassels and one with blush. Both incorporate walnut wooden beads and brass tubing that is hand cut, bent, soldered & polished. The ivory wall hanging also features a half moon made of spalted maple. Purchase the limited edition wall hangings in the shop now!

Ivory Wall Hanging // Blush Wall Hanging

To read more about all of our SSS collaborations check here.

sanity in a sock with owlet

owlet baby monitor // sarah sherman samuelOnce in awhile you come across a new product that is life changing and you want to shout about it from the rooftops, “HELLO HELLO LOOK AT THIS!”, and the new Owlet Monitor is one of those goodies, in a major way. In short, it is a smart sock for your baby, which sends an alert to a base station, as well as your mobile phone, if your infant’s heart rate is out of the ordinary or if their oxygen level dips too low. The technology is actually nothing new, it’s that same idea behind that thing that clips onto your finger when you are in the hospital, but made in a tiny (adorable) cordless sock for babies and for everyday use at home.

owlet baby monitor // sarah sherman samuelowlet baby monitor // sarah sherman samuelI wish we had the sock from the very beginning, as I don’t know how many hours we spent obsessively staring at the video monitor to check for breathing and around 6 months, before Archer was really able to roll over easily (with his giant head), he started getting into the habit of falling asleep literally face planted right into the mattress. It drove us crazy! It used to feel like A LOT of work getting this kiddo to nap so the last thing we wanted to do was go in and wake him up. More often than not, we would end up heading in there and just pray he wouldn’t wake up as we turned his head to the side or flipped him. We had about a 50/50 success rate, which just added to the frustration. And if that wasn’t enough, around the same age, we figured he was old enough to give a “lovie” so we introduced him to a small knitted blanket that my mom made and he loved it. We were so happy he attached himself to it so quickly and it really did seem to help him sleep better. BUT then… he began to completely wrap it around his head like tiny turban, covering his entire face. WHY ARE BABIES SO WEIRD?! Again, we would wake up a million times a night checking to see if he had his face covered and sometimes moving the blanket aside. We ended up getting my mom to knit an even tinier blanket (about the size of a washcloth) so there was no longer a possible wrapping face situation, but we never stopped obsessing.

AND THEN, along came Owlet and with it, better sleep for us. Now, I know I will be alerted if his blankie is hindering his breathing, or if that face-plant actually needs to be rectified or not. Really, I am excited technology like this exists and I am so happy to have this platform to be able to pass it along. It is something that has given me a little more peace of mind, a lot less hours spent obsessing and staring at a video monitor (of course I still do here and there but only to relish in the adorable-ness not to look for the rise and fall of a tiny chest), and an extra watchful eye, because babies do weird things and new mamas (and papas) tend to worry.

Owlet is offering SSS readers $10 off a monitor by clicking here – the price is automatically updated to reflect the promotion.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Archer’s pajamas from Old Navy

introducing sss product collaborations

sarah sherman samuel x melanie abrantes // cake standsI am thrilled to announce the first of a special series of SSS product collaborations. This has been in a works for a while now, so it kind of feels like I am sending my babies off to college, but dang it… they are ready. I am teaming up with other makers and artists to co-create some limited edition objects that will be sold exclusively in the Sarah Sherman Samuel shop and first up are these gorgeous wooden cake stands.

I haven’t turned wood since high school, so together with Melanie Abrantes (wood & cork turning extraordinaire) we brought these beauties to life. I drew up the three styles, the geometric shapes giving a modern twist to a traditional item, and Melanie hand turned them from solid wood. In a nutshell… they’re my design, by her hands. We only made a small batch of them, so head on over to the shop for something truly unique.

sarah sherman samuel x melanie abrantes // cake standssarah sherman samuel x melanie abrantes // cake standsAs I’ve grown quite used to working alone, it has been wonderful to team up with other artists to see what we can create together. Now enough about me, here’s a bit more about Melanie and her beautiful craft…  READ MORE

A Sunny Afternoon – new basket!

a sunny afternoon new picnic basket Happy Memorial Day weekend guys! I hope you will be BBQing and Picnicking to your hearts content. I released a new basket over on A Sunny Afternoon today! It has the same outer basket but is wearing a new outfit, aka a green & white gingham lining. It’s just a little glimpse into all sorts of new goods to come this summer. Enjoy the long weekend. x

Picnic Basket, Napkins, and Serving Board by A Sunny Afternoon

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel