from the weekend: moving & shopping

8.19.13-weekendMoving day came a little too quick, we were just not quite ready. So, we packed and moved and packed and moved all weekend. Since there are a lot of things we want to do to the house before we move our stuff in, most everything we own got packed into the garage. It took all day to get everything moved over and into the new garage and then all day the next day to try and find the boxes that hold our everyday items. You know like underwear and shoes. By the end of the second day we both started getting a little slap happy and our brains started slipping. Rupert lost his wallet for a few hours until I found it in the city trash bin at the front of the house and I decided who needs shoes when you have a floral crown!

I did get a chance to ditch the boxes and head out for a little retail therapy. I found those lovely patio chairs for the new yard at HD Buttercup.

Happy Monday.

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

we sold our place and bought a house!

packing // smitten studioExciting changes are happening over here! I am stoked to finally share that we have sold our townhouse and bought a little house (with a yard, yayyy) here in LA. It has been in the works for quite some time now, but with how things have gone for us en route to selling and buying… I didn’t want to share anything about it until the deal was done, done, DONE. To give you the short version… the market in our neighborhood (and in LA in general) is pretty nuts. Like, our current place wasn’t even on the market and we had a few offers come in the door. We accepted one offer and quickly found a place to rent but before we could move, the buyer backed out and the deal fell through. In the beginning, we couldn’t decide if we really wanted to sell but after having sold it in our minds and then being bummed out when it fell though, we realized we really were ready, so we listed it. This time it sold for real, just two days after listing.

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan. Sometimes I forget, but in hindsight I am always amazed. When we sold our place we had no idea where we would move. We negotiated a one month lease back into our contract, which basically means that after closing we get to stay in our current place for one month, giving us the extra time to find a new place. Our house hunt began. We went to what feels like a million open houses and put offers on 4 different properties in the end. We were really excited about one house and made what we thought was a really good offer the first day they were accepting them. That house ended up getting 12 offers that day, with 4 of them being all cash. We didn’t stand a chance.

Through all of this, there was a house for sale in our ideal location that we had walked past a million times, but it was out of our price range so we hadn’t even considered it. Lucky for us, it was on the market for a few weeks and hadn’t sold so they dropped the price. Even luckier for us, we knew the owners and was able to strike up a deal directly with them, saving time and money by not having to use a realtor on our end. (happy dance.) Oh and major bonus… we closed on the new house one week before we have to be out of our current place, giving us a week to move. Perfect timing.

So… my tips for buying and selling in LA? 1. Don’t fret, what will be will be. (I didn’t take this advice and was a major stress bucket until all was said and done… which seems silly now since everything worked out so well) 2. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride. So many ups and so many downs. 3. Do loads of research so you are educated with what houses really are worth in your area. (this helped us a ton, with managing our expectations and knowing when to walk from a deal or not). 4. it really is true what they say… “location, location, location” 5. Marry a super charming gregarious husband that makes friends wherever he goes so that you can buy a house from one of his friends. What, that one not so helpful? ;)

I know this is A LOT more writing then I usually do, so high five if you made it this far. You want to know the best part about our new place? It is an old fixer so you know I have big plans for it. It will be like the cabin project all over again. :) More on the new place soon!

from the weekend: moving day & announcement

weekend 12.3 empty shelvesThis photo is actually from Friday but it sums up the rest of the weekend as well. I cleaned out my space at Greenroom/Clementine Paper not only because the company is moving across town but also because I will no longer be working there full-time. Yep! … as of today (after 5 years) I am leaving my position as Creative Director at Greenroom to make the leap to freelance and to build my own brand. I will still be contributing over there but at a smaller capacity so that I can spend more time here on Smitten Studio and be able to take advantage of other exciting opportunities.

I said a big thank you on Instagram but I also want to especially thank all of you readers here that support and encourage me with your comments and emails. Making this jump in my career would much harder without you.

Image from my Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)