the perfect white & DIY nursery shelves

The perfect white paint // DIY shelves // sarah sherman samuelI can’t even count how many times I’ve been asked which white paint I used in our house, in our living room, in our bedroom, in the nursery … you get the idea. So, I am dedicating this post to the all important perfect white. A good white is SO much harder to find than one would think and I have painted a LOT of whites. Some are too yellow, some too blue, and some can even be too blinding bright. What I look for in a good white is its neutrality, and not too bright but not too dark. In other words… I don’t like my whites looking dirty or showing some weird color casts.

I found my white soul mate (I mean the paint, not Rupert) in “snow fall” by Behr. Throughout the house, we used an eggshell finish on the walls, semi-gloss on the trim and doors, and matte on the ceiling. ALL of that same beautiful white.
This post is brought to you by BEHR. Color that’s True to Hue. If you feel it you can find it. Visit

The perfect white paint 1 // DIY shelves // sarah sherman samuelThis wall in the nursery was originally painted a dark charcoal color so  “snow fall” had its’ work cut out for it. That was the first step in brightening the nursery and creating this little reading nook. Second step was putting up the simple book ledge shelves, getting a super cozy swivel rocker, and some extra toy storage.

The perfect white paint 3 // DIY shelves // sarah sherman samueland now onto those shelves…