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smitten studio pinsI’m going to let you guys in on a little secret, I never do find the time to match my socks let alone my bra to my undies, I have only had about 10 manicures in my entire life, and while I am at it I might as well confess that if it wasn’t for my husband my house would probably be a mess a lot of the time. But who’s perfect anyway right?

With all that said, I am happy to create my little dream worlds/mood boards on Pinterest and again, I have found beautiful style similarities in what I have been pinning lately. If I was to have matching underthings those would definitely be it, if I was to have a perfectly styled kitchen I sure wouldn’t mind it looking exactly like that, and if I was to have Sarah’s manicure… well finally today I am on top of that (Rupert’s mom came into town last night so I am off his nurse duty for a few days and am getting treated to mani/pedi number 11 for my first afternoon off. woo hoo!)

I do have to say, the bag above and the title “troublemaker” have my name written all over it.

Pinned images: Bralet set // Sarah’s manicure // “troublemaker” // bcbg bag // Heidi Lunsgaard Kitchen

Original sources: Bralet set // Sarah’s manicure // “troublemaker” by Lila Symons // bcbg bag // Heidi Lunsgaard Kitchen

You can me here on pinterest for more virtual pseudo perfectness ;) (I’m @sarahshermansamuel or @ssspins)


  • I love how you combine black with white in constantly interesting ways (i.e. cabin renovation, fashion, etc.) And that lingerie set is gorgeous…if only I took the time to actually wear a matching set!

  • Thank you Archana, it’s hard to go wrong with black & white right? I can’t help myself. :)

  • Giselle

    i loveddd this post SS! <3 and i bought a vacuum, maybe rupe channeled me lol. come visit!

  • YES! i am also the same. i can’t seem to get underthings matched, no time for manis (mostly b/c i don’t make time to take the chipped polish off). it feels good to not be alone :)

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