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Mandy Moore Dining Room Tour

This room… I want to spend all my days in this serene, ethereal space. An extension of the “formal” living room in our Moore Residential project is the formal dining room. In the last post I talked about the original fireplace and how we had it restored to show the original copper finish and now we get an even better look the beauty. It is the showpiece of the living room and dining room along with that brilliant built-in planter that further blurs the line between the outdoors and indoors, like the brickwork I mentioned in the living room post as well.

We all instantly fell in love with the idea of a burl wood dining table so the search was on and when AllModern got involved we found the perfect one. The chairs, also from AllModern, are a gorgeous ivory complement.

And lest we forget, here is a peek at the before…



The color palette came together rather magically for this space. We had the burl dining table, the chandelier, and the fabric for the blush drapery all chosen as we started to look for art. My friend Lou Mora later sent me an email with a line sheet of his latest pieces, that would soon be available for purchase, and I couldn’t show Mandy fast enough. The colors, the mountains, the dreamy layers, we were all sold right away. We had him print a custom extra large version of the artwork and once on the wall, it tied the colors of the space together just right.

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Also right now you can shop an AllModern curated sale here that is alllll about this room!

Shop the Look: Dining Table from AllModern // Dining Chairs from AllModern // Dining Armchairs from AllModern // Chandelier from AllModern // Artwork by Lou Mora via Shop A House in the Hills  // Vases by Heather Rosenman // Drapery is custom

Interior Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Interior Architecture by Emily Farnham 
Landscape Architecture by Terremoto
Photography by Tessa Neustadt 
Built by Bronstruction and Johnston Vidal Projects

Mandy Moore Living Room Tour

The living room and dining room in our Moore Residence project was thankfully relatively spared of from from the 90’s renovation. The original brickwork and copper fireplace remained in tact. The copper hood needed to be refinished and the brick planter needed restoration, but the space still had all the wonderful features from the original architect, Harold b Zook. One of the favorites of Emily and I was how the brick walls play with the relationship of the indoor and outdoor spaces. They intersect the floor to ceiling windows as they continue from the exterior into the interior which carries your eye through, blurring the line between the two.

When it came to furnishing these spaces I wanted to keep that exterior view and the architecture the star of the show while still matching its’ unique qualities. I looked for pieces that were low profile, sculptural, and modern but still warm. We worked with AllModern to completely furnish this room!  That is right,  everything you see in this space, aside from the piano and the custom drapery, you can find AllModern. It was such a fun challenge to source everything from one place while still giving it my artful, modern, and unique touch, but I think we more than pulled it off. I actually thought of that sofa when I first saw the room and begged Mandy to put it there. It was made for that little nook and I was thrilled to find out AllModern carried it.

Mandy and Taylor only had a few requirements for this room. They wanted it to have a piano and a place to play records. Done and done. I’ve found that so many people who have a more formal living room hardly use the space but I’ve loved seeing how they are able to enjoy this room through Mandy’s IG stories while Taylor plays the piano. On our few install days and while we were shooting the space, he would often sneak off to the room and his music would fill the house, it was pretty magical and definitely not your everyday interiors shoot!

Now lets all remember how it looked before…





To see all the tours and progress of the Moore Residence project, check here. And there’s more to come!

Also right now you can shop an AllModern curated sale here that is alllll about this room!

Shop the Look: Bench from AllModern  // Sofa from AllModern // Accent Chair from All Modern // Coffee Tables from AllModern // Tall Wood Accent Table from AllModern // Short Wood Accent Table from AllModern // Floor Lamp from AllModern // Rug from AllModern // Credenza from AllModern // Table Lamps from AllModern // Artwork from AllModern // Wood Chain From AllModern //

Interior Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Interior Architecture by Emily Farnham 
Landscape Architecture by Terremoto
Photography by Tessa Neustadt 
Built by Bronstruction and Johnston Vidal Projects

Mandy Moore’s Laundry Room

You guys… I’ve been waiting for this day to come for over a year now! Today is the day I get to share the first finished space of the Moore house, and while you might think the laundry room might be a funny place to start, just wait until you see how gorgeous this laundry room is! Electrolux helped Emily Farnham and I make some magic happen in this space. Also, we’ve waited so long for the full house reveal why not build a little more suspense. ;)

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelRaise your hand if you also want to live in Mandy Moore’s laundry room?

Just after Mandy purchased the home, we did our first walk-through together and the laundry room was one of a few sad spaces in the once incredible Harold B. Zook designed mid-century modern home. The house was renovated in the early 90’s with clashing traditional features like crown moulding and raised panel cupboards (like you will see in the laundry before photos) and Emily and I worked together to bring the house into this century while keeping in mind it’s mid-century past. The former laundry room was cramped and bare bones basic. It had white walls, white cabinets and your average run of the mill 12×12 floor tile.

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelMandy actually loves doing laundry, so we wanted to make the room a place she would want to spend some time in and it is right off the kitchen so all the more reason to make it a statement all on its own. She had a few requirements… one was a place to be able to hang dry clothing, another was a good amount of space for folding, and the third was to make it beautiful. I also added to the must have list, closed storage, a statement wallpaper, and a sink.

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuel We found the perfect slim sink and black shower rods that we repurposed as a place for Mandy and Taylor to hang dry items. The matte black version of the hardware I designed for Park Studio (Mandy got the very first black prototypes!) and the faucet add to the wallpaper to create the bold graphic look.

Mandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelMandy Moore's laundry room reveal // sarah sherman samuelI also wanted to add just a few natural elements sprinkled throughout the space to give a touch of warmth like the wood shelf, the natural basket and wood hangers.

And now to remind you what was there before…

Immediately we knew we wanted to swap the sink and laundry machine’s locations and make the space bigger so we borrowed about a foot of space from the pantry on the other side, by moving the wall over, which made a world of difference (insert me for scale. ha). Now there is ample counter space for folding, room to maneuver and the Electrolux machines have their custom cubbies to take center stage while blending seamlessly with the design. They even match the room’s color palette perfectly. And aside from being clean and modern looking I know Mandy is excited about having her clothes and linens Electrolux clean.

Mandy and I are going to be doing a Facebook Live on the Electrolux channel June 5! at 8 p.m. CT (6 p.m. PST) so be sure to tune in TONIGHT!

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Photos by Tessa Neustadt

Product Sources:
Washing Machine from Electrolux // Dryer from Electrolux // Custom Cabinetry // Black Hardware by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Park Studio // Canisters from West Elm // Sink  // Hanging Poles from The Mine // Faucet from Signature Hardware // Wallpaper by Fornasetti  // Basket

My Dress is by Christy Dawn x Midland 

This post was done in partnership with Electrolux, all thoughts, designs and ideas are my own. 

Mandy Moore Guest Room Peek

mandy moore guest room peek // sarah sherman samuelLast week I shared the design of one of the guest rooms in the Mandy Moore residential project and today I am stoked to give you a sneak peek into the almost finished space! I teamed up with Brooklinen to give Mandy a guest room that ticks all the luxurious boxes of a boutique hotel without breaking the bank on the bedding.

Most of the rooms I design have a mix of high and low and this room is no exception, although the balance here weighs much more on the high end, we still managed to utilize a couple big box items as well.


Mandy Moore Laundry Room Design

mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuelI’ve got another peek into Mandy Moore’s house with her Laundry Room design today. And let me tell you this isn’t your average laundry space. This room opens right up into the kitchen so we wanted to make sure it was just as gorgeous as the rest of the house. And boy did we have our work cut out for us, so we teamed up with Electrolux to make some laundry room magic. Here is a peek at the before.
mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuel
As you can see the space is limited and the style doesn’t match Mandy’s OR the modern house at all. There is some awkward ducting that creates some odd ceiling lines and the old machines are sticking out right into the space. So here is the plan and already some good progress…
mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuel First, we wanted to extend the footprint of the room and make it a little larger so we borrowed some space from the HUGE pantry next door and moved the right wall back. Second, we are rearranging the fixtures so the new Electrolux Washer and Dryer will be set against the back wall facing out instead of on the right wall and the sink will now be where the old machines were, creating a much better flow. We will then be building out some custom cabinetry around the machines (oh and you can see we already re-worked the ducting so goodbye funky ceiling lines). While we are going with gold toned hardware in most of the house we are mixing it up in here with matte black for a modern touch that matches the appliances.
The flooring will be the same custom terrazzo poured flooring that we have going throughout the entire house (you might have caught me going terrazzo crazy on my instagram story, but if not, no worries I will do a summary post because I receive a bazillion and one questions about it). On this side of the room the custom cabinetry will continue but above the sink we plan to install two poles for items that need to hang dry, also matte black, and beneath some floating base cabinets we left space to accommodate the kitty litter.
And last but certainly not least, this stunning wallpaper will set the stage for the dreamiest of laundry rooms.

Wallpaper // Hangers // Electrolux Washer // Electrolux Dryer // Sarah Sherman Samuel x Park Studio Hardware (shown in brass because we don’t have images of the black yet but it will be available soon!) // Rods from The Mine // Faucet // Drain from The Mine // Sink from The Mine // Nesting Brushes // White Quartz Countertop // Stool // Terrazzo Flooring

Living Room Makeover!

The living room in our house never really felt 100% finished. (I also realized I never shared a reveal of the space aside from featuring it in holiday decor posts or from when we babyproofed it!) We had a credenza that was a bit too small for the space, and the wall behind the sofa has been a rotation of various DIY projects and props from other projects. But finally… we have a living space that feels like us.

sarah sherman samuel living room makeover To recap, we are turning our family room/playroom (which is through the open passthrough from the living room, as shown above), into the new nursery. The family room is where we had the TV and the more comfortable sofa and this living room space was more of a formal seating area. So now that this will be the main hang out area for the family we needed to make it more comfortable and much more us.

To convert the room, first on our list was to hang some sliding barn doors to be able to close off the nursery during nap times and nighttime etc. We got both the hardware and the doors from Rejuvenation. The shaker style of the doors matches our shaker kitchen cabinets perfectly which is just on the other side of the room so it was a no brainer. We installed them ourselves (you might have caught my dad and rupe literally throwing wrenches around while putting them up on my Instagram story) which went surprisingly very quick! Just the addition of the doors already made the room feel so much more finished and now I can’t imagine them not being there.

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