my style: best of 2012

my style round-up 2012

It is no secret that I love mixing different patterns and colors. It is not only a big part of my career but it is also evident in my everyday life through the clothes I wear.

I worked in a small office and being a creative company there was no set dress code or rules (thank God). Although, while that is great for personal expression, it is also a slippery slope where I could easily get lazy with my clothing. (i.e. no one would care if I started showing up to work in my pajamas!) I started my style column as a way to keep myself motivated to put just a little effort into what I wear day to day, and to catalogue the different prints, patterns, and colors that come up in my wardrobe.

I highly recommend snapping a photo of your own outfits here and there. Especially if you have a too tiny closet like me and you can’t see 80% of your clothes without going digging. It has been fun to see how my taste has evolved just over the year and it has even helped me further refine my personal style.

This is a little round up of my favorite style posts from this year. See the coordinating full posts here: 1 party dress // 2 pop of pink // 3 pin dots & army green // 4 stripes & leopard // 5 dots & stripes // 6 floral jeans & dots // 7 bold stripe & lace // 8 fuchsia maxi & geo top

To see all style posts look here. 

  • That lime green party dress is the most. Such cute style.

  • Hi there!! Um, I adore your cabin! What a dream project :) we live in west michigan and just curious if you found this adorable modern little place easily? It seems that places with great simple lines like this are hardly ever for sale! Serious cabin envy ;) thanks for all the fun eye candy on your IG and blog!

    • Hi Liz! Oh I know what you mean. There aren’t a lot of modern style places around there. When buying the cabin we looked at a few other ones and even though they were more updated and finished it wasn’t in the style that we like so when we saw this one we jumped on it knowing it had great bones and that we could make it what we want. We actually found the place online before ever even talking to a realtor! so there are places out there you just have to poke around a bit to find them. :)

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