home progress: kitchen update

kitchen renovation // smitten studiokitchen renovation // smitten studioIt has been a while since I’ve done an update on the kitchen, and things are so so close to being done! Last check in, we had just finished off extending the countertop, backsplash, and floors into the expanded kitchen space that was created when we removed the wall that led to the old laundry room/pantry. We also installed all the additional door and drawer fronts. Now from the front door instead of seeing the washer and dryer, it’s all kitchen!

kitchen renovation // smitten studiokitchen renovation // smitten studiokitchen renovation // smitten studioWe also swapped out an old lamp for another Cedar & Moss light fixture (you can spot it on the ceiling by the refrigerator), added the rest of the cabinet pulls, and found an under the counter microwave to fit in a 24″ cabinet space. We then had SemiHandmade make us a custom sized drawer front for beneath it (about 2″ taller than the standard ikea drawer) to finish it off.

Now the only thing left to do in here is to finish trimming out the top of the cabinets. Phew! Dinner party anyone? ;)

To see how the kitchen looked when we first moved in, check here.
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Alto Pendant Lamps by Cedar & Moss // Cabinet Doors & Drawer fronts by SemiHandmade // Cabinet Hardware by Lewis Dolwin // Stools by Organic Modernism // Cabinet paint colors: Pigeon & Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball // Floor Stain Color is Ebony by Minwax // Faucet by Brizo // Lucia Ceiling Light by Cedar & Moss // Microwave by Summit // Serving boards & Linens by A Sunny Afternoon

home progress: kitchen cabinets

Picking up where I left off with the kitchen, we had just installed the countertops & backsplash and were eagerly awaiting our SemiHandmade doors & drawer fronts. Well, I was beyond ecstatic that they arrived just in time for Thanksgiving and I am freaking out over how good they turned out.

cabinet doors by SemiHandmade // smitten studioLike I mentioned before, SemiHandmade is a company that makes high quality custom doors and drawer fronts to fit Ikea cabinetry. This allows you to get the look of a custom kitchen for less. The style that we chose is called the DIY Shaker, which is one of the options they offer that comes unstained/unpainted. The picky color fiend in me was thrilled because it meant I got to choose the exact hue I wanted.

cabinet doors by SemiHandmade // smitten studioAll the sordid details, a little blood, sweat, & (happy) tears, and more photos after the jump…


progress: kitchen cabinets


So now that all the boxes are sorted and organized, it’s assembly time. Having received them flat packed, (ikea style) we were able to save money by assembling them ourselves, but with RTA we didn’t have to sacrifice the quality. The cabinets are made with solid birch and even have the soft-close drawers, unlike our swedish friends. Not to knock you Ikea… we did get our countertops and our sink from you (which I love)!


Here is a peek at our kitchen starting to come together. To see what the kitchen originally looked like look here.

progress: kitchen design


So here is how I designed our little kitchen from across the country. I laid out the walls in Adobe Illustrator using a 1 mm to 1 inch scale and with the RTA cabinet catalogue in hand I started drawing up the kitchen, picking and choosing which cabinets fit where. I started with items like the sink cabinet, the range, and the refrigerator since they don’t have as many size and placement options and then placed cabinets around them. This drawing was also very handy when the bazillion flat packed boxes got delivered to the cabin so that we could easily sort which cabinet went where.