mandy moore office

Mandy Moore’s office reveal

Mandy Moore's production company office at Paramount Studios // sarah sherman samuel

Mandy Moore just started her own production company and the office space she leased at Paramount Studios was a little sad (if you missed my first post, jump here to see what we started with), so I was thrilled when she enlisted me to help her “give it a vibe”. A vibe we gave her, and while it’s a bit more bold than what we did in her house, it still shares a similar palette of blush, ochre, blues, a lot of white and warm wood tones, and you’ll see a similar thread of vintage, mixed with custom pieces, mixed with traditional retail goods. It leans more post-modern, than her mid-mod home and even has a bit of pop culture mixed in. It was a great opportunity to have a bit more fun in her workspace as we would hope it would energize and inspire her during the day and then she can wind down in her serene oasis of a home at night. SO without further ado… here she is!