house update: patio doors & kitchen demo (round 2)

new patio doors // renovation Our new patio doors are in (yay!), the trash pile is now taller then me, and the exterior is ready for stucco. Meanwhile on the inside….


home progress: plans & demo

kitchen demo planHere is a look at how we want to open things up to the kitchen.

When we were searching for a house we saw so many where the kitchen was its own separate tiny room in the very back of the house that we thought we were just going to have to settle for that and be oh so sad. But then… we walked into this house where the kitchen was only separated by a silly little wall. With just a little easy demo (we hope) the space will become that more open and inclusive kitchen, living, & dining space that we weren’t ready to fully give up on.

So here we go!

kitchen progress demoS*#& is flying over here as the demo is in full swing in both the kitchen and the living / family room. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when we were doing all this for the cabin (Is renovation addiction a real thing? I think I’ve got it).

See all of the progress so far and our plans after the jump.