Introducing A Sunny Afternoon

I CAN NOT express how excited I am to announce the launch of my product line & online pop-up shop. It is LIVE folks. :)

a sunny afternoon launch via smitten studioYou may remember that I left my fulltime job about 6 months ago to make the move out on my own. It has been quite the roller coaster, stretching me well outside of my comfort zone at times, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the creative growth and the experiences that have come out of it. Most of all, I am happy to now share with you… A Sunny Afternoon.

asunnyafternoon-productsHere’s a look at a few of my products/babies from our Summer collection that you will find over there. I hope you take a moment to check it out, read a little more about it, and let me know what you think!

You can see a couple behind the scene photos from the first A Sunny Afternoon shoot after the jump and check out the rest of the Summer 2013 collection lookbook here.

Lookbook images in this post are by Jessie Webster; styled by  Sarah Sherman Samuel
Product images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

P.S. Thank you all for the super sweet and encouraging comments from the sneak peak on Monday. It put a little extra spring in my step to get me through all this computer time!
P.P.S. With any new site there may be some kinks and quirks to work out. Let me know if something isn’t working for you and we will try and fix it right away.


  • Love, Love, Love! Your shop is seriously beautiful! From the name to the products, it’s simply lovely.

  • Congrats!! Of to check it out ;)

  • Congratulations! This is all so beautiful and well-considered and well-designed.

  • beautiful! your site makes me want to throw a dinner party asap. congrats on the launch:)

  • Congratulations, Sarah! This is absolutely stunning! Well done my talented friend. I love the simplicity of the site, the photography… ahh… so easily navigated, straight forward! BRAVO!

  • AHHHHHHHH!!! I am so excited! I want to order everything right now!

  • Congratulations, Sarah! Everything looks so beautiful! The photos, the products, the site! Well done! I’m in love with all the textiles.

  • Congrats on the new product line, Sarah! Everything is perfect. July is picnic season for us, plus I’m cutting board obsessed…can’t wait to place an order!

  • Congratulations! Absolutely perfect. We want one of everything. Wishing you continued success with your launch and your glorious blog. Love!

  • It looks great. The tea towels are so fun- still love mint. The picnic lookbook is darling.


    xx Erin

  • Esther

    It’s all so good! So hard to decide what to order. Congratulations on such an accomplishment!

  • So beautiful, Sarah! Congratulations on your launch, the website is really nice. The pictures of you and Rupe on a picnic are really, REALLY sweet (and will be nice to have in the years to come, not just for website/blog purposes).

    I wanted to purchase (& support!) a small board for a friend for her house-warming, but was sad to learn you don’t ship to Canada :( Will you ever?

    Congrats again! :)

    • Hi, Thank you!! and yes, I am working on the international shipping. I hope to change that soon. Will keep you posted.

  • Sarah it looks amazing! Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment. You are very talented. The only bad thing is not being able to buy it all at once!!

  • Congratulations!!! Everything looks sooo amazing! I can’t wait to share with everyone!

  • Want one of everything! Such a special collection you’ve created. Congrats!

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to sift through the site and all of the fab products!

  • Congrats!! So exciting, and I love ALL of the products… will order something soon, but in the meantime am pinning away to spread the word for you. :)

  • hexagon platter – super cuter!

  • So many treasures! Super huge congratulations…

  • It’s so amazing Sarah!! I want it all :) Well done girl!

  • Okay great, thanks!! Tweet me (if you can) if and when international shipping works out :) @acoest1984

  • looks absolutely amazing!!!!

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