cabin progress: the kitchen is coming together

kitchen-progress-1Holy moly it is starting to look like a real kitchen! Remember how it looked when we first moved in (look here)? That under the counter refrigerator definitely opens up the space big time. As you can see, we still need to put up a backsplash, put on cabinet hardware, and put up some shelving, but I had to share the progress so far.

kitchen-progress-2-rangeI already cooked our first meal in our little mini oven and burned my arm in the process so that guy is officially and fully broken in.

kitchen-progress-apron-front-sinkWe switched out the faucet from my original product round up shown here, because I saw this one calling my name instead.

kitchen-progress-butcherblock-arthur-umanoffIt was nice to do a quick de-clutter and see things without tools and construction bits all over everything for the first time. Our Arthur Umanoff table that we shipped out from CA is finally starting to look at home here and all the trim that my woodworker genius dad whipped up is looking amazing (especially the window trim… thanks dad)!

To see the kitchen progress so far go here, here, and then here. Or to see all of the cabin progress go here.

Images by Sarah

  • Wow, Sarah – it looks amazing! Love the ceiling, floors… the crisp white! Ahhh… it all came together beautifully! Great great job :) I will patiently be waiting for an invitation to Michigan :)

  • Thanks Bea! … next summer, its on! :)

  • I’m so impressed! Especially love the ceiling, trim, and that table set.

  • Amazing kitchen! just happened upon your blog. Love your style!

  • This is absolutely the kitchen of my dreams, and it’s not even complete yet! Ahh, love. That under-the-counter refrigerator is absolutely to die for. And that sink, gah!

  • I love this kitchen. I dream of having wood counters in my kitchen some day. Despite being told that they are hard to take care of..

  • But be careful.

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