Master Bedroom Update & Design

Who’s ready for a #samuelfamilyfixer mini recap? I feel like it has been so long I forgot where we left off. Turns out moving across the country after having a second child and then doing a gut renovation is A LOT. ha Pile on a ton of work and a new lack of childcare and you’ve got yourself a tornado of change. If you haven’t been around here or following on IG, this is where we are at. A little over a year ago we bought a house off the internet… knowing it was a fixer and loving the bones we made the leap and moved to Michigan with our newly expanded family of 4. We moved into the fixer pre-renovations for 5 months, then we moved to a rental house for the heavy construction for 5 months. When we moved back into the fixer it was about 70% finished. To save money and get the most renovation bang for our buck we opted to do most all of the finish work ourselves. So in any of our free time (between work and kids and a lot of help ) while I could have been choosing furniture and lighting and art I was installing kitchen cabinets, shelving, trim etc. So, here we are 5 more months after we moved back in (that is 15 months all together if you are keeping track) I have finally started to get to furnishing this place!

I posted the photo above on IG a couple weeks back and I am so happy you guys were loving the dresser as much as me. If you’ve read the blog a time or two You know that I turn to Wayfair V often, at this point I feel like I am a professional Wayfair scout especially when I find pieces like this.

You might notice that the base is slightly different (many of you asked about this in my stories) I simply opted not to add the legs that came with it. I loved it sitting lower to the ground and you know I am a serial furniture hacker so I couldn’t help it.

The rest of the room has yet to get pulled together IRL but here are some more things I snagged from Wayfair, including linen bedding in the prettiest blush from their Elder & Ivory line. They have curtains and pillows and throw blankets as well, it is their own line of curated premium linens.

I’ve basically designed the entire house around the original wood ceiling and the bedroom was no exception. I wanted the space to still be light and bright so outside of the wood ceiling it is all various shades of white with a little bit of blush. We even did white tile floors. The key to a mostly white room… bring in allll the soft layers to cozy it up. I can’t wait to get everything installed and finish this space off soon!

Shop the Look: Dresser // Full Length Mirror // Vase // Sweatpants, sweatshirt // Lumbar Pillows // Blush Linen Duvet Cover set // Bed // Side Table (using as a nightstand) // Wall Hanging // Lamp // Throw Blanket (it comes in other pretty colors too) // Curtains // Blush Linen Sheet Set

  • What color white paint did you use in the interior?

  • just love that dresser. i am not seeing it from the link that you provided. What is the name of it?

  • Wish wayfair would bring this dresser back!

  • Where is the bed frame from?

  • Jess Hack

    It’s so hard finding affordable, quality furniture. Are there any timeless heirlooms that will get past down anymore? It’s all quick sale quick assembly pieces. That dresser has dovetail drawers though, whoo hoo!

  • I find wayfair to be so overwhelming…like a zillion options and feels like some could be cheap. Any secret tips?

  • Wayfair should for sure should bring this collection back!

  • Loving all the snippets of the samuel family fixer. I’m wanting to do some track curtains and was wondering if you can share where you got the hardware for the ones shown here? Thanks!

  • Christi Tucker

    So is this dresser discontinued?!?! Anywhere else to find it? It’s exactly what I need in my room

  • Like the others who posted, this dresser is simply perfect~
    I’ve been looking for something similar and have come up empty- if you find one, please share!

  • I too would love the dresser details….

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