cole & sons

cabin progress: bedroom wallpaper

wallpaper-bedroom-cole-and-sonsWe tackled a little DIY wallpaper project last trip so things are actually starting to look a little something like my bedroom plan here.

installing-wallpaperI have been holding on to this Cole & Sons wallpaper for almost 5 years now so it is nice to finally have the perfect place to put it up! I know it has been seen and done many times before but it really is just soo good that I don’t mind. :)

The process of putting up the wallpaper was easier then you might think. My mom assisted me, and we had it up in no time (well, almost… it took us a couple hours), and it turned out great. It is amazing to me how big of a difference it makes in the room. If you ever feel like taking this on yourself there are some great detailed instructions here. Or, if you are like me… I like to hear the steps boiled down to the very basic before jumping into a project.

So, see how I did it after the jump: