alexander mcqueen

in my bag: vegas

in my bag for vegas // smiten studioI could seriously use a weekend getaway, so why not Vegas? I’m thinking of grabbing a few girls and hitting the pool by day then a show or two at night. Here’s what would be coming along with me.

Shopping guide: 1: Rebecca Minkoff tote // 2: Horizon Sleeveless dress // 3: L.A.M.B. Sandals  // 4: Victoria Beckham Sunglasses // 5: Marysia Swimsuit // 6: Sam Edelman Sandals // 7: Alexander McQueen Hat

pattern spy: lace


Lace can go kinda granny real quick, but this beautiful Alexander McQueen dress is anything but. It has an edge that would make itself at home in my closet in a heartbeat and it also inspired todays pattern spy. Why not add a little lace in your wardrobe or to your next party?

1: Alexander McQueen Dress // 2: Lace Bunting // 3: Plastic Lace Placemats