bathroom renovation

a-frame bathroom inspiration

spa-amangiriI recently shared some of our plans for the bathroom at the A-frame and while the work is underway, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at some of the inspiration behind the soon to be finished space. First, I wanted to make the A-frame our ultimate getaway from the city. I want to be able to relax and unwind, and leave the noise of Los Angeles in Los Angeles. So when it came to designing the bathroom, even though it is small, I wanted it to feel like a spa-like retreat. I didn’t have to look far for inspiration, the desert just outside the cabin is so beautiful with its soft sandy tones and then when Rupert and I took our trip to Amangiri, my mind was blown and I wanted a tiny slice of it in our space. Above is a photo of me outside the spa at Amangiri, which is THE most luxurious place I have ever been. The architecture is built to blend in with the desert landscape and the use of clean lines and natural materials spoke right to my heart (surprise, surprise).

When it came time to build upon all of that inspiration into our bathroom I visited Kohler’s super inspiring design destination IDEAS to bring the spa to us so on our visits to the A-frame, I can easily sneak in a little “me time”.

tub-spa-bathroomAnd by me time, I mean “Rupert take Archie for a walk and don’t come back for at least an hour, I have a sound-bath to attend to”. ha! We will see how that goes but let’s hope it works because I am getting what they call a VibrAcoustic Hydrotherapy bathtub. It plays music above and below the waterline sending sound waves throughout your body. Kohler worked with a sound therapist to create a few unique pre-set compositions for the VibrAcoustic to promote deep relaxation but it can also play your own music from your iphone via bluetooth. So, not only will my bathroom look like a spa but it will sound and feel like one too!

sss-moodboard-spa-bathroomHere is the moodboard I put together for client me, myself and I. Soft tones, straight lines and raw materials like natural wood, concrete, a little greenery, and stone create a soothing environment that gets me completely psyched to bring this to life.  And, while to me, the tub is the spa-like pièce de résistance… the beautiful faucets, the modern sink, and the handmade tile all help set the tone. Finally, the intelligent toilet, that I went on and on about (here), creates an overall sense of cleanliness and a feeling of wellness which chalks this space up to be one pimped out bathroom.

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A-frame bathroom update

While we are on the subject of bathrooms… I’m excited to be talking about some plans in our A-frame bathroom, finally! If you remember from the “before tour” the bathroom was a scary black hole. The lights didn’t work so you couldn’t really see what was going on in there. Well the good news is, we got the lights working again, the bad news is it might have been better in the dark! Luckily I have teamed up with Kohler to breathe new life into the loo.


Easing you into it… I thought I would share my plans for the space first. READ MORE

project light lab

kitchen-rendering2-sssFor the last couple months I have been working behind the scenes for a creative dynamo of a client (actually clients). Anne Sage and Team Woodnote have teamed up in a joint venture called “Light Lab” which is a creative warehouse/studio space in Atwater Village that will be available for photo shoots, workshops, events, etc. and they turned to me for the design of the kitchen and bathroom. It has been such a fun project to work on because kitchens and baths are my favorite to design and they pretty much let me do whatever the heck I wanted. Which included incorporating some unexpected materials, and also featuring one of my own wallpaper designs!


light-lab-before Above is the kitchen rendering and cabinet plan I shared with them for the design proposal. We are going with black slab cabinets, black appliances, and doing a tile feature on the island (yum). Since it is a warehouse space, everything is in one giant room so I wanted the kitchen to be clean and modern (blending in with the space) but still have special moments like the tile, the extra long floating shelves, and brass stools and a plywood feature wall (more on that soon) that make it unique.

Directly above you are looking at the before photo of where the kitchen will go. We had all sorts of plumbing and electrical work that needed to get done, delaying things ,which seems to be the usual with renovations, but install day should be any day now and I am over here waiting like a kid for Christmas.

Meanwhile… the bathroom is a tad bit further along…

light-lab-bathroom-sssand again, here is the design board, rounding up all the selects. I love love a bold bathroom, so we went for it… gold accents, wallpaper, and the black and white triangle floor tile all make this heart go pitter patter. Especially the wallpaper because… I have been developing my own wallpaper collection and this is the first time seeing one my new designs up and in a space! It isn’t available anywhere yet, but I was able to do a custom print for them.

light-lab-bathroom-wallpaper-sssYou may have seen this sneak peek on instagram, and I know I say this all the time, but I really can’t wait to show you more, just as I can’t wait to see more! Hurry up contractors!!!

Bathroom Sources: Lighting by Cedar & Moss for Rejuvenation // Wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Mirror from CB2
I’ll be sharing the rest of the sources in the final reveal.



home progress & addition plans

bathroom addition planRemember the “future bedroom” I pointed out here, well I thought I would share what all we have going on inside. On the top is the existing floorplan of the tiny bedroom and sole bathroom. Below that I’ve drawn out our plans for the addition (the light blue lines show the old walls that will be removed). We will be adding a new bathroom (hallelujah), a bigger closet (double hallelujah), and then extending the bedroom out.

Progress photos after the jump…