a-frame living room

A-frame Living Room Before & After

living room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelI can hardly contain myself that A, we have a place to sit in our Palm Springs A-frame cabin and B, I love it so much I think I might like it better than our primary house and C, I can finally share a finished living room today!

When we first bought the place it was dark and very brown, from the carpet all the way up to the coffee-colored painted beams (you’ll see in the before photos below). I knew I wanted to brighten it up but you might remember from my original design post, I was planning to keep the rock un-painted, and I did for about a year. However, as we slowly renovated the house my mind started to change, and then when we painted the rock in the bathroom, I knew I wanted to go all out and paint the stone in the living room as well. What I like best about painting all the different surfaces the same color is that it not only unifies the space but also modernizes it without stripping it of all its’ character. The contrasting textures still show through but in a cleaner and much brighter way.

living room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelliving room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelYou also might see we have a different sofa from what I originally had chosen. Unfortunately during the year of renovating, stopping and starting while we found different contractors, our brand new beautiful sofa  (which was wrapped in plastic to keep out construction dust) became club med for every mouse in the desert. No joke, we had no idea until we finally got to unwrap the sofa after about a year, and it was completely covered in mice droppings with little holes burrowed throughout the material.

After some tears over it being unsalvageable, a couple visits from a pest control company and my falling in love with the Melrose sofa at Clad Home, we now have this gorgeous 10 foot beauty that turned my sofa nightmare into my loungey dream come true. I love the low profile and at 42″ deep it’s extra deep for optimal curling up and cozying into. Also, being white, it’s great that I can unzip the cushions and throw the covers in the wash.

living room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelI splurged on the Albini rattan bucket chair so I knew getting the green safari chairs, from my dream design board, weren’t going to happen but luckily for me, a week before I needed to have the place staged for a shoot, I found these green camp style/safari-esque chairs on Urban Outfitters for a more reasonable price. It took me a year from when I put it out in the world that I was on the hunt for green safari chairs but these were worth the wait!

living room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelliving room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelliving room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelIn every project I do, I always like to mix in some vintage and custom pieces when I can and my own spaces are no exception. The nesting side tables (found at the rose bowl flea), the Albini chair I mentioned before (sourced from the Hi-Vibe), and the floor cushion (from The Vintage Rug Shop) are all vintage while the coffee table I had custom made and is a prototype of my own design (which will be available for purchase in my shop soon).

Pieces I love that come from more big-box type stores are sprinkled throughout as well, like the ceramic canister on the coffee table (from target), the vase from CB2, the rug from esalerugs.com, the basket from World Market (that I DIYed a little something to and that I keep forgetting to share about… note to self, I WILL post that how-to soon) and the gorge chandelier from West Elm.

living room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelliving room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelliving room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelOn the other side of the room you can get a peek into the kitchen and see that I took a note from my favorite massage boutique, The Now, and hung a hammock chair above the fireplace as decoration which, bonus, can also easily come off and be put to use outside.

And now for some side-by-side before and afters. We didn’t have to do a lot to this room aside from tearing out the carpeting, installing the tile floor, switching out the lighting, and a whole lot of painting, but it is still satisfying to see, none-the-less.

living room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelliving room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelliving room renovation // before & after // sarah sherman samuelI hope you guys enjoyed the tour! Next up is the bedrooom…

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Sofa from Clad Home // Bottom Rug from Esalerugs.com // Top Rug found on ebay // Vintage Rattan Albini Chair sourced from the Hi-Vibe // Coffee Table by Sarah Sherman Samuel // White Ceramic Stool from Lulu & Georgia // Nesting Tables are vintage // Table Lamps from Joss & Main // Chandelier from West Elm // Tasseled Throw from Lulu & Georgia // Gold Urchin from Lulu & Georgia // Vase from CB2 // Floor Pillow from the Vintage Rug Shop // Green Chairs from Urban Outfitters // Gold Based Side Table by Lulu & Georgia // Hammock Chair from Amazon // Entryway Ceiling Light by Cedar & Moss // Paint Color is Polar Bear by Behr

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Photos by Sarah Sherman Samuel

a-frame living room update

a-frame renovation living room progress // sarah sherman samuelWell ‘knock on wood’, we found a new contractor! I am not sure why it has been so hard to track someone down for this project but I hope you guys have been bearing with me while we get all that sorted out. I don’t remember if I shared, but we need a new roof, and when you’re talking about a new A-frame roof, it is kind of a big deal and kind of a huge expense we didn’t plan for and kind of a GIANT pain in the arse. So we have been getting quotes on that all while our kitchen is still torn down to the studs, the roof has been leaking all over the new tile (so glad we didn’t put in hardwood!), there is some serious stank sewage back-up, apparently Mickey Mouse did our electrical and the air conditioning isn’t working (not ideal when it is 110 degrees outside). But on the bright side our gorgeous sofa from Arhaus has been delivered and it did not disappoint. Nope, not even a little bit.

Rupe and I hightailed to the a-frame to see the delivery, unwrapped it, took a quit sit, high-fived, snapped these pics and then wrapped it right back up so all the upcoming construction dust doesn’t soil the snow whiteness of it all. It is hard to tell in the photos but the sofa is really big, like 9 feet long big and 4o” deep. The Remington sofa comes in 4 different length options and since the space is so long naturally I went for the widest. Other customizable options are the depth, the cushion count, the wood finish on the legs (I am having a real blonde wood moment, and not a ditsy kind, I just really am loving blonde wood), and it comes in 11 different Belgian-linen options (I chose the white because I wanted to break up all the stonework). The sofa sets a pretty perfect foundation for the low loungey vibe I want to happen in here eventually

living room progress // sarah sherman samuelliving room progress // sarah sherman samuelliving room progress // sarah sherman samuel OH and I almost forgot to tell you my rug drama! Remember when I shared my design process and how I look at the sofa and rug pairing first and how that rug was one of the only things I had decided thus far? Well it arrived at my doorstep and I unwrapped it only to find what they were calling “charcoal” looked more like BROWN and more brown. I bought it off of etsy and while I was thinking I was getting the exact rug from the listing photos, they thought any rug that had those stripes would do. And while the brown wasn’t bad at all on its own, when paired with the brown stones in the room, it would all be too much… brown. I needed an actual charcoal color to cool things down and give it some contrast.

So I searched high and low for another kilim that was large enough (10′ x 13′) and came up empty. Instead I found this smaller rug, that I loved, on ebay and layered it on a larger (and less expensive) black and white striped rug to get the size and look I wanted. I love how it turned out and the two patterns give it a little extra dimension.

living room progress // sarah sherman samuelYou might recognize the coffee table from our L.A. living room (before we baby-proofed). It is actually too small for the space here, but we brought it over to sit at the foot of one of the beds, eventually, and it’s what I had on hand at the moment. So far the a-frame has served as a really cool storage facility for the few pieces of furniture we have started to accumulate for the space. I dream of the day we actually get to spend nights here. Until then, I think I’ll camp out on the sofa, wrapped in plastic or not.

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Sources: Sofa by Arhaus // Coffee table is vintage // Chair is Vintage // Side Table by Lulu & Georgia // Large Rug // Paint Color is Polar Bear by Behr

A-frame lounge & design process

a frame living - beforeThe first room we are going to tackle in project A-frame is the living room, because… windows! You can’t beat those windows, they make this space the heart of the A-frame. I want to make this the room that we want to hang out in all. day. long.

I forgot to take a photo last trip but all we have done is torn out the carpet, so it looks like this… but with no carpet. ha. We can call this the “empty before”. There will be some painting, new flooring, and replacing of the yellow plastic window before we get to the furniture, but in the meantime… I got started on the design process and it feels so good.

a-frame-living4Since this is a second home, I want it to feel like we are on vacation, I want the space to be lounge-ey and comfortable and weigh even heavier on the boho side than my usual California modern/boho style, but as always include a mix of styles that create that yummy collected feel.

When I start on any interior project, I often go at it as if money were no object. This allows me to design the space (at least the virtual design board space) with no limitations, exhaust all possibilities and nail the look and feel that I am going for. I should probably specify that when I do this for a client I DO NOT share this utopia board with them unless they actually do not have a budget. This is just a step I take as part of the process. Once I get the furniture layout, the overall vibe and the ideal selects, I get to work on finding affordable alternatives and pick and choose which items to splurge on and where to save.

So above you’ll find my first round of “ideal” furniture selects for the space and an idea of the layout I am planning for the room. There are some pieces that I have actually decided on, and others that cost $62,000. bahaha!

For a living room, I usually like to start the design with the sofa and rug pairing. One or the other comes first. In this case I knew I wanted a very comfortable, large, ivory colored sofa and turned to Arhaus for their customization ability and the quality. Guaranteed, you think I am crazy for getting a white sofa with a little boy in the house and you are probably right, BUT it is a second home so it won’t be getting everyday use, and we did have white sofas in the last cabin that I never regretted so there’s hope. I may just have to get cozy with some professional sofa cleaners but we will see! It does come in a bunch of other colors but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Anyway, you may not be able to tell from the photos but the living room is actually quite long. Like 19’ long and I wanted a big ole sofa centered in the space so I went with Arhaus’ 108” Remington sofa, which also has a super deep seat, I got the 40” one but it comes standard at 46”(!) which is what drew me into that sofa in the first place. A deep seat and cushions that are wrapped in down mean hello comfy cozy. I was also able to specify between two large cushions or three, and I chose the two for a more modern feel. I also customized the legs to be a lighter wood finish than you see above.

With the white sofa in mind (and getting made as we speak), my first instinct was to go with another beautiful Persian rug, like our bedroom, archie’s room, our living room, and almost every other room, because they are just so good, but where is the fun in that? (ok, it still would be fun and it was hard not putting one in there but like I said, I wanted to differentiate this a little bit from my usual). Also, with the stone wall that is just A LOT going on. See…

sofa-rug-pairing2So instead I went with a vintage Turkish Kilim I found in a beautiful charcoal and white striped pattern.

sofa-rug-pairingWith those two items being the only two I have ‘for really real’ decided on, I made the rest of the selects (that most likely won’t be my final selects). Those green sling chairs are giving me all the feels, but at $7000, I will be finding an alternative.

Wish me luck!

Sources: Remington Sofa by Arhaus // Rug Vintage // Chandelier by Jonathan Adler // Credenza by Organic Modernism // Console/desk from DWR // Rattan Chair Vintage // Walnut Slab Coffee Table (cough cough) // Green Safari Chairs // Brass Side Table by Jonathan Adler // Sheepskin Rug // Moroccan Floor Pillows (for inspiration) // DIY Planter // Case Study Planter by Modernica 

This post was in collaboration with Arhuas, all thoughts and ideas are my own.