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home before tour: bedrooms

Continuing on with the “before” tour are the bedrooms. Basically there are two identical bedrooms (one’s just a bit smaller) and they are both a little yellow box with two windows each.

bedroom-beforeIs it just me or does it look like a scary monster face in those curtains?

bedroom-before2 bedroom-before3As you can probably see, these rooms are tiny and there is no way in heck we are fitting our king bed in here, and a queen would still be really pushing it (well, actually right now we do have our king bed in here and we can’t open the closet all the way even with the bed pushed against the wall). After the jump you will notice that a crib is basically the only bed fitting into this room at this size.

So, the plan here is to extend one of the bedrooms into the backyard. We don’t want to cut too far into the backyard, so we will only be adding a few feet to the bedroom (as well as a new bathroom). The main idea is that once we are finished we will at least have room to fit a nightstand on each side of a bed.

One thing we will be keeping for sure are the doors and the trim. I love the simple three panels on the doors and think they suit the house just right.

A peek at the back of the house (its yellow too!) and the bedroom, how we first saw it, is after the jump…


home before tour: bathroom

Next up in the “before” tour  is the bathroom (the quotes due to the fact that this is really the current state of the bathroom, like the rest of the tour, but all will eventually be the before photos).

bathroom-beforebathroom-beforeshower and tub-beforePlease notice the three different shades of pink tiles that range from peach to pepto-bismol pink. :)

The hexagon floor tiles are actually pretty great but they show a lot of wear with chips and stains so they will eventually have to go along with everything else in this room. Our plan is to add a bathroom into the house before updating the current one though, so this room may be the very last to be renovated. We will see how the budget shakes out by then. For now it is a clean and working bathroom, it could definitely be worse!

To see the rest of the “before” tour look here.

home “before” tour: kitchen & dining

Rupe and I had such a great experience re-doing the cabin that we wanted to find a home in LA that we could also really make our own. After a long house search and riding the LA real estate roller coaster we finally landed on a little bungalow in our favorite neighborhood.

So, here we go again.

First up on the what will later be called the “before” tour is the kitchen and dining area…

kitchen before - empty
which is a bit rough right now. Mis-matched countertops can look great but in this case? not so much.

kitchen before - emptyThe cabinets were custom built and original to the house but they are in reaaally rough shape. At this point I’m not sure if we will try and salvage what is there by refinishing them or put in all new. Oh so many decisions to come.

kitchen before - emptyWe are so glad that the original hardwood floors are in pretty good nick and go throughout the rest of the house (with the exception of a carpeted addition that I’ll get to later, eek).

dining room beforeOur old townhouse had high ceilings, wide open spaces, and rooms that in comparison to our new bungalow now seem enormous. Most all of our furniture doesn’t even fit in these smaller rooms but we are going to do our best to open things up, add on a little space, and get this cozy house feeling like home.

Take a look after the jump for the really real before photos (ie what we saw when we went into the house for the first time). READ MORE