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Master Bedroom Update & Design

Who’s ready for a #samuelfamilyfixer mini recap? I feel like it has been so long I forgot where we left off. Turns out moving across the country after having a second child and then doing a gut renovation is A LOT. ha Pile on a ton of work and a new lack of childcare and you’ve got yourself a tornado of change. If you haven’t been around here or following on IG, this is where we are at. A little over a year ago we bought a house off the internet… knowing it was a fixer and loving the bones we made the leap and moved to Michigan with our newly expanded family of 4. We moved into the fixer pre-renovations for 5 months, then we moved to a rental house for the heavy construction for 5 months. When we moved back into the fixer it was about 70% finished. To save money and get the most renovation bang for our buck we opted to do most all of the finish work ourselves. So in any of our free time (between work and kids and a lot of help ) while I could have been choosing furniture and lighting and art I was installing kitchen cabinets, shelving, trim etc. So, here we are 5 more months after we moved back in (that is 15 months all together if you are keeping track) I have finally started to get to furnishing this place!

I posted the photo above on IG a couple weeks back and I am so happy you guys were loving the dresser as much as me. If you’ve read the blog a time or two You know that I turn to Wayfair V often, at this point I feel like I am a professional Wayfair scout especially when I find pieces like this.

You might notice that the base is slightly different (many of you asked about this in my stories) I simply opted not to add the legs that came with it. I loved it sitting lower to the ground and you know I am a serial furniture hacker so I couldn’t help it.

The rest of the room has yet to get pulled together IRL but here are some more things I snagged from Wayfair, including linen bedding in the prettiest blush from their Elder & Ivory line. They have curtains and pillows and throw blankets as well, it is their own line of curated premium linens.

I’ve basically designed the entire house around the original wood ceiling and the bedroom was no exception. I wanted the space to still be light and bright so outside of the wood ceiling it is all various shades of white with a little bit of blush. We even did white tile floors. The key to a mostly white room… bring in allll the soft layers to cozy it up. I can’t wait to get everything installed and finish this space off soon!

Shop the Look: Dresser // Full Length Mirror // Vase // Sweatpants, sweatshirt // Lumbar Pillows // Blush Linen Duvet Cover set // Bed // Side Table (using as a nightstand) // Wall Hanging // Lamp // Throw Blanket (it comes in other pretty colors too) // Curtains // Blush Linen Sheet Set

diy woven wall hanging

DIY woven wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelI updated a few things in our master bedroom recently since Archie thought it was a fun game to try and rip the black and white print we had above the bed off the wall. He finally succeeded and we were without anything up there for a while but then I got this idea, a tasseled, woven, wall art of an idea. You may have caught a few shots of it on instagram and I got a lot of inquiries about it, so today I’m sharing how I made it!

DIY woven wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelDIY woven wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelDIY woven wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelDIY WOVEN WALL HANGING

Supplies Needed:
– I used this rug as the base
White Jute Twine (I used 12 rolls)
– A small screwdriver (that is what I used but a crochet hook or an oversize needle would be way easier, I am always just grabbing what I have in mind and making things up as I go. Hindsight is a wonderful thing).
– A few small finish nails

Step 1: Make the tassels. SO MANY TASSELS (for tassel making instructions see this DIY post here). I made these ones longer, using a 9″ square to wrap the twine around, but the process is the same.

Step 2: Lay the rug out on the floor and draw yourself some guidelines with a pencil to follow.

DIY woven wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelStep 3: Start from the bottom and lay out the first line of tassels where you’d like to attache them.

DIY woven wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelStep 4: Using a screwdriver (or crochet hook etc) poke the loose ends of the top of the tassel through the rug, spacing them about 1/5″ apart.

Step 5: Move your hands to the underside of the rug and knot the two pieces of twine together, securing the tassel to the rug.

Step 6: Work your way up the rug making sure to stagger the tassels so they don’t line up and it looks a little random.

DIY woven wall hanging // sarah sherman samuelStep 7: Using 4 or 5 finish nails secure the rug to the wall but hammering a nail right through the run and into the wall.

And that is it! With all the twine I had to buy, this wasn’t an inexpensive DIY but it is exactly what I had in mind and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I have to say, making that many tassels was quite therapeutic and attaching them was oddly extremely satisfying. Soooo…who wants one?!

Sources: Bed (was an old west elm that I reupholstered. DIY here) // Custom Dyed Bedding by Flaneur // Wall Art DIY by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Bench by CB2 // Rug from // Nightstands by West Elm // Sconces by Cedar and Moss // Pendant is vintage find similar here // Vases from West Elm

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

For more posts on our LA home and to see the process of our renovations check here. 

master bedroom / nursery nook makeover

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelLast week I introduced you to my Nursery/Master Bedroom project for Max & Margaux Wanger and I’m thrilled to share the full final tour.

Margaux and Max were expecting their second child and reached out to me to help them transform their master bedroom into a finished space for them as well as carve out a special place for the new baby. We ended up transforming the closet into to a nursery nook and designed the rest of the room to be a calming space that reflected Max and Margaux’s modern-minimal-artful lives. First up is their side of the room…

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuel16Max, being an incredible photographer, has probably the best collection of family photos anyone has ever seen so we created a gallery wall that they can add on to when the new Wanger arrives.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelThe room is filled with personal touches, handmade pieces like the wall hanging from Boho Loft, the knit baby blanket from Yarn Works Co. and the mobile I created for them myself. I also designed them a bench that was custom made for the tight space and sits at the foot of the bed.


Bed by CB2 // Bedding by Parachute // Pillows by Loom Goods // Moroccan Pom Blanket // Wall Hanging by Boho Loft // Sconces by Schoolhouse Electric // Rug from // Bench is custom // Curtains from Urban Outfitters // Curtain Rods from West Elm // Nightstands from West Elm // Sheepskin rug // Photo Framing by Simply Framed // Plant is a Dracaena Lisa // Basket // Wooden Bowl from Midland

nursery nook in master bedroom closet // sarah sherman samuelMeanwhile, on the other side of the room, we transformed their closet into a little nursery nook. I really wanted to make the baby space feel special (and not like we just stuck the baby in a closet) so wallpaper was the answer. The black and white animal print has just the right amount of whimsy for baby but the illustrative style and monochromatic palette fits in seamlessly with the rest of the room as well.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelWe had the long floating shelf custom made to match the two small floating shelves I found at Target. Soft white baskets supply a lot of easy reach storage as well as the large lidded floor baskets.

master bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelcloset turned into a nursery // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom nursery makeover for max & margaux wanger // sarah sherman samuelOne of Max’s art prints titled “Mother & Child” sits above the changing table. The Stokke Crib is such a beautiful space saver that will grow with the baby with attachment parts, I love the round design and finally one of my original mobiles hangs above it, completing the space.


Wallpaper by Chasing Paper // Crib by Stokke // Shelves from Target (long one is custom made // White baskets from Amazon // Lidded Baskets // Changing Table/Dresser // Art Print by Max Wanger // Framing by Simply Framed //  Changing Pad Cover  // Pom Pom Blanket by Yarn Works Co.  // Stuffed Bunny by Walnut Animal Society

master bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelJust outside of the bedroom we wanted to give Margaux a space to be able to nurse and rock the new baby while also watching their older son so we created a mama station in their existing playroom. Using Max’s pink cloud print as a jumping off point, I made the rest of the space bright and open, layering soft textural pieces like the woven blanket, soft ottoman and sheepskin rug. Hanging planters brought in some kid proof greenery (anything they can’t reach is considered kid proof in my book), baskets serve as more easy access storage, and how about that beautiful rocker? I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours here.

master bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelmaster bedroom / nursery makeover // sarah sherman samuelThere are so many things that can feel unsettled and chaotic when you bring a new baby home and being able to give Max & Margaux a special space that is ready for the new family member will hopefully make that transition just a bit easier. If you want to get a take a peek at the before photos check last week’s post here.

x sarah


Rocking Chair // Hanging Planters // Pouf/Ottoman // Baby Gym // Side Table // Terra Cotta Lamp // Cloud Print by Max Wanger // Framing by Simply Framed // Large Sheepskin Rug  // Ceramic Dish by Jen E. Ceramics // Bud Vase by Humble Ceramics

Photos by Max Wanger

Master Bedroom + Small Space Nursery

One of my favorite photographers Max Wanger and his wife Margaux were expecting their second child (spoiler: she arrived last week and she is ADORABLE) when they turned to me to help them make a new room for baby while also giving their master bedroom an overhaul. The main issue was a shortage on space. They have a two bedroom house where the other bedroom is already claimed by their first son Dash. Margaux wanted to keep the new baby in their bedroom but also give her her own space so we set out to gut the closet and turn it into a nursery nook.

Without giving too much away here is a peek at a few pieces that I chose for the space…

gender neutral small space nursery design // sarah sherman samuel Since it is an extension of the master bedroom, I wanted to keep the color palette fairly neutral. After all, they are all sharing the space so I wanted it to appeal to everyone. The wallpaper I found has the perfect balance of whimsy for the baby and the black and white palette and illustrative style ensures it doesn’t look too juvenile. Natural elements like wood, soft wool, and sheepskin, anchored by a vintage rug set the tone for what will be the new master bedroom/nursery.

And now for a peek at the before photos… READ MORE

DIY Cotton Lumbar Pillow

This post is an advertisement by Cotton.

DIY chambray lumbar pillow // Sarah Sherman SamuelI love the simplicity of one long accent pillow on a bed, it feels finished without being fussy and makes making the bed extra easy.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect extra-long lumbar pillow basically ever since I made our headboard (2 years-ish ago), but none have really jumped out at me, so I rolled up my DIY sleeves and got to it.

DIY Tasseled Chambray Lumbar Pillow

Supplies Needed:
1 yard of fabric – I used a cotton chambray
Sewing machine
Embroidery Needle
Cardboard or thick card stock
Pillow Insert

To get started, we made the pillow cover first…

  1. Cut the yard of fabric into three pieces. 1 measuring 14″x36″ and 2 measuring 14″x20″. I’ve created a diagram below to outline the steps as the pillow is so large it is hard to see the details and fit it all in one photo.


2. On the two 14″x20″ pieces of fabric use a sewing machine (or by hand if you are really patient) to sew a hem on one of the short sides (illustrated by the green dashed line in figure #1).

3. Overlap panel A over Panel B (face up, with the two hemmed edges facing each other) until the two panels together measure the same dimensions of the one 14″ x 36″ panel (illustrated in figure #2).

4. Layer the top panel, face down, over panel A and panel B. Sew around the perimeter leaving 1/3rd of an inch around the edge. The panels should be facing inward so once you’ve sewn it, the cover will essentially be inside out.

5. The finished cover should be at least .5″ to 1″ smaller than the measurements of the pillow insert. This way once you stuff it, it will be nice and full and not sad and droopy.

Now on to the tassels!

tassels-diy 1. Cut a piece of cardboard or thick cardstock to a 3″ square. (I used one of my son’s Magna-Tiles® because it was handy and already a 3″ square). Wrap your yarn around the board in taut loops 50 times. (You can wrap it less for a less full tassel but I wanted a short and robust tassel).

2. Slide the wound thread off the board and lie it on a 6″ piece of thread.

3. Tie the loose thread around the middle of the looped thread.

4. Pull ends of the 6″ thread upward and the wound threads downward. Cut another piece of 6″ thread and tie it around the looped thread creating the head of the tassel.

5. Cut the looped ends and trim them all to the same length. Tuck the loose ends of the thread at the neck of the tassel into the body of the tassel.

tassels-640Now do this 11 more times! (I made three for each corner).

sew-tassels-on copy6. Use the tie-off threads and a needle to attach the tassels to the corners of the pillow cover.

cross-stitch-plus7. Once you have all the tassels attached, re-thread your needle with a piece of yarn and tie a knot at the end. Starting from the inside of the pillow bring the needle and yarn out and back in, creating a small +. Tie the yarn off in a knot, trim it and start again to create the pattern of +’s.

DIY-lumbar-pillow26408. And finally, stuff the pillow! I used this 14” x 36” pillow insert.

DIY chambray lumbar pillow DIY-lumbar-pillow4-640DIY chambray lumbar pillowI find king sized beds can be harder to style but this lumbar pillow makes it pretty fool proof. I kept it pretty minimal to let that yummy chambray fabric shine and just like my favorite pair of jeans, the cotton denim brings a relaxed but still stylish element to help complete the overall look.

Shop the post:
Nightstands by West Elm // Curtains DIY dyed, from Ikea // Curtain Rod from West Elm // Sconces by Cedar & Moss // Flower Print by Debbie Carlos  // Rug from // Pendant Lamp from a vintage shop, find new: Octo Pendant by Secto // Bedding by Parachute // Bed from West Elm (I re-upholstered it, DIY here) // Paint color is Snowfall by Behr // Leather Bench from CB2

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

bedroom e-design giveaway

master bedroom e-design giveaway // sarah sherman samuelWell we are fast approaching Archer’s first birthday so I figured it was time to remove the bassinet (sniffle sniffle). I am still in search of the perfect bench or stools for the base of the bed to fill the void in my heart room from where the cradle was, but I’ve added a couple new additions, of the accessory kind, like these loomgoods pillows and this blanket that I am obsessed with (it’s from Anthro but I am sorry to say it is sold out).

Anywayyyy, the real reason for this post is to share that in honor of hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram, I am giving away a free bedroom E-design! Despite the negativity around social media, I have found instagram to still be a wonderful source of inspiration, community, and a beautiful lifeline to the outside world while being a (sometimes) hermit who often works alone. Some of my best “in real life” friendships have come out of initially connecting through Instagram, true story!

master-bedroom-sarahshermansamuel4640master bedroom e-design giveaway // sarah sherman samuel07bedroom-sarahshermansamuel 04bedroom-sarahshermansamuelmaster-bedroom-sarahshermansamuel3So what does an E-design entail you might ask, well it is me designing your space remotely. I send you a questionnaire and get down to the nitty gritty of your style and you send me pictures and measurements of the room, we chat, you tell me your hopes and dreams (for the space, that is) then I do the space planning, and furniture and accessory selections.  Your takeaway is a floorplan outlining the new layout, a final design board (something like this) and links to find/purchase each item prescribed.

To enter just… 1. Instagram the top photo from this post (or find it in my IG feed to regram) or post an image of a dream bedroom, or your own bedroom.
2. Tag me in the caption @sarahshermansamuel and feel free to tell me why you need a room makeover
3. Hashtag it with #sarahdesignmyroom #contest

That’s it! see you over on Instagram x

Product Sources: Duvet Cover set by Parachute // Blanket from Anthro (old) // Nightstands by West Elm // Curtains DIY dyed, from Ikea // Curtain Rod from West Elm // Sconces by Cedar & Moss // Flower Print by Debbie Carlos  // Rug from // Pendant Lamp from a vintage shop, find new: Octo Pendant by Secto // Bed from West Elm (I re-upholstered it, DIY here) // Paint color is Snowfall by Behr // Pillows from Loongoods // Dresser is Vintage from Sunbeam Vintage // Hexagon plant stand from One Kings Lane // Mouse Print from Mini & Maximus //Jewelry Boxes from West Elm

Images by sarah sherman samuel