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Mandy Moore’s Laundry Room

You guys… I’ve been waiting for this day to come for over a year now! Today is the day I get to share the first finished space of the Moore house, and while you might think the laundry room might be a funny place to start, just wait until you see how gorgeous this laundry room is! Electrolux helped Emily Farnham and I make some magic happen in this space. Also, we’ve waited so long for the full house reveal why not build a little more suspense. ;)

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelRaise your hand if you also want to live in Mandy Moore’s laundry room?

Just after Mandy purchased the home, we did our first walk-through together and the laundry room was one of a few sad spaces in the once incredible Harold B. Zook designed mid-century modern home. The house was renovated in the early 90’s with clashing traditional features like crown moulding and raised panel cupboards (like you will see in the laundry before photos) and Emily and I worked together to bring the house into this century while keeping in mind it’s mid-century past. The former laundry room was cramped and bare bones basic. It had white walls, white cabinets and your average run of the mill 12×12 floor tile.

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelMandy actually loves doing laundry, so we wanted to make the room a place she would want to spend some time in and it is right off the kitchen so all the more reason to make it a statement all on its own. She had a few requirements… one was a place to be able to hang dry clothing, another was a good amount of space for folding, and the third was to make it beautiful. I also added to the must have list, closed storage, a statement wallpaper, and a sink.

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuel We found the perfect slim sink and black shower rods that we repurposed as a place for Mandy and Taylor to hang dry items. The matte black version of the hardware I designed for Park Studio (Mandy got the very first black prototypes!) and the faucet add to the wallpaper to create the bold graphic look.

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelMandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelI also wanted to add just a few natural elements sprinkled throughout the space to give a touch of warmth like the wood shelf, the natural basket and wood hangers.

And now to remind you what was there before…

Immediately we knew we wanted to swap the sink and laundry machine’s locations and make the space bigger so we borrowed about a foot of space from the pantry on the other side, by moving the wall over, which made a world of difference (insert me for scale. ha). Now there is ample counter space for folding, room to maneuver and the Electrolux machines have their custom cubbies to take center stage while blending seamlessly with the design. They even match the room’s color palette perfectly. And aside from being clean and modern looking I know Mandy is excited about having her clothes and linens Electrolux clean.

Mandy and I are going to be doing a Facebook Live on the Electrolux channel June 5! at 8 p.m. CT (6 p.m. PST) so be sure to tune in TONIGHT!

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Photos by Tessa Neustadt

Product Sources:
Washing Machine from Electrolux // Dryer from Electrolux // Custom Cabinetry // Black Hardware by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Park Studio // Canisters from West Elm // Sink  // Hanging Poles from The Mine // Faucet from Signature Hardware // Wallpaper by Fornasetti  // Basket

My Dress is by Christy Dawn x Midland 

This post was done in partnership with Electrolux, all thoughts, designs and ideas are my own. 

laundry room tour, before & after

finished-laundry-tour4-640Things are moving and shaking over at our A-frame cabin. We jetted over there last week to check on our new roof (!) and I shot the finished laundry room while we were at it. It’s the only space that is complete. It’s kind of a funny place to start, but renovations are full of surprises and hey, it feels so good to have one room in the bag. When we bought the place, the washer and dryer were broken and full of standing water, which was just one of the fun surprises we happened on. I worked with Electrolux to give this room an overhaul and get it back into a functional place to care for our clothes and linens. Just wait until you see the before photo!


A-frame Laundry Style

Laundry Room Renovation ProgressLast week I shared a bit about the design of the laundry room in the a-frame, and as you know from our LA home, I don’t like to short change a laundry room. I love giving what can often be a neglected space a little extra oomph with special touches like wallpaper and in this case we also didn’t hold back on the actual machines.

I worked with Electrolux who upped the style and the functionality of the a-frame laundry room and I’m excited to share a peek into the work-in-progress as well as the summer wardrobe staples they help me care for.


A-frame Laundry Plans

laundry room plans I’m moving through our a-frame cabin, designing one room at a time and next up is the laundry room! It is actually bigger than the one we have in our LA house and I’m excited to bring a little style to what was possibly the scariest room in the house (it was a close race between the laundry room and the bathroom, see the befores here).

I had some wallpaper custom printed from one of my designs (which you might recognize from the shop), found the perfect vintage rug, am going dark with the machines and cabinetry, and will be utilizing natural colored accents with a hint of brass to finish off the space.

Also… wallpaper update… I have been getting a lot of questions about when my wallpaper will be available for purchase and the answer is hopefully very soon! Like before the end of the year soon. Stay tuned…

Shop the Look: wallpaper by sarah sherman samuel // Wall Sconce from Cedar & Moss // Washer and dryer by Electrolux // Cabinets by Ikea // Wood Ladder by Sarah Sherman Samuel (see the DIY here) // Leather baskets by Commune for West Elm // Dust Pan and Brush // Vintage Rug from Frances Loom // Hardware from Anthropologie // Towels from Ikea 


Laundry room update

laundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuelOur laundry room is starting to shape up to the room of my dreams! In case you missed it… we started from scratch with this room. Previously the washer and dryer was directly next to the dishwasher and in the same cubby room as the refrigerator as well. We knocked down the wall dividing that room from the rest of the kitchen to make the kitchen larger and then added on this small room off the back for a separate laundry room. Until now, the room remained a little white box receiving none of the love that we gave to the rest of the house.

laundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuellaundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuelI’d like to think we made up for it by going all out with this stunning wallpaper. The best part is how you see it peeking through the doorway from the kitchen and the green of the leaves in the paper compliments the green of our base cabinets (which is called “pigeon” by Farrow & Ball).

laundry room renovation // sarah sherman samuelWe also installed a base cabinet, from Ikea, to house laundry detergent and various cleaning supplies (you can see it in the top photo) and we customized a walnut butcher block (it is the oversized one that is usually meant for a kitchen island, also from Ikea) by cutting it down to fit wall to wall in the space and create a nice surface to fluff and fold.

To finish the space off I’d still like to put up some shelves, have some kind of hanging storage, and find a rug. Getting close though…

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Wallpaper by Ellie Cashman // Butcher Block from Ikea // Cake Stands from Sarah Sherman Samuel

Laundry Room Plans

laundry plansThe last room of the house to get any kind of love is the laundry room. Poor, poor laundry rooms. Even though we started from the ground up with ours, it has been a plain white box with a washer, dryer, and a collection of crap that slowly grew over the last year or so. Even when I was searching on pinterest for pretty laundry rooms I came up fairly empty handed (with the exception of this one… I mean WOW). Our laundry room opens up right into the kitchen… so I’m looking to make it a special space that looks like the rest of the house, instead of what has been incredibly mundane.

First things first… THAT WALLPAPER. Ellie Cashman, created the gorgeous jumbo sized floral wallpaper and the colors are just like woah. You may have seen on instagram, that it recently went up. I couldn’t wait to share. My inspiration board is above and now the rest of the plans are to… unstack the washer and dryer, put some sort of countertop over it, build some shelves, find some hanging storage (those hooks are to die for but $$$), and create some closed storage.

It is hard matching the functionality and reality of what a laundry room is with a stunning space but dang it, I’m going to try.

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Ceiling light by Cedar & Moss // Wallpaper by Ellie Cashman // Wire Baskets // Wall Hook by Lawson Fenning // Turkish Towels