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Happy Friday: cabin bound

cabin-rupert-fridayWoo Hoo! We are on our way to our cabin today so it is an ecstatically happy friday over here! I can’t wait to get to get my feet wet in this exact spot.

Image by Sarah

cabin deck inspiration

cabin-post-deck-inspirationNow, this is more like it! Here are a few outdoor spaces that are really working for me.

A few things that are on my must-have list for the deck are: Some custom built-in benches like in Images 1 & 2, a long dining table with ample seating like in 2 & 3, and a place to just lounge… a hammock like in image 4 would be preferable.

1  //  2  //  3  //  4

cabin progress: bedroom update

Bedroom-ceiling-going-upThe bedroom is coming along bit by bit. Here are a few shots of us in the process of putting in the new ceiling. We picked up this carsiding from menards, my mom and I painted it, then Rupe and my dad put it up. Voila! done and done.

bedroom-progress2So far in the bedroom we have:

1. Taken out all the walls, floor, ceiling, doors, and bunk beds. 2. Put in new flooring. 3. Put up the new ceiling. 4. Put in drywall. 5. Framed out the new closets. 6. Put in new doors. 7. Installed a new overhead light (also from Menards).

Before moving in any furniture or decorating we still have to:
1. Mud and sand the drywall seams. 2. Hang closet doors. 3. Put in all the trim. 4. Paint. 5. Re-build one set of bunk beds.

To see how the bedroom looked before look here, to see my plan for the bedroom go here and to see the full cabin progression look here.

cabin exterior

Cabin Exterior - Before Renovation

So its official!…We bought a cabin on Lake Michigan. Rupert and I are happiest when outside and around nature, so while Los Angeles has its obvious benefits it isn’t exactly the most peaceful place in the world. So here is our new little place of refuge. Here I will chronicle the projects and renovations that come along with buying a run-down, in desperate need of some love, old cabin in the woods. We will be doing most all of the work ourselves and by ourselves I am including my jack of all trades dad who will no doubt be a huge part of the process.

So while I am labeling these the “before” pictures, right now it looks exactly like this. Brown on the back, red on the side, grey in the front and all!

You can track all the progress of the cabin here.