home progress & addition plans

bathroom addition planRemember the “future bedroom” I pointed out here, well I thought I would share what all we have going on inside. On the top is the existing floorplan of the tiny bedroom and sole bathroom. Below that I’ve drawn out our plans for the addition (the light blue lines show the old walls that will be removed). We will be adding a new bathroom (hallelujah), a bigger closet (double hallelujah), and then extending the bedroom out.

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Home Progress: Kitchen Pendants & Breaking Ground

kitchen pendant lights // smitten studioI loved reading all your pendant light picks and I don’t think I could have gone wrong with any of the choices, but I landed on the iconic midcentury shape of the Alto. Now just to bite the bullet and find a fixture for over the dining table!

I also added a vintage bar cart to the room and am thinking I might re-paint the upper cabinets to the same shade of green as the bottom (I never thought I could have too much white but I think I’m getting dangerously close).

We also started phase two of the kitchen renovation! I have been avoiding shooting the kitchen from a certain angle as to not expose the fact that our washer and dryer is sitting directly next to our dishwasher and in front of the refrigerator, but now is the time…

Kitchen extension plans // smitten studioOur plan is to knock down this wall, extend the cabinets and countertops, remove the laundry machines, and add on a laundry room just on the other side of that door. We had to wait to get our plans approved by the city and pull our permits but after living in renovation limbo for a while, we got the green light and have officially broken ground on our addition. Now the real fun begins, right?

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