new planners at target

greenroom-planner-btc target

Over the next couple weeks some of our new Planners will be making their way into all Target stores. This one happens to be my favorite from a full collection of neon planners and calendars that I designed for Greenroom’s “Back to College” season. They will only be in the stores for a limited time so if you have a local target go check them out … there are some cute fuchsia & metallic ones too!

Image & styling by Sarah

  • I am addicted to paper planners. My dad, years ago, bought me a PDA and I used it for a while. My boyfriend tries to get me to use a google calendar between the two of us. But nothing, nothing does it for me like paper does.

  • Congrats on the planners. Great picture, especially with the dress.

  • I’m at Target once a week so I’ll definitely check these out!

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