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family room update + before & after

vI put a few finishing touches on our family room with the help of Lulu & Georgia and thought it was time I share the before and after of the space!

Lulu & Georgia is one of my new go-to spots for decorative home items and as I shopped the site I found so many pieces I wanted to make mine. The ceramic stool next to the vintage chairs (that I finally got reupholstered, woo hoo!) is one of my favorites. I love that it is sculptural and functional and a little unexpected.

lulu-georgia-livingroom-update3-640lulu-georgia-livingroom-update2-640lulu-georgia-livingroom-update-640I added these cozy fur & patterned pillows for a little fall update and finally found the right sized side table to sit next to the sofa. The brass base is similar to our dining table but the thick wood top changes it up enough to not be too matchy matchy.

lulu-georgia-livingroom-update9-6402lulu-georgia-livingroom-update11-640lulu-georgia-livingroom-update4-640When we first bought the house, this room only had a tiny doorway entrance which we opened up to a 6 foot wide archway to create a flow from the living room to the family room. We also switched the windows out for french doors which brings in so much more light, painted, installed the built-in shelving, ripped out the carpet and installed hardwoods to match the rest of the house.


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modern organic bedroom makeover

kristinaandsarah640kristina-roomLast year my friend Kristina finished renovating her home from top to bottom. She selected all the fixtures and finishes herself while managing all the sub-contractors. The house turned out AMAZING but after undertaking such a huge project, being a mother to two boys, and co-running her blog 100 Layer Cake, she ran out of steam on the decor. I am all too familiar with how much work going through a renovation can be and now, as she is expecting her third babe, I teamed up with Hotel Collection, Home Design Studio and the Martha Stewart Collection, all exclusive to Macy’s, to give her a well deserved bedroom makeover! I am using the term makeover lightly as it is more of a bedroom finishing, since Kristina got off to a great start, but here is how I revamped and completed the space.


cabin progress: finished bathroom

bathroom afterOn the last trip over to the cabin, we finished all the rest of the work in the bathroom. It is hard to capture such a teeny tiny room on camera and next time I will try and get some more detailed shots, but for now I thought you might like to see a little side by side, before & after.

cabin bathroom beforeTo sum it all up, in the bathroom we…

1: gutted it down to the studs 2: removed all the fixtures 3: insulated & drywalled (with greenboard) 4: put in a new tankless water heater 5: re-did all the old plumbing 6: hired a guy to pour a shower base 7: tiled the shower & floors 8: installed a new toilet and sink 8: hung a new door & light fixture 9: trimmed out the window, floor, & ceiling 10: painted

and for the final touches we… hung a new shower curtain (there ended up not being enough room for a glass door, wah wahh) and I found that cool old shelf at a vintage shop for some much needed toiletry storage.

To see all of the progress on the cabin head over here.

Our Cabin on Design Sponge

cabin living roomLooky looky… there are some new pics of our cabin over on Design Sponge today! Since everything is still in the works, I haven’t really compared where we are now in the renovation to where we started. Having the “before and after” photos (“after” really being more like “in progress”) right next to each other, it is so nice to see how far we have come! See the feature here.

I have more photos and full living room & bedroom updates coming up, so make sure to check back here for all of the details. How cute is that Donna Wilson Badger pillow?!

To see all of the progress on the cabin we’ve made since the beginning look here.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel